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First of all, the banks have made money by using the deposits of our money, charging fees and interest on our money that was placed with them for safe-keeping.

Then, due to their negligence, mismanagement, greed and short-sightedness in the use of “their” assets and ours placed with them, these bankers and their lobbyists pressured our leaders to buy out every bad decision they’ve made and cover their losses.

Second of all, which American citizen agreed to give 7 – 8 thousand dollars of their hard-earned income each year from here on out in order to give the big banks the spending and gambling money as they were already given in TARP, Treasury and Federal Reserve funds last fall and are about to be given again?

And, who was it that decided these bankers were in the right when not once were they using their own money to resolve their bad financial decisions and mismanagement of assets?

Third of all, whether they have their own FICO score or not, big banks and financial institutions have mismanaged assets, why would we give them more funds to gamble away – wouldn’t their credit score be somewhere near zero?

And, tell me how is it that it would have been worse if TARP and other program funds had not been given to the banks? They were insolvent and mismanaged then and still are, credit was and is frozen anyway, the”players” in the banking industry are still gambling their and our assets and they wouldn’t loan to themselves or each other if they had to.

These banks are virtually bankrupt but feeding on every dime any of the rest of us will ever make in our lifetimes. It wouldn’t have been any worse. They lied. Their lobbyists lied. Their political buddies lied. Their paid “experts” lied. And their executives had to have known over many years that there were systemic misrepresentations in the values of the assets they were presenting, both to the public, to shareholders and to the government regulators.

And, without any significant paradigm shift in the financial, banking and investment industries, they will continue feeding off Washington and the rest of us including diverting our tax dollars for their own use while lying to legislators, regulators, shareholders and the public. These financial businesses will continue engaging in poor asset management, using faulty fantasy-based accounting practices, perpetrating shoddy and criminal business practices, gambling with our money and excessively leveraging everything that comes near them.

– cricketdiane, 01-21-09