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The wealthy may have the income of eight individual people but they are not paying the taxes that those eight people would pay. For each person would have paid a third of their income in Federal and State taxes, paid into the social security system, paid property taxes, ad valorem taxes, sales taxes and fuel taxes, luxury taxes, drivers’ license and tag fees, insurance taxes, utility taxes, and others. That tax base is removed when one individual makes the income of eight people. So, the attitude and idea that the rich elite in America hold that they are paying a share greater than others is using a mixed-up logic not based in reality.

Notice that now, the few at the top who hold the lion’s share of money, assets, property and opportunities are actually given more leveraging power – which is not taxed, more write-offs, write-downs and deductions, more loopholes and more tax shelter options than the rest of the population. Therefore, not only are the tax revenues lost which would be paid if that money were distributed across more individuals, but the few holding those tax revenues have a multitude of methods to avoid paying even what is required of them.

– cricketdiane, 01-28-09

** This is the basic reason that structural deficiencies are fracturing across a broad spectrum of the economy.

What is more an issue of national security in a capitalistic nation than an
economic foundation that is crumbling daily before us?

Exerting these powers in measured thoughtful response to this crisis is
appropriate use of them and they encompass a broad spectrum.

The what to do may be in some question but the ability to do it, is not. We have
paid many years of billions of dollars for the research already completed in a
number of key areas, especially in alternatives for fuel and energy. These sit
idling on shelves and fail to be brought into the play of our “free market”

Why not bring them into play now, if indeed competition is an integral and relevant part of our economic system? We did give aid, incentives and subsidies
to our oil companies that they could thrive. Why would we not do the same for
these others from pond scum farming for ethanol to coal into gas / liquid fuels
to the use of kudzu and chaparral oils for conversion into fuels?

Some of the options available to exercise remedy in the current marketplace, US
and Global economies are:

1. Market closure
2. Price caps
3. Specific price freezes
4. Profit caps of critical commodities
5. Suspended trading on commodities and futures
6. Re-establish subsidies to market oil’s competitors in energy / fuel
7. Enforce accounting practices standards
8. Enforce regulations on NYMEX and SEC standards of practice
9. Stop allowing leveraged buys in stocks, futures, commodities and
10. Re-establish manufacturing grants and subsidies
11. Create stop-gap measure for trucks, shippers, air freight and fishing
12. Enforce fair trade regulations in profit margins of reasonable versus gouging and
13. Have embargo on export of any and all national crude assets / gas and
byproducts, and especially diesel fuel
14. Make low cost loans and grants to truckers, airlines, shippers, rail
lines, and other industries affected dramatically by the high fuel costs
currently impacting them
15. Stop talking about ANWR and use our Alaskan oil being sent out elsewhere
to stay here in the US – we paid for it
16. Stop playing politics with our economy – the real lives it destroys will
never support a government that caused or allowed it
17. Enforce sanity of accounting and true balance on our financial sector and
all other corporate entities
18. Stop bailing out your friends that sit in the top one percent of the
economic echelon – they are loose cannons that will serve no one but themselves
in the long run and can afford to live in any other country they choose any time
and for any reason.
19. Establish “easy start up” programs for businesses. Drop fees required, drop the difficulties required
and reward those who will employ and profit immediately to rebuild our economic
20. Create a return beyond inflation to those using their funds to back these
business ventures that are immediately attractive in real money rates.
21. Stop allowing countries to heavily tariff and tax our goods and services
there, including the UK and the European Union.
22. Give us an office that can facilitate international sales, requirements
and other necessary options that is predictably easy and straight forward to use
– no more complicated than a first grader could use.
23. Force down our natural gas and electricity prices, whatever it takes (fed
ceiling on or subsidies with regulated price caps). Not only did our taxpayer
dollars build their facilities, power lines and maintenance of them, we need the
prices brought down before Americans die as a result of the prices.
24. Do the hydrogen bull later and immediately sponsor funding for all – electric / battery power cars – let’s get them on
the road – make it affordable by grant or subsidy or tax savings to own it, to
buy it and get us some batteries (lithium ion, etc.) into our market, make them
affordable and sponsor car companies willing to do it with incentives –> they
probably have product designs on the shelf.
25. Find a low cost air travel fuel alternative to use in our planes, a
cheaper alternative particularly coal to gas process or pond scum ethanol for
all government vehicles / military vehicles, ships, trains, etc.
26. Make it legal to use electric cushman vehicles, off-road vehicles, golf
carts and similar vehicles for trips on the sidewalk to the grocery and other
less than five mile radius jaunts.
27. Make connectedness possible to cooperate within specific industries – not
for monopoly but to create new structures of cross-over alternatives and their
access to distribution channels
28. Get our farmers out of the “till Under” method of getting subsidies – we need the growth capacity of all of it to meet needs. Things
are different now than they were forty years ago.
29. Make it impossible to add a rider to any bill that doesn’t directly
pertain to it – that is costing effectiveness of our House and Senate / all
governing bodies in all levels.
30. Make possible the use of emissions cutting technology to be applied in the
refineries and in new refineries so we can build some new facilities up to par
and clearly non-polluting.
31. Force moratorium of use of foreclosure as a process of acceptable loss
against taxes required from companies and they will start working with
homeowners to get their money rather than pursuing foreclosure as a method of
lowering their tax liabilities.
32. The natural resources (including oil, natural gas, electricity generated
by public projects and others) belong to our nation and to her people –> not to
profit driven companies – ultimately that will be the deciding factor and it
will become a new landscape regardless – the resources never belonged to these corporations in the first
place. Not oil, minerals, water, electricity created by publicly paid projects,
not any of those and others that are national resources, ever could actually be
leased to anyone for profit at the expense of the American people, no matter
what has been done with it up until now.
33. There are some interesting alternatives for fuel sources including carbon
dioxide in solution taken from the ambient air, using the toxic components
present nearly everywhere as a conversion into a fuel source, cogon grass and
its oils, chaparral and its oils, kudzu and other out of hand fast growing and
heavily oxygenated plant materials, early steam engine propulsion dynamics and
early electric motor-driven vehicle options. There are also suggestions that at
one time the Japanese had developed a water-driven engine which used water as
the fuel source – quite possibly a similar design exists within the r & d of
many Detroit automakers and others. Incentives could bring these and other designs out of the closets and into operations
within six – nine months.
34. Establish a preliminary safety procedure that would be very inexpensive
for protecting a design prior to patent application and lower patent application
fees as well.
35. There can be incentives, encouragement and payments made to anyone that
retrofits their existing vehicle to run on vegetable oil, or be retrofitted into
a total electric configuration. Some states are using penalties, imposing fines
and discouraging these changes when the exact opposite should be occurring given
the current and continuing circumstances in the energy sectors.

– cricketdiane, 2008
Blog – https://cricketdiane.wordpress.com/

** my note from Davos webcast last night – 4 a.m. ET – Energy Outlook 2009 panel had a question about alternative energy incentives being supported by the oil-producing countries to the panel member speaking for them. I heard the panelist say that they didn’t want to be the “backup plan.”

This is very important I think, because essentially in his answer he said they have everything on the table and acknowledge the real problem with gasoline and crude oil based energies are the global warming / pollution part of them.

If there were a way to make solutions for that element of the gasoline based uses then we would likely have the oil-producers support for it. Otherwise they are no more than a backup plan for questionable alternative energy options in which case, they are understandably not interested in creating their own competition.

It is worthy of consideration that very basic problems have always existed with petroleum based energy solutions that while reliable as an energy source, carry a huge long-term pricetag to the immediate environment where they are used, to the people of the world and to the global warming /overall health of the planet, the atmosphere and our future.

This day, there are many solutions shelved over the years, which now might be brought forward, re-analyzed and possibly considered along with new innovations that might be inspired by them. It is a good time to do that now.

– cricketdiane, 01-29-09, USA