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I’ve thought about it for two days now, since seeing a tweet from the DAV asking, What does freedom mean to you after so many have died protecting it? or something close to that.

Maybe my thinking is skewed by so much of the GOP garbage being spewed out right now, or the Brexit nightmare next door across the pond, but I retweeted that freedom to me means not being beat half to death every other day in my own home as has happened most of my adult life in America.

But isn’t that really the way it is? During my adult life, I’ve never lived in a prosperous America where equal opportunity awaited. I’ve not enjoyed the freedoms to purpose my life in some way that is given respect and opportunity with some accompanying success. It has not been like that.

And, maybe because all the best of the best men were sent to fight in wars throughout my teen to adult years, leaving behind a store unattended to be vilely ravaged by any pantywaist son of a bitch left behind, is why many women including me, have been at the negative end of human behaviors and men’s choices.

As Fourth of July approaches, and I’m thinking about those freedoms which I hold so dear that so many have fought and died to protect for me and for my family, I am grateful to them for doing that and grateful to their families for doing without them while they did that for us.

But, at the same time, I recognize that for the vast majority of my adult life, I’ve lived in a third world America and much of its riches and opportunities, prosperity and access to wealth, business “equality” and opportunities were as inaccessible as to the point they may have well not existed at all.

And, even though I did make every effort to act on those opportunities, had I been a man rather than a woman – resources would have been available to me that otherwise were not and still are not today.

So, on top of being vilified as the reason America’s downfall has occurred by every right wing extremist radio show host making $78 million a year or more to spew misogynistic, racist and bigoted views into the public’s mind, I’ve consistently heard that there is no reason to support any efforts I might make either. It is obscene.

I’ve watched as churches, politicians, extremists, violent right wing proponents, conservatives, radio show hosts, right wing tv news stations, right win pundits, Tea Party and GOP ultra conservatives have blamed me and women like me for everything wrong with this country short of the weather.

At the same time they were (and are) blaming us, it is while refusing to make good to me (or us) on any of the freedoms, diversity inclusions, equality, equal rights, equal opportunities, business opportunities, business funding, business resources, freedom of speech and thought, freedom of movement, freedom of religion or anything else they maintain for themselves and the corporations at my expense.

Unbelievably, I’ve never been in a position to deny contracts worth millions to an American industry as many GOP and right wing business people have. And to deny those contracts to American businesses literally cost their demise, denied them access to necessary sales to thrive and to survive.

And yet, supposedly their freedom to do that comes with no accountability at all because now the businessman running for President claims to be for supporting American businesses and people claim it must be true.

So, the perverse men running things at high levels of the right wing camp, as politicians, as political candidates, as political and economic policy makers and as CEOs of corporations, banks and oil companies, they get to lie, to vilify, to incite violence, to worship those like Gaddafi who were truly evil tyrants and give them the best of everything our country has to offer – but me, I’m considered the bad guy in their scheme of things.

Apparently, I am (and other women like me), the enemy they claim – not themselves, not their own habits and perverse diversions, not their sexual escapades, not their lack of compassion and empathy, not their choices, not their ideas and not their incapacity to know what is right. Yeah, freedom.Theirs, not mine.

And, I look at businesses that are hugely profitable making no efforts to restore or invest in the infrastructure in America that they used up, tore up, overused, misused, required for their business, didn’t make, didn’t secure, didn’t keep safe, didn’t make better, didn’t fix, didn’t maintain, didn’t design, didn’t invest in the first place and didn’t support the tax funding for any of us to do anything to keep it going or make it better either.

They were given that freedom, not me or others like me. We weren’t given the grants, tax breaks, tax schemes, resources, supports and teams of people that they had to make their profits and to make them profitable from the first step and at every place throughout the process – even after establishing good profitability.

Nope, I didn’t get any of that, nor will my daughters or sons or friends, or anyone I know, in fact. Why is that? It seems obvious that had I been given $4 million to work with, my business would look a lot different and be doing much better today than it is with nothing but my efforts and the couple hundred dollars a month I can put into it.

Obviously, I wasn’t given the freedoms that these other businesses had, from start to finish to cover every operating cost, salary, overhead, piece of equipment, materials, advertising, promotion and marketing, raw material, shipping costs and every other damn thing possible they could think of. Plus their attorney fees, land acquisitions, buildings, building funds for their new buildings, software and computers, machinery, automation, consultants, accountants and entire workforce costs.

And, then when profitable, these same corporations paid less taxes than any single or married individual in America pays while using up more of every single thing we have. Unbelievable. Is that supposed to be the freedom I have that veterans fought for? The freedom o watch as my nation has been raped, pillaged, plundered by marauding business leaders, junk bond raiders, bankers, Wall Street brokers, politicians and right wing extremists, fascists and neo-nazis?  And some of that time, I personally suffered at their hands even in my own home?

Is that the freedoms that were the result of those fights – to be saddled with student loans forever that are resold and resold and resold until I owe $30,000 for a $2300 loan, and never get to be employed nor employable, to never get to buy a house or own any successful business, to never be accepted or a part of the America I love? Is that it? Because that is not just my experience, but that of many, many women across this country – those freedoms that our nation’s soldiers have fought for have been hijacked to belong to only a few and those few are so perverse in so many ways, that it leaves my mind reeling to even try and understand any of it.

For nearly all of the thirty some odd years before President Obama took office, this nation has been run literally into the ground by Republicans from the Federal level to nearly every state government and by extreme right wing conservatives, by extremist conservatives and right wing religious viewpoints and their religions, by elitist economic policies, by inequality perpetrated by the wealthier few and their insistence that everyone in America must be the same, do the same, act the same, think the same, speak the same, look the same and live the same as them or be disenfranchised, excluded, isolated, demeaned, vilified, discredited, defunded, economically impoverished and restrained from economic opportunity, subjugated, devalued, demonized, criminalized, subjected to “mental health behavior modification” programs, disparaged, discouraged, suppressed, ruined, destroyed, decimated, and beaten nearly to death or literally beaten to death.

And, the GOP, the right wing proponents, the Republican Party politicians and pundits, the right wing propaganda machine with all its tentacles, the churches they’ve hijacked, the Tea Party grass roots movement they hijacked and every other social institution they’ve been running, have literally been given the freedoms to do whatever they damn well please to anybody for any reason at any time.

And they have so many reasons to hate, vilify and demean, that their freedoms allow them to perpetrate their decimating tactics across a broad swath of the American population – the reasons for them being hateful and destructive to individuals and various groups of people being the only real difference. I’ve dealt with it for over forty years now and frankly, I’m sick of it. Those right wing bastards are not “real” Americans, no matter what they say that makes a claim to that.

Nor are they right. Beating homeless people to death is not the freedoms that men and women have died to protect. Beating women in their own homes and excluding them from economic opportunities, raping, pillaging whatever she owns or giving her nothing for it rather than fair market value and destroying her household are not the freedoms our soldiers have died to protect. That isn’t it at all.

And those freedoms that the extreme right wing and its GOP political machine are claiming in order to act on hate and to incite violence based on their hate mongering ideologies, are not happening in an isolation that is without consequence, no matter what it seems to the people doing it and to those inciting others to do it..

The freedoms won by our US Constitution and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, as well as all the wars that have been fought defending them have managed to secure the freedoms that the extremists and extreme right wing proponents enjoy that allow them to do whatever they like to whomever they like, but for the rest of us? No, I would not call the shit, horrors and poverty I’ve experienced in America at the hands of “their freedoms” to have honored the freedom that was supposed to be mine.

But, I still love America. And, at least today – I can say something about it, so that is something that was worthy of the lives lost protecting my rights and freedom.

  • cricketdiane, 07-03-16

What Fourth of July Means to Me


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Is it the barbecues, picnics, going to the lake, family holidays and fireworks? Well, not really. Is Fourth of July a note to the freedoms we enjoy everyday? Sort of. But really, what does it signify anymore? Is it a time to sell  more hotdogs in ads that show us grilling out in our backyard, or simply an excuse to buy three cases of beer for the weekend? What is Fourth of July anymore anyway?

A few days ago, my granddaughter who is six stopped in the living room as the ballgame crowd was singing, God Bless America with hands over their hearts and scenes of the American flag blowing in the breeze over the ballpark. She stood proudly, put her hand over her heart and started singing with them, God Bless America in our living room. And a good friend over for a while sitting to watch the ballgame made a comment of embarrassment that would have shamed her for doing it. And I said, “well sometimes, something has to be important.” That’s true. It can’t be that we are all to sophisticated to join and support respect for our country and what it stands for.

And for days now, that scene rolls about in my mind, of my granddaughter innocently and grandly showing her patriotism in the safety of her own space joining with others on the tele box at the ballgame doing the same thing. And, more and more, I’ve thought about those few minutes of our friend’s reaction being so out of place and bizarre in a sense, and yet, understandable in a time when overt shows of pride in our nation are not for the modern and sophisticated every day person (unless at the ballgame in person or at some public rally specific to it.)

And, I’ve thought about the freedoms to do what we would choose in our own homes, how it is very bizarre for it to be socially unacceptable to stand and sing the National Anthem or America the Beautiful, to join in saying the Pledge of Allegiance, to salute for a parade of soldiers on the tele (even in person at the parade), or to put hand over heart and stand when appropriate to the event we are watching on the TV singing with the National Anthem as the crowd does. How bizarre a lack of freedom that is, in the very country where those freedoms have been fought for, paid for, died for, won for and firmly established. Really, that is strange.

As I think about it, I’m reminded of a recent conversation with one of my daughters in their late 20’s who told me when I was designing tshirts for the Fourth of July and things with the American flag on them, that it has been unpopular and not trendy to wear a shirt with the American flag on it for the Fourth of July. And, yesterday she explained that most people don’t want to wear or carry things in red, white and blue for the Independence Day events, whether it is a headband, party sunglasses, hats or a stick with streamers on it.

I’m not sure if this is true because around the Fourth of July weekend there is lots of those things sold, but maybe it is unpopular or has been recently unpopular for people to embrace those things to use for celebrating the Fourth as an expression of their love for America. Maybe it is okay to have red, white and blue balloons attached to the mailbox to show their barbecue is happening in the backyard for the Fourth of July, but not to wear a shirt that shows those colors or an American flag or says USA. That is bizarre too.

It’s as if we’ve all taken on that contempt found in TV shows’ character dialogs and one-liners that belittles and shames all things expressing our belief in something important and of expressing any feeling of caring about something.important. So is it easier to not engage the moment and express those feelings of oneness with our nation, our pride of place and honor for those who’ve fought to defend it, than to risk being vilified and demeaned even in our own homes for doing it? Really? To be called crazy for standing up and singing the National Anthem or God Bless America even in our own homes – in the privacy of our own homes? Is that what it is to live in this great nation of ours, that even in our own homes, we don’t actually enjoy THAT freedom?

NO. Sometimes, some things have to be important – fashionable or not. It is, in my estimation, not trendy, not fashionable AND it is not sane to belittle anyone as they do on TV shows, sitcoms and even the kid’s shows. It isn’t funny, no one is laughing at it anymore – not for many years now, and despite the popularity of re-running things to hell and back, those dialogs are not the real dialogs between real people in real lives, nor would we ever want them to be. Their ideas of my patriotism and expressions of it cannot be what works in my house nor the definition of what goes in my house and what my choices are for my house. And, it shouldn’t be either, that social conventions described by popular TV sitcoms, reality shows and animated adult humor shows choose our expressions of or reactions to patriotic feelings being expressed, or any damn thing else for that matter.

What Fourth of July means to me is that we all stop for a moment and say together in one voice that it matters, that what has been fought for, defended, protected, lives lost for, tremendous efforts made for and hard won to be a nation of freedom and full human rights honored and protected for everyone – matters. And, that we all agree despite everything on which we disagree – that the United States of America is more than a legacy, that it is ours and together we promise to protect what she stands for , to further what she offers to all, to strengthen and keep her safe from those who would destroy her, and to continue her grand ideals of freedoms and inalienable human rights, opportunities to thrive and equality today and in the future.

And, Fourth of July means that we will honor those efforts made that came before we were ever part of this great nation, to hold her dear, value her ideals, cherish her strengths and make her stronger still.

And frankly, I don’t care what tshirt anyone wears and whether it has an American flag on it or not for the Fourth of July holiday events. I am proud to say that my America lets you wear what you damn well please and I’m an American who supports your freedom and rights to do so. That is what matters.

  • cricketdiane, 07-01-2016

I pledge allegiance, to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for ALL. – means we agree on some things being important, despite the many things on which we disagree. It is our duty, our responsibility AND our honor to uphold these Truths noted in the beginning of our Declaration of Independence and structured to be protected by our US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Some things simply do have to be important. And sometimes, we really do have to show that it matters. Happy Fourth of July!



Black Cat Clocks – My New Designs


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Diversity, PRIDE, Human Rights, Civil Rights for ALL


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We are one world – One Family. We are Americans – We are Global Citizens.


We are the Survivors – We are the Strong who have come through wars, disease, famine and  pestilence to stand here today. We are the ones entitled to freedom and the rights guaranteed by our US Constitution. We are equal in the sight of God and equal with every other person in the world. We are the  equals of every other living human being and every other citizen.


We are legally, ethically and morally entitled to equality and full equal rights. We are no more sinners than anyone else. We are no less human or deserving than anyone else. Denying our equal rights is to abrogate and deny the validity of our US Constitution, our Bill of Rights and to show contempt for every drop of blood spilled to protect them.


We will no longer be slaves to hate mongering ideologies and beliefs You will not mow us down or simply tolerate us. We deserve respect, acceptance and love for we ARE just like you


We are Americans. We are global citizens. We are equal to you in every respect. We are one family. We are one world. We are citizens of one America – not of two or three, not second class citizens, nor even less as your beliefs insist, and certainly, NOT less than you in any way.


Your HATE IS THE ENEMY of all that is good and decent – not us and not our choices and lifestyles, our way of conducting our lives and our differences from you. Hatred and intolerance based on ideologies and beliefs are the basis of evil and actions of evil – not us, not our lifestyles.


We have the right to be here. Our lives are not less valuable than yours. We are the Survivors.- We are Diverse and that diversity is the strength and power of America, of the world and of the human race. We bring a strength, character and diversity of strength that you could never have.


Nature did not make one flower of a single kind, shape and color. Nor would there be flowers of any kind today, if it had. Nature by great creative force made billions  of diverse types of every single plant and being, of every cell and molecule,.of every type and kind of everything created.


That is because diversity is power and diversity is strength. Diversity supports thriving and greater survival while supporting optimum, successful lives of all species by its very nature.


Diversity, NOT sameness, produces the greater strength and engages a higher survival rate with thriving communities for all to be enhanced and successful


Nature does it this way. Perhaps God designed it this way. What neither designed, is the destitution of mind that forces all to be the same or for their rights and freedoms to be forfeit or denied to them, to be denied opportunities to thrive and succeed, to be isolated and enslaved.



  • Cricketdiane, 06-24-2016


Join us in supporting Diversity and PRIDE 2016.

A list of NYC Pride 2016 events and times –


Modern Goth Warrior Princess


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Modern Goth Warrior Princess


Renaissance Inspired Steampunk and Goth Fashion Accessories


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Festive Family Reunion Keepsake Plates


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Steampunk Fashion


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Steampunk Fashion



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