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LIVE BEACH CAMS – Big waves approaching NC coast – PIER being ROCKED



Live Outer Banks, NC Webcam from Twiddy & Company Realtors


Found this from an article on ways to stay connected even if the phone service goes down – can be found on app stores –

FireChat – Open Garden

FIRECHATFireChat is a free peer-to-peer messaging app that works with or without Internet access or cellular data to send text and images.

FireChat is a new way to chat “off the grid” but caution is advised


It shows you other people who are local to you, say on the same camping trip, and you can chat or share images using Apple’s Multipeer Connectivity Framework, which can use WiFi or Bluetooth to connect two or more devices.

The app also lets you use standard Internet connectivity to participate in a running conversation with FireChat users anywhere in the world.

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The idea of FireChat is good, set up a quick ad-hoc network for an event and chat away with no setup or complicated configuration. But the global chat needs an off button, and I think for even the local chats you should be able to filter out abusers.

(Short article – worth going over to read all of it.)