About Cricket Diane

Painting in my studio – 2008. “Obviously, I love the ocean. Everyday there are new paintings of the ocean in my studio because it is the only subject I truly love painting, although I paint a lot of other subjects. It is also because I paint them from my mind which means I get to go meandering around the ocean without ever leaving home.” – Cricket DianeCricket Diane C Phillips - CricketHouseStudios - Artist At Work

18 thoughts on “About Cricket Diane”

  1. hi ! thanks for your nice comment on my page, I’ll see your site too ! Marco

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    I’m a Small Business Advisor and I am coming to Atlanta in the begining of may. I’d like you to review what our BusinessFinanceCoach does for small businesses and feel free to write about it, or not. Thanks

  3. Well, Diane I am writing due to your first article that came up when I typed in “living the truth in America”.

    I read that article, and began to wonder when I clicked on About Cricket Diane who you really were?

    Well, My name is Michael Anthony; and I am considered by the VA to be a “Disabled Vet”.

    Years ago I while serving the US Army I had a nervous breakdown while in Fort Sill, Ok. I woke up on Haldol. They gave “it” a name =Bipolar Disorder which by the way I NEVER BELIEVED THIS PSYCHO-HERESY name that the Psychobabblers gave me. You see, such a name derives from the side effects of medicine that I was taking along with what the Bobgan’s (author of Psychoheresy) call “problems of life”.

    When I eventually got out of the Psych ward at Brooke Army Medical Center and went home I felt like a failure and a second class citizen not to mention that pedophile Presidents like Ronald Reagan (proof in the book Trance-Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien http://www.trance-formation.com) made laws that made me jump hoops through the system to finally get medical help as a disabled veteran because I only served 1 yr and a day.

    Anyway to shorten my story I call “My 15Yr Prison Cell” I had at one point been medicated on 9 different psychotropic medicines , not able to keep a job to the side effects and really a mess in many ways. I did a 180 in my life and was able to free myself of the Psychotropic drugs and become somewhat useful in my life. It took 15yrs of dealing with the ups and downs of psychobabble, psychiatric meds, many misunderstandings and pure hell on earth before I came out the other side a healthy, mentally healthy, adjusted man.

    So I truly understand the whole “Brainwashing of American’s” when it comes to Psychology, Psychiatry and the mental wards of VA Hospitals while not mentioning the whole civilian side of this subject in society.

    I was able to get to the other side of the rainbow so to speak by doing the following:
    Getting a
    NEWSTART daily. Newstart stands for :
    Nutrition(proper whole foods, organically grown)
    Exercise( biking, walking, stretching and calistenics)
    Water (I drink much water on a daily basis. Distilled, reverse osmosis, purified. half my weight in ounces)
    Sunshine (as much as I can get on a daily basis which isn’t much living in Pennsylvania. I would like to get at least 5 to 10minutes a day)
    Trusting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. In the Army, this is one of the only real positive benefits I got from serving. I trusted that Jesus Christ DIED FOR MY SINS, WAS BURIED AND ROSE AGAIN THE THIRD DAY)
    Air (outdoors air when possible. Filter my inside air. Sadly, outdoors air is on constant attack in America and the World for that matter. For the last 20 yrs almost the powers that be (the evil part of our Government) has been spraying the skies with Toxins on a DAILY Basis. They are called CHEMTRAILS. PEOPLE ARE LYING TO YOU IF THEY TELL YOU THAT CHEMTRAILS ARE Contrails. They are different. Contrails come out of a jet and Dissipate. CHEMTRAILS COME OUT OF JETS AND “STAY” IN THE SKY IN THE FORM OF TRAILS WITH TONS OF TOXIC MATERIAL IN THEM. ONE REASON why Respiratory Problems in the world have risen in America.)
    Rest/Sleep (I need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily. I rarely Rest as I should, but try.)
    Time in the Word of God( a King James Bible. Studying His Word Rightly divided http://www.graceimpact.org (for more info)is what keeps my mind stable and grounded. You know, garbage IN, Garbage OUT!)

    Well, take care. I have to get some sleep!

    In His Grace,

    I have been getting a compensation check for almost 20yrs now. over the years I had tried to work,but could never keep a job and it became too stressful. But at least now I am not a walking zombie on meds. I am living proof that it is possible to get off medicine, and do a 180 in your life after being a Psych patient for years!

  4. By the way:

    http://www.prisonplanet.com (check out the 9/11 Archives)

    or http://www.infowars.com Because there is a War on for YOUR MIND!

  5. Sora Jederan-Shpack said:

    Dear Diane,

    As a composer and fellow artist, I am inquiring as to whether you would allow me to present a piece or a few pieces of your artwork during a performance of new music and text.

    I will explain. My name is Sora Jederan-Shpack. Over the past few years as a composer I have experimented some with collaborating with dancers, artists and writers. A few months ago I was asked by the Wasatch Trio, a University of Utah faculty trio, to compose a piece for their group (flutist, cellist and pianist with the addition of a baritone vocalist) for a poem written by a friend of theirs, John Lee Payton, Vietnam Vet, engineer, poet. As I began to compose I felt John’s poem was filled with enough drama and depth to handle additional artistic mediums. At one point where the words and music are very intense, I needed a diversion from my own art, but I did not want to stray too far from what I was doing. This is when I began to look for fine artistic renditions of oceans, sailing ships, the African landscape and perhaps even a 17th century young bride. As I began perusing the Internet I was impressed by your artwork and that of your colleagues. I realized that there are many fine art pieces some which will fit this composition and its text and will create a collaboration of art that enhances the themes and images presented.

    I will be using a power-point program to project images of your artwork and others as they coincide with specific parts of the music and text. Essentially what I am requesting is a high resolution email attachment of each single work along with a statement of permission to use during performance. Your artworks: Moon Song-Ocean Waves and New Ocean Painting fit parts of the poem very well. If you have any paintings of “under-the-ocean” or any that fit this poem better I would appreciate being able to use them.

    While the poem and music were created for gratis, should the Wasatch Trio perform or record Eight Bells for profit we will gladly send you a percentage of the profit. (I am in the process of working on creating some guidelines for an artists’ cooperative since I spent a number of years working with worker-owned cooperatives.) At this point the performance will be open and free to the public and there are no plans for recording for sale. Should you want a DVD of the performance, I’ll find out the cost of filming and let you know.

    ****We would appreciate receiving from you a short biography, any notes about your artwork for the program and your contact information for future patrons.

    Synopsis of poem and music: Eight Bells, is about a slave-ship that, because of the Lieutenant’s lack of attention while on his watch one night, he misses the signs of the winds shifting and the ship hits a reef, splits in half, sinks, and all aboard die. The music I have composed is ten minutes long, haunting and somber in some places and very intense and powerful in others.

    If you would like to read, Eight Bells or hear a midi version of the music, please send me a email where I can send my attachments to you. Please be aware that the midi version is NOT TRUE TO THE REAL SOUND of the instruments – there are many things it cannot do, including sing the words of the poem!

    If you have any questions please feel free to email or call me. My cell phone is 801-636-0359.

    I hope to have this opportunity to work with you. Thanks for your artwork!

    Sora Jederan-Shpack

  6. ..]Prevalence of antipsychotics was 1.5 to 2.2 times greater in the US than in The Netherlands and Germany…]

  7. Your blog is awesome, i would like to contribute, exchange links ext, please let me know if this is possible,, thanks J


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  9. I am trying to lern to paint ocean water, transparent water with little waves on a beach .Do you have any DVDs that I can buy, or suggest some to me,that would be good, and where I can get them,Thankyou, MILAN CVJETIC.

    • am trying to lern to paint ocean water, transparent water with little waves on a beach .Do you have any DVDs that I can buy, or suggest some to me,that would be good, and where I can get them,Thankyou, MILAN CVJETIC.

      • I’m sure there aren’t any I would watch – but that’s because it would be easier to get out some paint and play with it until it does what I want. Today, there isn’t a dvd that I’ve made about creating ocean waves in watercolor, however try this –

        Imagine what the finished piece will be and the moment that you want to capture.

        Everywhere there is to be sparkle, foam or waves – don’t put any paint there. Don’t wet the entire watercolor paper, but instead paint with limited areas of wetness across the page from side to side where the foam, sparkle and froth of the waves will not be.

        Sounds pretty backwards, doesn’t it? In essence, paint everything in deep hues where the sea is getting deeper away from the viewer until it nears the horizon while leaving the irregular shapes of the wave crests near the viewer and where there are hints of building waves in the middle behind the detailed areas in the foreground.

        There is a dry brush technique that works great for sparkle in watercolor – try it first on a separate piece of watercolor paper. Fill the dry paintbrush (stiff bristles have one set of effects, soft bristles have a different look done this way) with paint by gently, lightly dragging it across the top of the paint so it doesn’t fill the bristles completely. Then pull the color across the page drifting it across the surface in one smooth motion. Each swipe across the surface will fill in some of the color under the sparkle. This isn’t white paint in the brush, although you can do that with acrylics or oil paints.

        For watercolors, the paper provides the only pure white in the painting, so when the sparkle happens – it is literally the paper showing through the other colors that convey visual information beneath the foam, the spray, the breaking wave froth, and the sparkly little bits that to the viewer seem to be on top of the water. It is easy to fill the brush with several colors of the water and sand to drag across the paper in front of a breaking wave to convey the sparkly foam in the shallows where we would splash and dig our toes into the wet sand.

        There is a little shadow beneath each wave’s crashing froth – it can be created with a light wash with only a hint of wet pigment slightly darker than the sea water and depending on the time of day in your painting, the frothiness of the wave can be captured with swirls of very, very thin prussian blue washes blended gently into the areas of white or using lightly wet soft bristles partially filled with a very, very thin wash of payne’s grey. Try it on another piece of paper first.

        The clouds and sky will be the same thing – where there are white volumes of clouds must be left unpainted because where the white paper is ever given a tint, it will never be white again. The horizon at certain times of day and in some weather conditions will be almost invisible and lighter than the surrounding upper sky or deep ocean areas. And, at other times it is well-defined and occasionally, deeper in color. What looks right in your mind’s eye? Clouds can be defined from the white surface of the paper using light thin washes of blueish purple, grey, or cobalt that develop the curving forms of shadows beneath their fluffy round forms.

        Sunsets and sunrises, afternoons and dusk, all have particular tints to everything. As long as the tints match throughout the painting, it can be believable as if your viewer is standing at that place at that time of day.

        The best thing to do is to have some fun with experimenting to find the different effects that can happen, but the basic rule for painting in watercolor is that white areas are left clean and lightly developed, lighter values go on first and each layer of color builds to the darkest which is painted last, rather than first as in acrylics and oil paintings.

        Great fun painting – can’t wait to see the results!

        – cricketdiane, 07-31-09


  10. DragonBlue said:

    Reading through the first page of your blog, I found myself wondering how you got into my head. I too, have been labeled and subsequently had my human and civil rights violated by all who were supposed to protect me. The institutions of the powers that be have decided that I no longer have a right to work, nor have a right to my children, as they tried to drug me into becoming the statford wife with a psychic labotomy so that I would keep my big mouth shut and not be allowed to feel or speak about anything of any merit or weight. They have won many battles, but I will win this war, this undeclared war on all women who disagree with the worshipers of the ONE God of the Almighty Dollar. They can’t take the blue sky from ME because freedom yells, it does not cry!

    Blessed Be~

    • It looks like they are trying to cure our femine – ness from moodiness to thinking for ourselves. Then they say they want innovations and inventions, thinking “outside the box” and creativity. It is bizarre.

      – cricketdiane

  11. Hello I would love to follow you! I love your painting.

    • Thankyou so much –

      It is so nice to hear that, especially right now.

      Thank you again,

      Please do follow – maybe together we can figure out some of these things.

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  13. Saundra Gilbert said:

    My brother just told me about you and that we are probably related on the Phillips side. He said you e done a lot of research about the family and before I attempt to get started I should get in touch with you. My grandfather was born in NC with tons of siblings. Can we chat?

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