3 thoughts on “CricketDiane in the Studio Working”

  1. gus Taylor said:

    I am looking for a shell painting or something that I can also have the words “the best shells come after the hurricane” on it. Can you do this?


    • Yes, I can do that – let me look around and see – do you want a particular kind of seashell, a particular time of day like bright sunshine or after the storm kind of thing – a photo or a painting or an aceo trading card size printed with the words laid out by computer or hand-written caligraphy or what? Is it going to be used for something specific like a poster because the layout needs to be considered a little differently for that rather than for a painting intended to be painted on canvas and displayed as art.

      Let me know, and I’ll look around in the meantime to see what options are already sitting here that we could use. I own some pretty seashells we could photograph or use as reference materials to develop an artistic composition with your words, provided they are your words. Sounds like a really interesting project.

      – cricketdiane

  2. mbah ephesians said:

    i like everything about the studio and will like to have an opportunity to be a partaker.

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