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On Wednesday Egyptian authorities finally requested a freeze on Mubarak’s extensive international assets. However the Guardian has learned that the current government was made aware of possible illicit wealth appropriation by the Mubaraks more than a week ago, when a committee of highly respected legal experts included the former president and his sons on a list of suspect individuals whose fortunes needed to be investigated.

Egypt’s ministry of foreign affairs decided to remove the Mubaraks from the list before passing it on to European allies, potentially giving the family more time to reroute and hide its wealth. Mubarak himself remains closeted in a sumptuous villa in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh and no attempt has been made to arrest him.

via Hosni Mubarak’s cronies face corruption charges in Cairo court | World news | The Guardian.

Also it says – from the military’s statement –

“The supreme council of the armed forces strongly believes that freedom and the rule of law, supporting values of equality, democracy, social justice and uprooting corruption are the basis of any ruling system in the world,” said a military statement.

My Note –

It looks like the three listed are not the worst of the lot. There are expected to be celebrations marking the one-month anniversary of the Jan. 25 revolution across Egypt, too.

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when I was looking up Mubarak during the Egyptian crisis, there was a massive building project listed with his name in the google search – it is in another country in the region. Is that his project in some measure? Hmmmm……. I should look it up again, I bet it is.