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There are times in the history of any great nation when the truth must be told, not as a matter of luxury, nor of pride but of necessity. We are in such time now.

We are blessed by the freedoms and security in our country which for the most part are still enjoyed by many. But the truth is, that at times our leadership have been foul aground of the true nature of citizenship and have put other things first and foremost. Why this is, none can judge for certain beyond the knowledge that they have (and had) lost their way in the tasks and fancies before them.

Leadership, in and of itself is not the answer to our plight. There is not now, nor will there ever be a preeminence in our leadership that extends beyond our own common sense as human beings and citizens alive in our time. For that would be a dictatorship in which we would have no part or decision to make.

It is not the reins of power that are corrupt but rather our unwillingness to traverse the difficulties to admonish them and restore order to our nation. And in doing so, take the whip from the master and lay it upon the ground.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 09-25-08, USA