Complex Modern Art Style Brief New Interpretations in Series Called Unveiled


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Complex Modern Art Decor Op Art 2 – Wrapped Canvas Art for Home and Office Decor -
CricketDiane Art and Design 2014 -

“My Art is the sensuality of form ever repeating to describe the complexity of human reality as a description of our cities and modern life in this series of printed canvas art that exists nowhere else. It is made from components rendered by computer taken from pieces of photographs I made in New York City of buildings, elements within the city and the lights of the city at night.”

- “It represents the multiple layers of new technologies made to interact with everyday life in our cities, in our homes, even in our arts.”
– “My art is the passion for forms, textures and creativity with those existing structures that exemplify our lives today. It is an intellectual and artistic aesthetic mix combined and re-mixed by the computers and new facilities of technology we have available to us today.”
– “It is called – Complex Modern Art.”
– This is one of the pieces in this series.

- “The new series of interpretations of this style is called – Unveiled.”

- CricketDiane






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