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So far today, I’ve been fighting with the computers, trying to upload some music videos made before yesterday and I received a reply from Staples “Sponsorwise” company that reviews proposals rejecting the America the Beautiful Show project for sponsorship or advertising on the site. So – it is a nice day otherwise.

It could be that I submitted the proposal to the wrong section – but Staples and most other large companies have secondary contracts with companies to review everything first and then choose to send it along or not. I’ve never made it past that stage – so its par for the course. But, like I said, I may have submitted it to the wrong section intended only for non-profits and there – I don’t know which it was since it was their auto-reply suggestion to submit it that way and I followed that. It looks like I will need to create other options for getting advertisers on the site to keep it going. Maybe I need to list it on Ebay and sell the durn thing. I’m not doing very well with it. And, if I don’t do something – it won’t be online next month.

I should’ve known that it would take a $3 million dollar loan to do this . . .

just to fund a startup that needs less than $500 to get started.

– cricketdiane


Strangely enough, I don’t want to spend the next two years messing with this project – I’ve already put a little over two years into it just getting it to this point – The America the Beautiful Show. I have some other projects that really interest me more and I’m very tired of this one. Two years working on it and not one thing to show for it except a website or two and some really slim chances of it working, not because the idea, the concept or the business model isn’t sound, but because I’m a moron.

The videos I uploaded today –


You know, I could write the software for something or get one of those rapid prototyping machines to build the prototypes from my designs, and I still wouldn’t have a business that makes money from any of it. But, then the guy who created the television didn’t get anything for it either to speak of. It has given me something to do with my sparetime though.

Here is the other video –


In case you’re wondering – Coca Cola corporation said no also with a nice form letter from their submission company. Isn’t that special. Makes me wonder how much of any thing that comes to them does get sent on along. I’m starting to get curious. Uh-oh. Sounds like a news story to me.

– cricketdiane

And, I’m wondering how much these companies are making to review the submissions, too. I can send out an auto-reply just as good as they can.


Hmmmmm…………..  so much for nuclear fusion, carbon nanofabrics and earthquake resistant fabrics to reinforce masonry. No wonder that company out in California making a new kind of concrete isn’t doing it all over America. That’s probably why geothermal plants exist scarcely and why the paving stones and concrete that absorbs pollutants isn’t being used everywhere as well. And, the same is true for the little piezoelectric energy converters that take the energy from passing vehicles to make electricity.

And, unfortunately – so much for having more employment opportunities in America during the rest of our lifetimes, including those of my children and their children. Oh well. Maybe everybody can go work for Pfizer or the government.