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Lies Make Reasoning Based on Facts Irrational – the War on Science, War on Facts in America


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Donald Trump voters: We like the president’s lies

Donald Trump supporters in hardscrabble Ohio have finally figured out that he is lying — a lot. The truth is, they don’t care.

On the whole, Trump has never been viewed more negatively on matters of truth. A Quinnipiac University poll this week found that 60 per cent of Americans think he is dishonest, a new high. Time ran a cover story on Trump with the headline “Is truth dead?” The Wall Street Journal editorial board, long Trump-friendly, accused him of damaging his presidency with a “seemingly endless stream of exaggerations, evidence-free accusations, implausible denials and other falsehoods.”

Yet Trump has also managed a remarkable feat: maintaining a reputation among millions of Americans as a man of rare honesty at the same time as he launches an unprecedented daily barrage of Oval Office lies.

[ . . . ]

Charlie Sykes, the Trump critic and former conservative talk radio host in Wisconsin, says there is an “alternative reality bubble” within the right, created in part by conservative media. Trump, he said, is both developing and exploiting this “post-truth environment,” elevating once-fringe conspiracy theorists and propagandists who will then amplify his lies.

Well worth going over and reading the entire article – explains it very well with quotes from people expressing why they believe Trump even though they know he is lying.


These articles from 2010 and 2014 are examples of the right wing war on facts that has been ongoing for decades. An alternative fact bubble has not only been created but maintained that now alters what many Americans perceive as the facts about various subjects including science, history, the value of education and academics, economics, among many others.

An idea that has been promoted as well, is that facts are a matter of opinion and that one’s opinion changes what the facts are. In application, this means we have, in America, radio stations, right-wing controlled cable news / entertainment shows that have been telling Americans that facts are not only open to interpretation as to their value and meaning, but also that the facts themselves are based in opinion or essentially no more than an opinion and consequently, not facts at all.

Obviously, whether a person decides by opinion that rain is occurring – rain is nonetheless a fact and without some protection from it and good judgment based on that fact, that rain will continue as a fact with whatever dangers it represents. The only real thing that will happen considering rain that is occurring to be only an opinion, is for the person believing that to put themselves in unnecessary and predictable difficulties of getting wet, driving too fast for conditions and maybe harming their life and health or that of others – as a result.

In the two articles below, there are indications of this thrust to change facts, alter facts that are available concerning subject matter and erase the substantive value of facts as a critical foundation of reasoning and judgment. In climate science, the removal of the subject from text books, policy, agencies, websites, government research – does not change the facts about its impacts and dangers. It only makes our country less capable of mounting successful efforts to either positively influence those changes or to mitigate damages and harms that will occur as a result.

In economics and macro-economics, the same is true when the facts are deleted, altered, dismissed, discredited or denied. And, facts in every other arena and focus tend to the same result when treated as mere opinion rather than substance of reality.

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Texas Conservatives Win Curriculum Change


As Trump targets energy rules, oil companies downplay their impact

Thursday, 23 Mar 2017 | 11:08 AM ET

President Donald Trump’s White House has said his plans to slash environmental regulations will trigger a new energy boom and help the United States drill its way to independence from foreign oil.

[ . . . a discussion from oil industry financiers that regulation change doesn’t impact them]

Refiners have also long complained that environmental regulations have stymied attempts to build new refineries and that they have borne the brunt of costly rules requiring them to blend biofuels into their gasoline.

Still, some energy analysts and regulation experts point out that the biggest drivers for these industries, too, tend to be supply and demand — not regulation.

The abundance of cheap natural gas is seen as the biggest obstacle to reviving coal country, since both fuels compete for space in the furnaces of U.S. power plants. For refiners, the key driver for profitability is the differential between the price of their raw material, crude oil, and the fuels they make with it.

“Supply and demand are the fundamental forces driving markets,” said Coglianese, the University of Pennsylvania law professor. “Regulation is relatively trivial.”


Trump’s ‘energy independence’ order expected to be pushed back another week

 By JOHN SICILIANO 3/20/17 7:15 PM


The order is expected to end a de facto ban on building new coal power plants in the country, a moratorium on coal mining and the end of far-reaching climate regulations on states.

According to a draft copy of the “Energy Independence” executive order reviewed by the Washington Examiner, the first target on the menu will be the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan and New Source standard for power plants.

The draft order states that the power plan would cost $39 billion a year, based on a previous industry-funded study by NERA Consulting that the draft order cites to justify ending the Obama administration’s version of the plan,

[ . . . ]

The order also looks to rein in the New Source power plant standard, which the coal industry refers to as EPA’s de facto ban on building new coal plants. The regulation requires that all new coal plants be outfitted with expensive carbon capture technology, which the industry argues is cost prohibitive and makes building new coal plants next to impossible.

But since both climate rules are being reviewed in federal court, the Trump order also directs the attorney general to request all courts reviewing the climate rules to hold the cases in abeyance, or remand them back to EPA while the administration reviews them.

In addition, the order directs the Interior Department to lift its moratorium on issuing new coal leases to open up mining again.

It also calls for an interagency working group to “reconsider” the Social Cost of Carbon, which is the metric the Obama administration used to justify the cost of its regulations, while directing the White House Council on Environmental Quality to rescind an agency-wide directive by the Obama administration to include climate change in all environmental reviews of projects.




The Clean Power Plan is gone — and there’s no ‘replace’

Solve for ‘X’: Trump’s war on facts extends to undermining key federal statistics

How do you run an economy without statistics? Poorly, that’s how. But that’s what we’re in for if we muzzle and starve the agencies that gather this context — a fate that seems likely under the current management.

Why the Facts Matter and Science is Important


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Published on

Citizens Must Hold Government Accountable on Climate

A spokesman for the White House said last week that the federal government was no longer going to “waste money” on climate research. Money to maintain even existing climate satellites is disappearing. NASA has been told to stop worrying about our home planet and focus on Mars.

[ . .  . ]

Which means that the rest of us need to add our weight to the political balance. Upset by EPA chief Scott Pruitt and his assertion that carbon dioxide isn’t driving global warming? Scared by Trump’s insistence that climate change is a Chinese hoax? Inspired by the plucky local officials determined to try and keep the fight alive? Then show up in Washington on April 29, for the next great mobilization of the cresting resistance. More than 100,000 people have already RSVP’d for the People’s Climate March — it’s our chance to say we won’t stand silently by as the planet melts.

A few things that happened this week: one set of researchers announced that February was the planet’s fourth-warmest month on record, which is especially bad news since the El Niño that produced last year’s record-breaking heat is over and we’re supposed to be cooling a little.

Another group of scientists published data showing that, for the third year in a row, Arctic ice has set a new record winter low. Still other statisticians showed that, to date, this has been by far the worst wildfire season on record in the United States — two million acres burned against an average of 200,000.

In Peru, last fall’s record drought has given way to record flooding, with dozens dead and 100,000 homes damaged. In Namibia, the worst flooding in history . . . I could go on.


For years, some scientific data was classified as businesses, corporations, oil companies, politicians and the Republican Party pursued a war on information about climate change, ecology, pollution, pollutants, harm from pollutants, health and community damage from specific pollutants and pollution, climatology, sea level rise, arctic and glacial ice loss, CO2 levels, smog, rivers and ocean pollution, global warming, and resource removal damages from mining and drilling to refining and shipping / transportation of those natural resources.

Yes, disinformation and sequestering of scientific data created harm during the decades when this war on science occurred in the United States and around the world where US political and business leaders got their way. Today, we face the same disinformation efforts on a massive scale that threaten to sidetrack, derail and even to decimate data and research that have been collected as well as to alter those facts beyond recognition in pursuit of invalidating their merit in order to support a political and business agenda.

Unfortunately, when these political and business agendas are served this way, as we have seen before – the facts do not change. The basis of the facts do not change. The reality suggested by the facts do not change. Good sound reasoning that would have been based upon those facts does not change, but that reasoning and the judgments for actions that would come from it cannot be adequately and appropriately made when facts are altered to suit, or when facts are deleted or withheld.

Inasmuch as that is the purpose of political and corporate interests to call lies as facts and facts as lies – without realizing it, they are causing immediate and long-term harm to themselves, their businesses and efforts as well as to others, to our country, our world and to future generations. Without accurate data and research openly available, it is not only science that cannot reasonably make sound research and discoveries, but also that every applied science will err and pursue unsound practices as well – from engineering, civil engineering, structural engineering, materials engineering to architects, builders, developers, academics, teachers, professors, project managers, and every kind of scientist and scientific discipline or focus.

Businesses and corporations along with their products and services being offered in the marketplace rely on these disciplines whether they are truly aware of it or not.Without accurate demographics and financial data or only part of it in order to make the picture look better, businesses will be hindered as they will also fail when their buildings are not built on sound principles of structural engineering based upon real and complete scientific data, scientific research and peer reviewed for accuracy.

When a politician looks at a smokestack pouring pollutants into the surrounding communities and says it is not pollution, or it is not happening, or that those are not the facts, altering scientific data or withholding scientific data or preventing the collection of that data – does not change the facts about those pollutants coming into the air, water, soil, surrounding communities and the people who live there. But, that is what politicians and businesses are trying to do and currently making a war on science once more to try and accomplish their short term agenda without understanding the consequences.

In a small way, it is obvious where harm has been done and lives damaged or lost by denying facts whether it is to see people drown when they drive across flooded streets rushing with water, or pretend that a windchill of two degrees and an air temperature of twelve doesn’t make any difference running for the subway to go to work. The facts were the same regardless of how they were interpreted to be something different than they were in each case. In more massive ways, efforts that could have been made for very small amounts of money to diminish the level of pollutants in streams, rivers, the ocean, the air, the soil – were not made because facts were altered and withheld for decades that indicated those pollutants. It didn’t change the harms being done nor did it change the need to fix it – but doing it that way certainly made fixing it and those harms done into a much more massive problem with an exponentially greater price tag and necessity.

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U.S. releases unclassified spy images of Arctic ice | Reuters

Jul 17, 2009U.S. releases unclassified spy images of Arctic ice … A satellite image released by the Interior Department shows ice on the East Siberian Sea in 2000. … The images were derived from classified images made as part of the ..


1960’s satellite imagery of polar ice discovers “enormous holes” in the sea ice


And one more from Scientific American – 


Arctic Sea Ice Sets Record-Low Peak for Third Year

Sea ice was also thinner this winter than in the past four years

Constant warmth punctuated by repeated winter heat waves stymied Arctic sea ice growth this winter, leaving the winter sea ice cover missing an area the size of California and Texas combined and setting a record-low maximum for the third year in a row.

[ …]

“I have been looking at Arctic weather patterns for 35 years and have never seen anything close to what we’ve experienced these past two winters,” Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, which keeps track of sea ice levels, said in a statement.

Definitely go read this one – and share –



Trump’s War on Facts, Information, Trust, Truth, Science, Media and Us


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Attacks on Science

The Trump Administration and 115th Congress have sent clear signals that they intend to dismantle science-based health and safety protections, sideline scientific evidence, and undo a decade’s worth of progress on scientific integrity.

Government Data Disappears Across Multiple Agencies

Scientific content has been changed on several agency websites in the early weeks of the Trump administration—and the alterations share some common themes. Read more >

EPA Grants and Scientific Studies Reviewed by Political Appointees

Transition Team Restricts EPA Staff Attendance at Alaska Conference

The Congressional Review Act: A Radical Threat To Science

“Two-for-One” Rule Is Absurd, Illegal, and Anti-Science

Communication from Multiple Agencies Restricted after Trump Takes Office

CDC Cancels Climate Change Conference

Trump Transition Team Temporarily Halts Grants and Contracts at EPA



Endangered Species Act: get ready for big changes, says GOP

Republican lawmakers are preparing to roll back the influence of the Endangered Species Act, arguing that the law is an unnecessary hindrance to economic development.

JANUARY 18, 2017 The Endangered Species Act may soon be, well, endangered.

[ . . . ]

“There’s a lot of evidence that some species are conservation-reliant,” J.B. Ruhl, a law professor at Vanderbilt University, told the AP. Political fights over some species have taken decades to resolve, he added, because recovering them from “the brink of extinction is a lot harder than we thought.”

14 animals declared extinct in the 21st century



Trump’s NASA budget cuts earth, climate science programs


March 16, 2017

White House Urged to Suspend, Investigate Sebastian Gorka

“If the allegations prove accurate, Gorka needs to be removed from his position. A man who has sworn an oath to a group glorifying Nazi-era antisemitism has no business serving alongside those who have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

The Forward reported today that leaders of the “Historical Vitézi Rend” claim Gorka is an official member of the organization, which is a reconstitution of the World War II era Vitézi Rend group. The State Department lists Vitézi Rend as having been “under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany during World War II,” and classifies members of this group as inadmissible to the United States under the Immigration and Nationality Act. The original Vitézi Rend organization, of which the Historical Vitézi Rend organization claims to be an heir, was established as a nationalist group by Hitler collaborator Admiral Miklos Horthy. The Historical Vitézi Rend group ascribes to nationalist, racist, and antisemitic ideologies similar to those of the original organization.

Human Rights First continues to urge President Trump to make clear that he condemns all forms of antisemitism and intolerance, including by supporting a thorough investigation into allegations regarding Sebastian Gorka.


Thank a Government Scientist

Federal scientists are working hard every day to make the food we eat, the medications we take, the air we breathe, and so much more safe for all Americans. Unfortunately, these same scientists are hearing harsh rhetoric attacking the safeguards they provide, some are being muzzled by orders prohibiting them to speak out about their research, and all are uncertain about what the Trump administration and Congress might due to cut science-based programs and their staff.

Help pushback against the anti-science rhetoric from the Trump administration with some appreciation: Take a moment to thank a government scientist today. Let them know how much you appreciate the crucial role they play in our daily lives and that you will advocate for science-based policies every day!

Send a tweet or Facebook message using the hashtag #ThankAGovScientist to the agencies of your choice—or a federal scientist you know personally—using one of the following handles:
Post on the Environment Protection Agency Facebook page

Tweet @EPA: Thank you @EPA for protecting my right to clean air and clean water. #ThankAGovScientist

Post on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Facebook page

Tweet @NOAA: Thanks @NOAA for helping to protect my home from floods and other disasters! #ThankAGovScientist

Post on the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Facebook page

Tweet @NASA: Thanks @NASA for pushing science forward and developing products that my family uses every day! #ThankAGovScientist

Post on the Department of Energy Facebook page

Tweet @ENERGY: Thank you @ENERGY for reducing nuclear risks and demonstrating the momentum of clean energy. #ThankAGovScientist

Post on the US Department of Agriculture Facebook page

Tweet @USDA: Thank you @USDA for standing for science-based standards for nutrition and agriculture. #ThankAGovScientist

Post on the Food and Drug Administration Facebook page

Tweet @US_FDA: Thanks to @FDA for making sure my medicine works and my food is safe #ThankAGovScientist

Post on the Consumer Product Safety Commission Facebook page

Tweet @USCPSC: What a relief to know my home products won’t hurt my family thanks to @USCPSC #ThankAGovScientist

Post on the US National Weather Service Facebook page

Tweet @NWS: Thanks @NWS: keeping us safe and aware of severe weather threats like hurricanes and tornadoes! #ThankAGovScientist

Not on Twitter or Facebook?

If you don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account, write a thank you card to one of the agencies listed above with a message of appreciation and encouragement and mail it to the following address—we will deliver it for you:

Attn: Center for Science and Democracy
Union of Concerned Scientists
1825 K St NW, Ste. 800
Washington, DC 20006-1232

(I hope they will forgive me for putting the whole thing here because I believe it is so important right now.)


Do you have a superpower? Because we do! Check out the new collection and tell us yours! !

 Please follow – March for Science on twitter and show up for one of the many April 22, 2017 Marches for Science happening throughout the world to support science, scientists and non-politicized scientific facts, data, accuracy and research being undermined today by Trump administration and GOP controlled House and Senate in America, in right wing media outlets, and in many state legislatures.

When I March for Science, I’ll March for Equity, Inclusion, and Access

We are on the verge of something big. Scientists as a group are politically engaged like never before. They are communicating with decisionmakers, ready to march, and ready to run for office. The March for Science—an event that formed organically by a few enthusiastic people on Reddit and snowballed from there—is slated to be the largest demonstration for science that this country has ever seen. I’ve personally been blown away by the unprecedented support for scientists in the streets.

Scientists are frantically copying U.S. climate data, fearing it might vanish under Trump

December 13, 2016
{. . . }
In recent weeks, President-elect Donald Trump has nominated a growing list of Cabinet members who have questioned the overwhelming scientific consensus around global warming. His transition team at the Department of Energy has asked agency officials for names of employees and contractors who have participated in international climate talks and worked on the scientific basis for Obama administration-era regulations of carbon emissions. One Trump adviser suggested that NASA no longer should conduct climate research and instead should focus on space exploration.

Those moves have stoked fears among the scientific community that Trump, who has called the notion of man-made climate change “a hoax” and vowed to reverse environmental policies put in place by President Obama, could try to alter or dismantle parts of the federal government’s repository of data on everything from rising sea levels to the number of wildfires in the country.

Michael Halpern, deputy director of the Center for Science and Democracy at the advocacy group Union of Concerned Scientists, argued that Trump has appointed a “band of climate conspiracy theorists” to run transition efforts at various agencies, along with nominees to lead them who share similar views.

[ . . . ]

“What are the most important .gov climate assets?” Eric Holthaus, a meteorologist and self-proclaimed “climate hawk,” tweeted from his Arizona home Saturday evening. “Scientists: Do you have a US .gov climate database that you don’t want to see disappear?”

Within hours, responses flooded in from around the country. Scientists added links to dozens of government databases to a Google spreadsheet. Investors offered to help fund efforts to copy and safeguard key climate data. Lawyers offered pro bono legal help. Database experts offered server space and help organizing mountains of data. In California, Santos began building an online repository to “make sure these data sets remain freely and broadly accessible.”

Climate data from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have been politically vulnerable. When Tom Karl, director of the National Centers for Environmental Information, and his colleagues published a study in 2015 seeking to challenge the idea that there had been a global warming “slowdown” or “pause” during the 2000s, they relied, in significant part, on updates to NOAA’s ocean temperature data set, saying the data “do not support the notion of a global warming ‘hiatus.’”

In response, the U.S. House Science, Space and Technology Committee chair, Rep. Lamar S. Smith (R-Tex.), tried to subpoena the scientists and their records.

That effort launched by Holthaus is one of several underway to preserve key federal scientific data.

In Philadelphia, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, along with members of groups such as Open Data Philly and the software company Azavea, have been meeting to figure out ways to harvest and store important data sets.

[ . . . ]


Please go read this article from its original source and share it as much as possible – the more people that help protect the data, research and information now and going forward, the better as Trump and the GOP begin dismantling as much as possible from the inside of every US government agency.



Trump and GOP gutting internet privacy, science, weather agency, consumer protections in US


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Senate Puts ISP Profits Over Your Privacy

ISPs have been lobbying for weeks to get lawmakers to repeal the FCC’s rules that stand between them and using even creepier ways to track and profit off of your every move online. Republicans in the Senate just voted 50-48 (with two absent votes) to approve a Congressional Review Action resolution from Sen. Jeff Flake which—if it makes it through the House—would not only roll back the FCC’s rules but also prevent the FCC from writing similar rules in the future.

[ . . .]

That would be a crushing loss for online privacy. ISPs act as gatekeepers to the Internet, giving them incredible access to records of what you do online. They shouldn’t be able to profit off of the information about what you search for, read about, purchase, and more without your consent.

Call your representative


Electronic Frontier Foundation –

Trans-Atlantic consumer groups lay down their demands on trade transparency to USTR nominee Robert Lighthizer.


Follow Electronic Frontier Foundation on twitter for more information about Trump and GOP controlled Congress & Senate changes to the internet, privacy, mass surveillance by police and security agencies, efforts to keep the internet freedoms, rights and privacy we have.

EFF’s makes the case for tighter regulation of facial recognition in this clip from yesterday’s hearing


 from Google search on NOAA budget cuts – (by GOP and Trump admin)

Trump’s proposed NOAA budget cuts rattle scientists – USA Today

Trump’s proposed NOAA budget cuts rattle scientists. Doyle Rice , USA TODAY Published 3:30 p.m. ET March 6, 2017 | Updated 6:35 p.m. ET March 6, 2017.

What You Need to Know About Trump’s Proposed Climate Cuts…/trump-cuts-epa-noaa-environmental-science-climate-…

Mar 10, 2017 – SOURCE: BUDGET OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, FISCAL …. He says that if enacted, the proposed cuts to EPA and NOAA would …


Disgusting: The AHCA now has a clause that allows states to revoke Medicaid if a women hasn’t gotten a job 8 weeks after giving birth!


Trump Data Gurus Leave Long Trail of Subterfuge, Dubious Dealing

“Previously we were able to do our job in the background.”
March 23, 2017, 6:30 AM EDT
From Bloomberg BusinessWeek

This article was on my twitter feed appearing like this – (and filled with good information about the shady backhanded tricks used in our election and being done to others by these same practices.)

Trump’s data gurus leave a long trail of subterfuge and dubious dealing


The Hidden Risks of Trump’s EPA Cuts: Birth Defects, Bad Air

Fifty former federal and state environmental officials detail what the president’s budget could do to the agency and to human health.
March 23, 2017, 4:01 PM EDT

President Donald Trump pledged during the 2016 campaign that he would only “leave a little bit” of federal rules that protect human health and the environment. Now about 50 former officials of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are firing back in a lengthy analysis that details, program by program, what amounts to a starvation diet for the EPA.

Calling themselves the Environmental Protection Network, they worked through both Republican and Democratic administrations. The group’s members are putting aside their differences over policies and programs to stop what they say “appears to be nothing less than a full-throttle attack on the principle underlying all U.S. environmental laws—that protecting the health and environment of all Americans is a national priority.”

[ . . . ]

the network has put together a 50-page analysis of the president’s proposed EPA budget, based partly on the White House’s fiscal 2018 budget blueprint. The blueprint, released on March 16, sketched out top-line cuts of 31 percent of the agency’s budget and 21 percent of its staff.

The analysis on pdf is found here – bookmark, read it and certainly save a copy and share –

Definitely – go read the whole article found here –


  1. Since the 90’s, we’ve lost 90% of bumble . Defunding the will only exacerbate this problem.

    from twitter

    EPA seeks public comment on draft permits and aquifer exemption for uranium mining Black Hills,SD


    perhaps you can also take back that bill you sponsored to abolish the US Dept of Education and the EPA?


    From White House website –

    Signed Legislation

Trump and GOP War on Science Roaring Like a Freight Train


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Some things that have recently been changed to insanity – plus a first quick note about one thing that can be done about it – something called Salons or Paris Salons where people meet and strategize to combat these inappropriate and in some cases, insane policies from the Trump administration and GOP power drunk Congress and Senate.


Salons first gained fame in France during the Enlightenment, with citizens gathering to engage in political conversations and arguments; they acted as a place to plan revolution and discuss philosophy. The concept has continued ever since, with the author Gertrude Stein and the former secretary of state Madeleine Albright both known to have hosted them.

from –


March for Science – on twitter

April 22, 2017

From Washington, D.C. to wherever you are and around the world

The Academy is proud to support & . Find the march nearest to you.


The March for Science demonstrates our passion for science and sounds a call to support and safeguard the scientific community. Recent policy changes have caused heightened worry among scientists. The incredible and immediate outpouring of support has made clear that these concerns are also shared by the support of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

The mischaracterization of science as a partisan issue, which has given policymakers permission to reject overwhelming evidence, is a critical and urgent matter. It is time for people who support scientific research and evidence-based policies to take a public stand and be counted.


We are people who value science and recognize how science serves. We come from all races, all religions, all gender identities, all sexual orientations, all abilities, all socioeconomic backgrounds, all political perspectives, and all nationalities. Our diversity is our greatest strength: a wealth of opinions, perspectives, and ideas is critical for the scientific process. What unites us is a love of science, and an insatiable curiosity. We all recognize that science is everywhere and affects everyone.

The March for Science is an international movement, led by organizers distributed around the globe. This movement is taking place because of the simultaneous realization by thousands of  people who value science in their lives that staying silent is no longer an option. There are marches being planned across the United States and internationally.

from – (please visit this page link below to find March for Science events near you throughout the world and across the United States April 22, 2017.)


Senate repeals Obama-era workplace safety regulation


Federal Agencies Told to Halt External Communications

US science agencies face deep cuts in Trump budget

The Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institutes of Health are big losers — but planetary science at NASA stands to gain.

16 March 2017 Updated:



When it comes to science, there are few winners in US President Donald Trump’s first budget proposal. The plan, released on 16 March, calls for double-digit cuts for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It also lays the foundation for a broad shift in the United States’ research priorities, including a retreat from environmental and climate programmes.


Senate votes to block Obama coal rule


GOP begins public land overhaul

In the last two weeks, the House has passed several Congressional Review Act resolutions undoing Obama-administration environmental regulations, including several opposed by industry groups and land reformers.

One of those resolutions ends a Bureau of Land Management rule restricting venting and flaring at natural gas drilling sites on public land. The rule would limit methane pollution, but industry groups say it would be duplicative, unnecessary and costly.

[… ]

Activists pushing their allies to hold the line against the GOP are working to kick up grassroots opposition to public land changes, an effort that they say has had at least some success so far.

Conservationists blistered a House rule change in January that makes it easier for the government to shed its public land holdings. And, earlier this month, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) was forced to rescind a bill to sell off millions of acres of federally owned land after a backlash from sportsmen’s groups.



DEC. 9, 2016, 11:37 A.M.

Trump said to pick drilling advocate Cathy McMorris Rodgers for Interior


Donald Trump has chosen Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.), a member of the GOP congressional leadership and a strident advocate for increased oil and gas drilling on federal lands, to head the Interior Department, according to multiple news reports.

McMorris Rodgers, the highest ranking Republican woman in the House of Representatives, would take the helm of a 70,000-person agency that manages hundreds of millions of acres of federal lands, including the National Parks system. She would be charged with implementing Trump’s plan to aggressively roll back many of the environmental restrictions the Obama administration has placed on federal lands, which the president-elect wants to open up for substantially more drilling and mining.

[ . . . ]

“Selling off our public lands to the highest bidder and opening them to drilling, mining and logging is not in the best interest of our country,” said a statement from Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune, “but that is exactly what Rep. McMorris Rodgers has voted to do over and over again.”



4 Major Environmental Rules That the GOP Congress Is Overturning in Massive Gift to Polluters

Congress is considering eliminative more than 40 Obama administration environment and energy-related rules.


Rogue Scientists Race to Save Climate Data from Trump

AT 10 AM the Saturday before inauguration day, on the sixth floor of the Van Pelt Library at the University of Pennsylvania, roughly 60 hackers, scientists, archivists, and librarians were hunched over laptops, drawing flow charts on whiteboards, and shouting opinions on computer scripts across the room. They had hundreds of government web pages and data sets to get through before the end of the day—all strategically chosen from the pages of the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—any of which, they felt, might be deleted, altered, or removed from the public domain by the incoming Trump administration.

Their undertaking, at the time, was purely speculative, based on travails of Canadian government scientists under the Stephen Harper administration, which muzzled them from speaking about climate change. Researchers watched as Harper officials threw thousands of books of aquatic data into dumpsters as federal environmental research libraries closed.

But three days later, speculation became reality as news broke that the incoming Trump administration’s EPA transition team does indeed intend to remove some climate data from the agency’s website. That will include references to President Barack Obama’s June 2013 Climate Action Plan and the strategies for 2014 and 2015 to cut methane, according to an unnamed source who spoke with Inside EPA. [ . . .]

(Yeah, go read this one too – seriously important)


Scientists are frantically copying U.S. climate data, fearing it might vanish under Trump

  December 13, 2016

Alarmed that decades of crucial climate measurements could vanish under a hostile Trump administration, scientists have begun a feverish attempt to copy reams of government data onto independent servers in hopes of safeguarding it from any political interference.

The efforts include a “guerrilla archiving” event in Toronto, where experts will copy irreplaceable public data, meetings at the University of Pennsylvania focused on how to download as much federal data as possible in the coming weeks, and a collaboration of scientists and database experts who are compiling an online site to harbor scientific information.

[ . . . ]



How Robert Mercer exploited America’s populist insurgency.

[ . . . ]

Magerman told the Wall Street Journal that Mercer’s political opinions “show contempt for the social safety net that he doesn’t need, but many Americans do.” He also said that Mercer wants the U.S. government to be “shrunk down to the size of a pinhead.” Several former colleagues of Mercer’s said that his views are akin to Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Magerman told me, “Bob believes that human beings have no inherent value other than how much money they make. A cat has value, he’s said, because it provides pleasure to humans. But if someone is on welfare they have negative value. If he earns a thousand times more than a schoolteacher, then he’s a thousand times more valuable.” Magerman added, “He thinks society is upside down—that government helps the weak people get strong, and makes the strong people weak by taking their money away, through taxes.” He said that this mind-set was typical of “instant billionaires” in finance, who “have no stake in society,” unlike the industrialists of the past, who “built real things.”

Another former high-level Renaissance employee said, “Bob thinks the less government the better. He’s happy if people don’t trust the government. And if the President’s a bozo? He’s fine with that. He wants it to all fall down.”

[ . . . ]

Press accounts speculated that Robert Mercer may have targeted DeFazio because DeFazio had proposed a tax on a type of high-volume stock trade that Renaissance frequently made. But several associates of Mercer’s say that the truth is stranger. DeFazio’s Republican opponent was Arthur Robinson—the biochemist, sheep rancher, and climate-change denialist. The Mercers became his devoted supporters after reading Access to Energy, an offbeat scientific newsletter that he writes. The family has given at least $1.6 million in donations to Robinson’s Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. Some of the money was used to buy freezers in which Robinson is storing some fourteen thousand samples of human urine. Robinson has said that, by studying the urine, he will find new ways of extending the human life span.

Robinson holds a degree in chemistry from Caltech, but his work is not respected in most scientific circles. (The Oregon senator Jeff Merkley, a Democrat, has called Robinson an “extremist kook.”) Robinson appears to be the source of Robert Mercer’s sanguine view of nuclear radiation: in 1986, Robinson co-authored a book suggesting that the vast majority of Americans would survive “an all-out atomic attack on the United States.” Robinson’s institute dismisses climate change as a “false religion.” A petition that he organized in 1998 to oppose the Kyoto Protocol, claiming to represent thirty thousand scientists skeptical of global warming, has been criticized as deceptive. The National Academy of Sciences has warned that the petition never appeared in a peer-reviewed journal, though it is printed in “a format that is nearly identical to that of scientific articles.” The petition, however, still circulates online: in the past year, it was the most shared item about climate change on Facebook.

[ . . . ]

By 2011, the Mercers had joined forces with Charles and David Koch, who own Koch Industries, and who have run a powerful political machine for decades. The Mercers attended the Kochs’ semiannual seminars, which provide a structure for right-wing millionaires looking for effective ways to channel their cash. The Mercers admired the savviness of the Kochs’ plan, which called for attendees to pool their contributions in a fund run by Koch operatives. The fund would strategically deploy the money in races across the country, although, at the time, the Kochs’ chief aim was to defeat Barack Obama in 2012. The Kochs will not reveal the identities of their donors, or the size of contributions, but the Mercers reportedly began giving at least a million dollars a year to the Kochs’ fund. Eventually, they contributed more than twenty-five million.

[ . . . ]

The Mercers’ investment in Breitbart enabled Bannon to promote anti-establishment politicians whom the mainstream media dismissed, including Trump. In 2011, David Bossie, the head of the conservative group Citizens United, introduced Trump to Bannon; at the time, Trump was thinking about running against Obama. Bannon and Trump met at Trump Tower and discussed a possible campaign.

[ . . . [

David Magerman, in his essay for the Inquirer, notes that Mercer “has surrounded our President with his people, and his people have an outsized influence over the running of our country, simply because Robert Mercer paid for their seats.” He writes, “Everyone has a right to express their views.” But, he adds, “when the government becomes more like a corporation, with the richest 0.001% buying shares and demanding board seats, then we cease to be a representative democracy.” Instead, he warns, “we become an oligarchy.”

(You’ve just got to go read the whole thing – )

These heroic guerrilla scientists and librarians are racing to save environmental data from Trump


Jerome WhitingtonVisiting assistant professor of anthropology, NYU

Already, some of our fears are being realized. On Monday, federal staff leaked news that the EPA had frozen its grant funding program, while USDA scientists have had their research funds frozen and were initially told to stop speaking to the media (although that order has since been rescinded.) Meanwhile, the EPA has reportedly been instructed to remove the climate change page from its website.

The Environmental Data and Governance Initiative (EDGI) has formed as an organized response to the Trump administration’s plan to undermine federal environmental science resources. Because access to and control over data is a key piece of effective regulation, we have taken action to systematically archive valuable environmental datasets, create usable nongovernmental data access, and preserve records of wide-ranging, ephemeral, web-based policy and program information. This monitoring and tracking work has also created an opportunity for providing rapid analysis of environmental regulation during the transition.

Trump has also hand-picked a wide range of extremists when it comes to environmental policy, from climate-change-denier Scott Pruitt, his nominee to head the EPA, to ex-Koch Industries lobbyist Thomas Pyle, who is the transition leader for the Energy Department transition. These are not just pro-business conservatives trying to keep environmental costs down. These are hardcore anti-environment appointees, many of whom have strong records of anti-science denial and obstructionism. This, coupled with indications that the administration will be working rapidly to roll back federal environmental policy, points toward a wholesale attack on environmental governance, with federal environmental science a key target.

This is where EDGI comes in. Formed as a decentralized team of about fifty social scientists and researchers immediately after the election, EDGI has focused on these two primary goals: documenting and analyzing the transition, and publicly archiving federally maintained data.




Where Livestreams of Washington DC Women’s March on Washington January 21 2017


, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


Over 600 marches will take place in 57 countries around the world.

(COMMONDREAMS) The Women’s March on Washington on January 21 has gone global, with over 600 “sister marches” planned in 57 countries that same day, as an international display of opposition to the far-right populism embodied by President-elect Donald Trump.


‘Pussyhats’ Galore: Inside the Pink Toppers Thousands Will Wear to the Women’s March on Washington


Women attending the march and those who support them are intensely knitting pink cat-eared “pussy” hats for participants to wear this Saturday.

The knit pink hats, topped with corners that resemble cat ears, are part of the Pussyhat Project, an initiative formed by two friends, Jayna Zweiman and Krista Suh,


“Tiny Hands” marks Apple’s second musical screed against Donald Trump, following her “Christmas Song” parody, “Trump’s Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire.” Apple released a video of her singing the song a cappella last December then performed the track live at a Standing Rock benefit concert in Los Angeles.



Live coverage of the Women’s March on Washington

Updated 3:44 PM ET, Thu January 19, 2017


WATCH: Democracy Now! Broadcasts Live from the D.C. Women’s March



Women’s March on Washington Live Stream

Women’s March on Washington


How To Stream The Women’s March On Washington If You Can’t Make It There In Person


Women’s March On NYC: March Route, Street Closures, Start Times

Everything you need to know about the Women’s March on NYC and the corresponding rally, whether you want to participate or avoid it.

By Brendan Krisel (Patch National Staff) – January 20, 2017 11:16 am ET


A New Yorker’s Guide To The Women’s March On Washington



ASL Womens March on NYC

Jennifer Ward-shultz


Women in the World



▶ 0:46

Dec 5, 2016 – Uploaded by Tom Danon

This is a march in Los Angeles that will be held in love and light of Unity and inclu… … The Women’s March

Women’s March Los Angeles – Why I march – YouTube

▶ 3:31

1 day ago – Uploaded by Womens March Los Angeles

The beautiful and diverse people of LA gather together to share their … Why they will be marching at the Women

Missing: live ‎nyc

Women’s March Los Angeles: 1/21/17 — Pershing Square … – YouTube

▶ 0:48

Jan 2, 2017 – Uploaded by Tom Danon

This is a march in Los Angeles that will be held in love and light of Unity and inclu… … The Women’s March


Washington, D.C.:

Cherry Blossoms Cam


Experience the beauty of Washington, DC with this live streaming camera! A gift from Japan, see the cherry blossom trees that surround the Tidal Basin. The camera also takes viewers on a virtual tour of the capital’s iconic landmarks, including the FDR Memorial, MLK Memorial and the Washington Monument.

Click here to view cam!

Eagle Cam


This live webcam gives viewers the unique opportunity to peek inside an Eagle nest along the Anacostia River in Washington, DC. EarthCam teamed up with Earth Conservation Corps, whose members promote the environmental interest of their area by holding raptor conservation presentations and workshops in local schools.

Click here to view cam!

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Cam

Washington DC

Visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, DC with HD webcam views! This megapixel camera delivers the perfect look at this monument on the National Mall, which stands for Dr. King’s message of freedom, equality, justice and love.

Click here to view cam!

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Interactive Camera

Washington DC

Visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, DC with HD webcam views! This megapixel camera delivers the perfect look at this monument on the National Mall, which stands for Dr. King’s message of freedom, equality, justice and love.

Click here to view cam!

National Mall Cam


Travel to America’s capital and watch as the National Mall is revitalized during phase II of the turf restoration project! From the vantage point of the Smithsonian Castle’s North Flag Tower, enjoy live views of the Washington Monument, US Capitol Building and everything in between.

Click here to view cam!

National Mall Interactive Panorama


Travel to America’s capital and watch as the National Mall is revitalized during phase II of the turf restoration project! From the vantage point of the Smithsonian Castle’s North Flag Tower, enjoy live views of the Washington Monument, US Capitol Building and everything in between.

Click here to view cam!

National Park Service Cams


From the Statue of Liberty to the National Mall, enjoy EarthCam’s selection of cameras located in the United States national parks.

Click here to view cam!



Explore America’s capital from over 500 feet in the air with EarthCam’s live streaming webcam embedded in the Washington Monument’s pyramidion! Sponsored by the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association, the camera offers one-of-a-kind views of the WWII Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool.

Click here to view cam!

Washington D.C. Osprey Cam


Visit an Osprey nest located on the Anacostia River in Washington, DC with live streaming webcam views. Situated on a pier under the Frederick Douglass Bridge, watch as the adults bring their chicks into the world.

Click here to view cam!

Washington D.C. Panorama


View the entire Tidal Basin in one impressive panorama image. This interactive, shareable picture is automatically stitched together to include many of the most famous National Park Service and National Mall memorials, including the Washington Monument, D.C. War Memorial, MLK Memorial, FDR Memorial and Jefferson Memorial.

Click here to view cam!

Washington Monument


EarthCam delivers spectacular views of the Washington Monument on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Visitors will enjoy updating high resolution images of this 555′ monument, which honors the nation’s founding father and first president, George Washington.

Click here to view cam!

Washington Monument Close-up


Experience a close-up look at the base of the Washington Monument. Watch as teams work to repair and restore this Washington, DC landmark after it suffered damage from an earthquake in August 2011.

Click here to view cam!


Women’s March on Washington, D.C. January 21, 2017


, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The Women’s March on Washington aims to send a message to all levels of government, including but not limited to the incoming Presidential administration, that we stand together in solidarity and we expect elected leaders to act to protect the rights of women, their families and their communities.



Before showing the article for what to bring – I’m sharing this article that I found about what not to bring and what is banned from the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. – January 21, 2017. Then right below that will be a great article about things to bring and preparing for the Women’s March event – including snacks and really good walking shoes.

The U.S. Secret Service, the Metropolitan Police Department, U.S. Capital Police and other agencies are collaborating on security efforts for the inauguration. The following items have been banned from public events during inauguration week:

  • Aerosols
  • Weapons of any kind, including ammunition, explosives, firearms, mace and pepper spray
  • Animals other than helper/guide dogs
  • Backpacks and bags larger than 18 inches-by-13 inches-by-7 inches.
  • Bicycles
  • Drones and other unmanned aircraft systems
  • Balloons
  • Toy guns
  • Coolers and glass, thermal or metal containers
  • Laser pointers
  • Selfie Sticks, and other sticks and poles
  • Packages
  • Structures
  • Any other items determined to be potential safety hazards

Only cardboard, poster board or cloth signs will be permitted, and all signs must be less than 3 feet in width, 20 feet in length and one-quarter inch in thickness. Sticks and poles are prohibited; do not attach them as supports to any signs you bring.

Due to Security Considerations – D.C. Area Law Enforcement has enacted the Following Policy for the Women’s March on Washington

Please note all bags may be subject to search.

Backpacks are not permitted.

Bags should be no larger than 8”x6”x4”.

Specifically for people who would like to bring meals, each marcher is permitted one additional 12”x12”x6” plastic or gallon bag.

For marchers who have medical needs or for mothers who need baby bags or breast pumps, one clear bag or backpack no larger than 17″x12″x6″ will be permitted and subject to search (colored transparent bags are not permitted).


WOMEN’S MARCH 20177:00 a.m.

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for the Women’s March


That is an absolutely brilliant article – and definitely worth using to prepare to go to the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. on January 21, 2017.

Also –

If it’s cold, organizers also suggest:

  • Thermal underwear beneath your clothes
  • Winter gear such as a scarf, gloves, balaclava and hat
  •  A coat that is insulated comfortable and waterproof with a hood
  • Waterproof shoes or boots that have been broken in and are suitable for walking long distances.
  • Travel-sized wet wipes and/or tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • A paper map of Washington, D.C.

Be sure to charge your cell phone battery and consider bringing a backup battery. Plan to carry essential items, like identification, cash, credit cards and a pre-purchased metro card in a water-resistant pouch, neck wallet or cross-body purse.

from –


  • If you are a member of the press, covering the event officially, and have equipment that will not fit into bags of the above dimensions: please contact the National Communications Team to get press credentials in advance in order for your equipment to be allowed into the rally site.

  • If you require disability accommodations or related equipment, that will not fit into the above bags, please enter via the ADA Accessible route: 4th St. SW from C St. to Independence Ave.  For anyone using Metro, please get off at Federal Center SW and use 4th St. to enter the rally area.

  • Canes, walking sticks, walkers, and portable seats are allowed for individuals who require them for mobility and accessibility on a regular basis.


7. Breastfeeding mothers

If you’re breastfeeding or have other medical needs, you are allowed to bring an additional clear bag or backpack no larger than 17 by 12 by 6 inches, but no colored transparent bags are permitted. There will be breastfeeding stations along the root, and the FAQ page will be updated this week with information about where they will be.

8. Children

As to kids, it’s your choice as to whether to bring them, but they are welcome. There is a Facebook page for parents who plan to attend the march with kids, which is a good resource for coordination.

9. Volunteering

If you want to roll up your sleeves and volunteer, head over to this Google Doc to sign up.


From USA Today –

The starting point will be the intersection of Independence Avenue and Third Street SW, near the U.S. Capitol.

Women’s March on Washington FAQ: What you need to know

Everything You Need to Know for the Women’s March on Washington


Start Time for the Women’s March – 10 am.

The main site organizing the event for the Women’s March on DC – says the start time is 10 am. and although it isn’t required to register, nor to have tickets to the event, they are asking people to register to have a better understanding of the numbers of people coming to the Women’s March.

The page showing the buses and number of buses coming from various states is here –

For NYC, all the buses listed are full but there may be others going not listed including from some churches and organizations throughout the five boroughs.


What’s the Purpose of the March?

March organizers said in a mission statement posted to their website that participants will unite to end violence and promote rights for women, LGBT people, workers, people of color, people with disabilities and immigrants.

“The Women’s March on Washington will send a bold message to our new government on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights. We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us,” the site says.

Source: Everything You Need to Know for the Women’s March on Washington | NBC4 Washington
Follow us: @nbcwashington on Twitter | NBCWashington on Facebook


Women’s March on Washington Facebook Page –

From their facebook page – to share the info –


INSTAGRAM: on our OFFICIAL EVENTBRITE: (not required, but greatly helpful for planning!)This is an INCLUSIVE march, is FREE to join and EVERYONE who supports women’s rights are welcome.PLEASE SHARE, we need to spread the word everywhere!

OFFICIAL STATEMENT, National Organizers
On January 21, 2017 we will unite in Washington, DC for the Women’s March on Washington. We stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families — recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.The rhetoric of the past election cycle has insulted, demonized, and threatened many of us–women, immigrants of all statuses, those with diverse religious faiths particularly Muslim, people who identify as LGBTQIA, Native and Indigenous people, Black and Brown people, people with disabilities, the economically impoverished and survivors of sexual assault. We are confronted with the question of how to move forward in the face of national and international concern and fear.In the spirit of democracy and honoring the champions of human rights, dignity, and justice who have come before us, we join in diversity to show our presence in numbers too great to ignore. The Women’s March on Washington will send a bold message to our new administration on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights. We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.We support the advocacy and resistance movements that reflect our multiple and intersecting identities. We call on all defenders of human rights to join us. This march is the first step towards unifying our communities, grounded in new relationships, to create change from the grassroots level up. We will not rest until women have parity and equity at all levels of leadership in society. We work peacefully while recognizing there is no true peace without justice and equity for all. HEAR OUR VOICE.


This is an INCLUSIVE march, and EVERYONE who supports women’s rights are welcome.

PLEASE SHARE, we need to spread the word everywhere! And there are groups forming for EVERY STATE, so search for your local group as well!

We especially need HOSTS and ORGANIZERS from marginalized communities for this to be truly inclusive, please DM your state administrator to get involved!


Southern Illinois:
New Hampshire:
New Jersey:
New Mexico:
North Carolina:
North Dakota:
NYC-Upstate/Hudston Valley:
New York/Western New York:
Rhode Island:
South Carolina:
South Dakota:
Washington, DC:
West Virginia:
Wyoming: Coming soon!
Pureto Rico :
Mexico: Coming soon!
São Paulo, Brazil


Who Is Organizing the March?

After Trump won the presidency, a retired attorney in Hawaii posted to Facebook about marching in Washington, The Washington Post reported. By the time Teresa Shook went to sleep, 40 women said they wanted to march. By the time she woke up, that number had ballooned to 10,000, the Post reported.

The idea for the march took off, and Shook and the initial organizers handed the reins to a group of experienced activists: Bob Bland, a fashion industry entrepreneur; Tamika Mallory, an organizer and gun-control advocate; Carmen Perez, executive director of the Gathering for Justice, a criminal-justice-reform group; and Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York.

Source: Everything You Need to Know for the Women’s March on Washington | NBC4 Washington
Follow us: @nbcwashington on Twitter | NBCWashington on Facebook


The march, the organizers declared via an ambitious platform released last week, is for gender equality, racial equality, LGBTQIA equality, economic justice and reproductive freedom; for equal pay, paid family leave, labor protections, clean water and air and access to public lands; and for an end to violence against women, police brutality and racial profiling. If that seems like a lot, well, that’s the point.

Sarsour, who serves as executive director of the Arab American Association of New York, tells Rolling Stone that the message the marchers want to send is that “from climate justice to racial justice to immigrant rights, reproductive rights, Native rights, we are united. We are committing to work together.

“We think that that hasn’t happened in a very clear way in a long time – bringing all the movements together and … saying, ‘We are watching you. We are ready. We are fired up. And we’re ready to fight back and protect our communities,'” she says.


What to do if you encounter counter-protesters at the Women’s March on Washington

Be prepared for trolls of the highest order at the Women’s March this weekend

1. Counter-protesters are not a possibility, but a definite entity

There will be counter-protesters whose goal is to goad you into confrontation and violence. So if you’re marching this weekend, coming across counter-demonstrators is not so much an “if” as a “when.” Be on the lookout.



Will the National team have march etiquette information on the National site?
There will be specific safety information posted on the National site related to children’s areas, medical stations, etc. Resources for safety, march etiquette, and peaceful demonstrations can be found through other sources, such as ACLU or googling peaceful demonstrations, rights at demonstrations, etc.  Most important – stay positive during the March.  We are unified and making sure our voices are heard for the concerns closest to our hearts!


Remember: Only sign up for information through the official site of the Women’s March, and be sure to download the app to have access to the latest information at all times. Familiarize yourself with the FAQ and only give your information via this questionnaire, which was created by march organizers. Remain alert — and stand up for women’s rights everywhere.

Want civil disobedience training in your community? Contact Alexis Danzig at


What about cell phone service interruption from so much use in one area?

This is a known issue and risk of a large march.  Suggest to use Firechat app.  This app is fueled by bluetooth technology.  You do not need cell phone service or wifi to use.  The more phones on bluetooth, the strong the signal.  You can use this a form of communication to direct message your group or bus captains.

FireChat is an individual and group texting app that works on your phone yet doesn’t need phone data to function. You only need your wifi (even if it says there’s no wifi, keep it on) and Bluetooth turned on, and it uses that to create a mesh network, not a cellular network. FireChat doesn’t need cell service- full stop. It has been used successfully in disasters and protests around the world. The app has private messages and you can make public chatrooms- think of them like Twitter hashtags. It works on iPhone and Android and is free. You don’t need to use your real name to sign up, people don’t see your phone number when they interact with you- they just see the image you choose and your user name. You can make a private group so all the organizers can communicate privately and quickly.

1. Download the app to your phone or tablet. Add something to your username to emphasize that it’s your official account.
2. Encourage people to sign up.
3. Make a private group message for all your organizers or for your travelling group

WATCH: Democracy Now! Broadcasts Live from the D.C. Women’s March

On Saturday, January 21, Democracy Now! will bring you a special live broadcast from near the Women’s March main stage area. Tune in from 10 a.m.–3 p.m. ET. This special coverage will include speakers and performers from the stage and interviews with people from around the world who are attending the march and rallies in D.C., as well as reports from other actions around the country.

Use the hashtag #DNlive to join the conversation on Twitter.

How to Watch

Stream this coverage live on this page on Saturday, January 21 starting at 10 a.m. ET.

Or, watch on LinkTV (Dish Network 9410 & DirecTV Ch. 375)


Having a write it out moment – read it or not – I don’t care

I’m sitting here in someone else’s house who despises the fact that I’m on the computer, despises me doing art anywhere even though I’ve been doing it away from her home, and despises that I play music / piano / keyboards, and despises the fact that I have online businesses. Apparently, she says I have no right to be doing any of those things since I’m homeless (except I’m paying $150 a month for her living room (not privately and I sleep on the floor) plus $25 a month toward the light bill and required to use all my foodstamps each month for food for the “household” and not for myself exclusively even though they don’t share their food with me – I mean, really. And, the only reason I’m not sitting in my home anyway is because “her community and neighbors” burned our house down including everything we owned and everything I had built towards having my own business but for some reason, she bitches at me every few days that I’m not supposed to be online making designs on Zazzle and spending any time with that until next year or at least until I have my own home somewhere. And according to this woman pitching hell at me even to the point of violence every few days, I’m not supposed to go to the art classes and studio time that has been given me through a scholarship at the ArtLab in Staten Island because I shouldn’t do that until next year or whenever I’ve gotten into a house and then try to do it after that even though it is only available to me right this minute and it is helping me get through this very difficult time as well. But no, she is hateful about it to me, screaming at me again today and strutting about with aggravation and acting as if it is getting on her last nerve that I’m doing these things, even though at the time she was bullying me about it today, I was online looking up apartments on craigslist trying to find somewhere to rent with a section 8 voucher which is the only funding I have available to pay for a place to live and nobody on Staten Island wants a section 8 voucher – not just mine, but any because it is a pain and doesn’t come close to paying the real market value of anything and they have to wait for the money to get started at the beginning and there are ridiculous hoops for the landlords and the renters to jump through before anyone gets any of it to work at all.

Okay, that isn’t all out of my system, but a little better I guess. This piece of nothing I’m writing is so serious that it is a matter of life and death, because for me being at the elbow of someone who holds me in no regard whatsoever and considers nothing I’m doing to be right or appropriate – it has already come to her holding me by the throat and waving kitchen knives in my face once and another time, threatening me with killing me as she ran into the kitchen to get her kitchen knives to cut me up when a roommate stepped in and told her no. Well, and helped her calm down – but it was the same conversation as tonight and the day before yesterday – across many, many of those in the last three months that I’ve been here. I can’t be on the computer without her getting in my face, standing over me and getting within striking range in a menacing way toward me as she demands that I should be walking to the realty offices instead of being on my computer – because she doesn’t understand anything about the internet or that I’m looking up apts there. She often hands me the local paper’s classified ads section, as if anything is ever listed there anymore and doesn’t get what is available online – on the computer. But, when I’ve offered to let her see it – or turned it around where she could see it, she turns nose up to the air and looks away at the wall as if she has no use for it and nobody is going to show her anything about it because it is nothing she needs to know about. And there we are again, with her leering over me as I’m trying to find places on the internet where they will take my section 8 voucher, calling them on my phone and she can’t stand another minute of what she perceives as me sitting doing nothing about anything.

Where she decided that she is qualified to make these kinds of decisions about my life is a bit strange – or where she decided that she must steer me away from using any of my time to do anything but wait to have an apartment while letting my online businesses go to dust after all the efforts I’ve put into them, and losing my mind rather than using the tool of doing art, painting, creating music, writing. Who does she think she is to believe she is so knowledgeable about me and what I should be doing or not? But if my computer is playing a movie or tv show that she can hear playing – well, that’s okay. Or, if I sat in her room on a chair in the corner for several days watching her tv as some of her friends do – that would be okay, but not being on the computer doing things – like business, and twitter and reading articles, learning, reading the news, doing art, making products, selling things and looking for apartments to call (and calling them.)


She often wakes me up about 4 am, sometimes at 5 or this morning it was at 6.27 am, and usually, most nights when she wakes me up to tell her about some box of cereal in the kitchen or whatever it is this minute, she wakes me up several times in the same night – rarely only once. And, to think it is not intentional – no, obviously it is very intentional as she slings stuff around the kitchen from pots and pans to opening her door so that her light is hitting me full in the face and then stomping through where I’m sleeping in the living room on the floor – then slinging stuff around the kitchen like a mad 12 year old who was asked to wash the dishes or something and is having a raging fit. But, in this case it isn’t because there are dishes to wash or anything else, she finds something wrong to have a fit over when there isn’t anything, when others have cleaned, when she has cleaned three hours before she went to bed and she seems to be doing most of it when she has company over sitting in her room. Maybe it is a show, to make them feel some particular picture is true when it isn’t – or something. She walks around saying she’s tired then explains aloud the thirty things that are wrong this minute, none of which are actually out of place, or wrong – and then repeats throughout it that she’s tired, as if that is supposed to mean something everyone else must dance to fix, or do, or make up to her somehow. It seems more like it is bad behavior on her part, though she probably is tired considering the extent to which she is dancing, stomping, pitching hell and being genuinely a jackass to others, and especially to me.  But, I’m supposed to be grateful to be in a place where I’m paying to be treated with disregard and contempt constantly, starved from my own limited resources, stolen from (too often to name all of it), talked downs to, threatened, bullied, not being allowed to sleep, and mentally berated almost regularly considering how often every week it has been happening in an all out hell pitching session at cricket.

And, none of this would have happened and put me under this constant threat and extra stress if NYC’s Housing Preservation and Development that was supposed to help me had given me a reasonable accommodation for my disabilities and let me stay in the homeless shelter at the end of the street where my house burned down. They said I had no proof of my disability and would have to get a doctor’s note to be considered disabled despite being on SSI because of my disabilities since 1993 and tested and seen by qualified professionals dozens of times within these years since then – and considered to be disabled from these disabilities by everyone from professionals to my family members and friends. It is only in NYC, that proof from those with disabilities that are not obvious, must be sent through the hoops of getting doctor’s notes, even though the law and the Americans with Disabilities Act says –

The federal Fair Housing Act and the Fair Housing Amendments Act (42 U.S. Code §§ 3601-3619, 3631) forbid discrimination of tenants or prospective tenants because of a disability or the disability of a person associated with them. The law protects the following people:

  • A person with a mental or physical disability that substantially limits a person’s ability to perform one or more major life activities; or
  • A person that has a record of the disability; or
  • A person that is considered by others as having the disability

I looked it up on the internet – but there are no attorneys that will help me with it and advocacy groups for people with disabilities have not returned my calls nor responded to my emails. Senator Schumer’s office said that it is not something they can do anything about and doesn’t believe it is a federal issue, the Human Rights Commission of NYC said it is not in their jurisdiction and disability rights attorneys not involved in employment issues – have said to make the complaint to that same NYC Human Rights Commission.

It also says this –

Prohibited disability discrimination includes not only intentional prejudice based on disability, but also actions or inactions that operate to deny people with disabilities equal access to the same services, opportunities and benefits that are available to people without disabilities.

So, here I sit at a neighbor’s house up the hill from where my house burned down so that I can be in an area where it is familiar to me and I know how to use the buses and go to the store and what my name is and what has happened. There is a house for rent down the street but section 8 will only pay $1650 a month for a two-bedroom and that house on the same street decided they want $2,000. So, there it sits empty and I can’t have it – can’t pay more than the $1650 which is impossibly low for a 2 bedroom anything in Staten Island and in New York City, and the HUD and NYCHA representatives who have called me after my daughter emailed them to tell them what is happening, said they would call back after I spoke to them and they haven’t. There is supposed to be some help with getting a reasonable accommodation and this is reasonable, but there is nothing that works.


And after losing everything I had worked to create over the last 32 years, plus all the records of my art and music, my research, everything I and my daughters and grandchildren owned, plus our cat, Batman – and stressing out trying to find a place to live in a time when nobody wants the guaranteed money from a section 8 voucher – I’ve got to put up with someone screaming at me, threatening, waking me up several times nearly every night, and can’t get one thing that would help from the community at large, from NYCHA and HUD – from Housing Preservation and Development that was supposed to help, nor from the HRA if I go over there because they figure I have a section 8 voucher and SSI – so until some apt gets inspected, I can’t even ask for help from them to get it – or to get somewhere else to stay. That woman I’m paying to sleep on her living room floor is tired because of her own damn orneriness and focusing on minute, petty crap all the time from there being drops of water in her kitchen sink that she thinks is the reason there are roaches in her kitchen, to somebody in the house getting an extra few boxes of cereal from the pantry (which wasn’t me but she kept me up asking me about it after waking me up on the occasion earlier this week when I had an early appointment to see an apt the next day.)

I’m tired because this stupid woman has been waking me up most nights several times a night and because this entire situation has been made incredibly harder than it ever had to be and certainly a good deal harder than it should have been – NYCHA has required me to come back to their office five and six times to turn in the same papers – and sent me away five of the six times without taking the papers even on the day I got there at 11.30 am when they told me to be there before 12 noon. They had decided that was enough taking of those kinds of papers / packets that day and cut it off supposedly just before I got there with mine at 11.30 after I had already tried to turn them in three other days before that. It is damn obscene and certainly they know I have disabilities, my house has burned down, I’m coming over two hours to get there to the Brooklyn office from Staten Island and believe it or not – I can’t take subways and the ferry and the buses when they are covered over during rush hour because I can’t process that much information without losing my way and ending up confused because of my head injury and ptsd from years ago that simply still affects me.

I’m beginning to think that a lot of these people in these agencies as well as the lady I’m renting her living room – are doing this stuff with intent and malicious intent at that. And, it does certainly look that way, though I’m not entirely sure why they believe they should be doing it this way.