If you want success, you have to reward success.
For every home that the banks don’t foreclose, the government could give them a certain amount of money (bailout grants or loans). Then, there would be fewer foreclosures from the companies holding them.

For every homeless person, unemployed person, disadvantaged person that is put on their feet, stabilized and set on the path of independence and financial viability – the government could give the state a certain amount of money (in loans, bailouts, grants, matching funds, etc.). Then, there would be more people in our communities set on their feet and moving forward in their lives.

For every small business that is created or sustained by local and state government grants, aid, mentoring, made accessible to disadvantaged populations, the government could give them a certain amount of money (bailouts, grants, loans, matching funds and the like) provided they prove the viability they’ve created for these businesses and their continued support of them. Then, there would be many new businesses in our communities supporting employment, growth and providing taxes for the state, federal and local governments.

That is the problem we have now – that our programs are set up to encourage state, county, and local governments and third party providers and businesses to fail, to continue to fail, to produce results of their failure to continue receiving federal and state funding and to keep people they serve under their foot forced to also fail to keep the income flow for third party providers and government agencies.

When I’ve gone to vocrehab, the only thing that resulted is money for them to subcontract testing and testing and testing which supported any number of people, state agencies and independent contracts but none of which employed me nor helped to get employment for me. If I waited for them to help when it never yielded employment for me in fact, I would have starved to death.

Unfortunately, if I get well, live independently, start my own business, take care of my own needs, have good mental health and good general health – then there is no income stream for the county and state where I live. It seems like it is all backwards to what it should be.

Just like the shopping centers and stores near me can afford to stay empty and keep their lease rates the same as if they are prime real estate with vitality even though they are not. These have no advantage to putting businesses in their locations – they make more by writing off the prime lease rate as a loss on their tax liabilities. How can any business be started there? In the county where I live, there are no longer grants to small businesses to get started.

The state and local governments have eaten up all of those SBA small business grant moneys for their own operating expenses and haven’t been using these grant moneys for local businesses to be started since the Small Business Administration removed all demarcations for the money to be used as grants for businesses and business startups. Banks get these funds, existing large businesses get them as loans and local governments use them for operating expenses.

– cricketdiane