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Verified Conspiracies

To add on this list –
A new verified conspiracy –
That our US and Global economies are screwed and we the people, wherever we may live are also screwed because of some conspiring to profit at the expense of every last one of us.
And, it isn’t a little bubble, like we were told by nearly every expert that the news and government paraded in front of us.
And, it isn’t a market adjustment nor a little correction in the way it was explained last year or earlier this year or in fact, ever.
And, it isn’t going to be pretty.
– Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 10-16-08, USA
Oh, and by the way – for all the meeting that has been done by our government and business leaders at the Bilderberg Conference, Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations, Economic Summits and others – it would seem they could’ve done a damn sight better job than this when economic disaster came.

Credit default swaps give a speculator a way to profit from changes in a company’s credit quality. A protection seller in a credit default swap effectively has an unfunded exposure to the underlying cash bond or reference entity, with a value equal to the notional amount of the CDS contract.

For example, if a company has been having problems, it may be possible to buy the company’s outstanding debt (usually bonds) at a discounted price. If the company has $1 million worth of bonds outstanding, it might be possible to buy the debt for $900,000 from another party if that party is concerned that the company will not repay its debt. If the company does in fact repay the debt, you would receive the entire $1 million and make a profit of $100,000. Alternatively, one could enter into a credit default swap with the other investor, by selling credit protection and receiving a premium of $100,000. If the company does not default, one would make a profit of $100,000 without having invested anything.



Now, that is the stuff of truly twisted thinking conspiring to make money from nothing.

So, we know that the credit default swaps are a load of bull.

And, we know there is a real problem in our economies around the world, especially in the US.

And, we know that we were lied to about it.

And, we know government statistics that would indicate the problem were manipulated intentionally.

And, we know there are hundreds of billions of dollars that have been made by doing things as they were done in stock markets, in banking, in investments, in governments, in personal fortunes.


So, what happens when five people go in a grocery store to rob it?

That grocery story didn’t get up and rob itself – did it? Or get itself robbed – now, did it?

Didn’t those five people conspire to go steal from that grocery store? Didn’t they intend to profit and advantage themselves at the cost of everyone else?

How is it any different when they’ve stolen the entire “grocery store” of our economy blind and torn up what they didn’t steal while they were doing it?

It looks pretty intentional, to me.


And, no – I don’t think a bunch of jerks with short-sighted goals of advantage and benefit for themselves were capable of instituting nor instigating this huge far-reaching crisis when they met together anywhere.

I think that they were wining and dining, seeking personal advantages, came to the talks and table to gain personal advantages and benefits, served themselves a good time, made friends and virtually ignored any of the valuable and helpful information that was made available to them there.

I bet it was fun.

– “Cricket Diane C Sparky Phillips” – 10-16-08, US