SGGP English Edition- Russia condemns Libya’s ‘unacceptable’ use of force


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SGGP English Edition- Russia condemns Libya’s ‘unacceptable’ use of force.

The foreign ministry statement said that Kusa had promised Lavrov of “absolute openness” from Tripoli. But Moscow warned that deeds now had to follow words in fulfilling Libya’s rights obligations.

“Above all, this requires an immediate halt to repression against the population and respect of its fundamental rights and freedoms,” it said. (etc.)



A glimpse into Gaddafi’s palace – Africa – Al Jazeera English


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A glimpse into Gaddafi’s palace – Africa – Al Jazeera English.

With a fully equipped underground shelter designed to keep the leader safe for several months, in case of an attack involving use of unconventional weapons, the palace is more than just a luxurious castle.

The bunker in the palace has a fully serviced air filter system and is also equipped with emergency generators, fire alarm, water pumps, and a ladder fixed in what could have served as a back emergency exit to help the leader escape. (etc.)

This has a video of the palace and swimming pool – worth seeing. (my note)

Libya, Gaddafi | Soldiers entombed in airless cell


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Pakush points to another site about 100 metres away. ”Yesterday [Thursday] we found 42 soldiers in an underground cell. Three of them were dead,” he said.

The men were Libyan soldiers who had refused orders to defend the military base against the popular uprising that has brought the regime of dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to its knees.

”Gaddafi’s men locked these soldiers up and covered the entrance to the cell,” said Pakush, who helped to free the men.”They had no food, no water, and it was very difficult for them to breathe.” (etc.)

via Libya, Gaddafi | Soldiers entombed in airless cell.

My Note –

The protesters are looking for more soldiers and citizens that could be in such cruel and dire circumstances by the pro-Gaddafi Security forces, police, mercenaries and supporters.

– cricketdiane



Didn’t Libya have a company that was building bunkers, and was famed for building bunkers for Hussein before the first Persian Gulf – Iraq war? I do need to look that up somewhere. There are probably plans in their offices and files. It would be worth finding out.

From a New York Times investigative article about Natural Gas Wells – that use hydraulic fracturing – and the wastewater produced by it –


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From a New York Times investigative article about Natural Gas Wells – that use hydraulic fracturing – and the wastewater produced by it –

Yet sewage treatment plant operators say they are far less capable of removing radioactive contaminants than most other toxic substances. Indeed, most of these facilities cannot remove enough of the radioactive material to meet federal drinking-water standards before discharging the wastewater into rivers, sometimes just miles upstream from drinking-water intake plants.

via Regulation Lax as Gas Wells’ Water Hits Rivers –

So, why can’t they just reclaim these materials and sell them, including the radioactive elements which are obviously in the wastewater in a defined volume already? It isn’t like they have to go look for it.




Koch Brothers funding Tea Party Republican Conservatives to Declare War on Americans and America’s public resources


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another-big-win-for-koch-tea-party-funding-new-hampshire-abandons-its-rggi-po… – StumbleUpon.

Here is a picture of the man who runs America – provided the chaos in Wisconsin with union busting and authorizing the sales of 39 power plants under no-bid rules there, cut the Medicaid and Badger care programs there and stopped high-speed rail programs in several states, forced EPA program funding to be gutted and in this article – has decimated anti-pollution / green energy programs.

So who elected him to decide?

– cricketdiane


Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity, one of the national Tea Party groups created by the oil billionaires.

In the New Hampshire House, 297 of 400 seats went to the GOP, along with 19 of the 24 Senate seats, creating a majority that has not happened since 1962. With unprecedented funding from the Koch brothers, following the Supreme court decision to allow bribery, polluter-friendly “Tea Party” Republicans have been installed in state legislatures around the country, who signed pollution-friendly “climate pledges” in return for the billionaires’ funding.


Koch brothers own Georgia-Pacific and control a group of high powered conservative right wing Republican business leaders who recently met in a resort to set strategy (over 200 of them). I’ll look up the article about it.

My question is – after they’ve run things for the last thirty years which put us in this mess today, why would anyone want them to run things for the next thirty years polluting America, destroying our public resources and using our tax money to serve themselves in their lavish lifestyles at our expense?

Why do they get to choose what our state governments do?

Why do they get to destroy collective bargaining?

Why do they get to make changes to increase funding to their industries, destroy our public utilities, undermine programs to the poorest and the children, the elderly and disabled in our communities, and destroy public transit systems, EPA regulations, food safety inspection systems and just about everything that would provide jobs in America?

Who told them that was right for America?

And, how long will we have to suffer from it this time? Aren’t the last thirty years and the massive destruction of wealth in the United States over the last four years enough? Haven’t they done enough damage already?

Why would anyone in America let them or their cronies do one thing more at this point knowing what we do now?

– cricketdiane


The people in Wisconsin better start reading that entire 144 page budget bill that is on the table right now. So much of the attention has been given to the collective bargaining being removed from state workers and teachers, but the bill has a number of other things that no one in that state would agree to – including the sale of public utilities by the governor under no-bid contracts, the massive cutting of health care programs to women and children, the massive changes to public transportation and other public resources whose infrastructure already has been invested, the changes to how those cuts are legislated or decided by taking them out of the hands of legislators and putting them into the hands of the governor as monarch.

Did the Tea Party want that?

Did the Republicans intend to create an oligarchy rather than a democracy in every state they control? Is that the point?

Are the conservatives working to sell off the public assets like utilities that we’ve already paid to build without any public comment, any discussion and without any analysis of what that will cost the public whose money is already tied up in them? Whose right is it to do that without the public’s input in America? Is that what they want so the Republican cronies and rich, ultra rich can sell them to their foreign friends and investors? Aren’t they the same people that gave us Enron?

It doesn’t matter what I say. They have everything. I have nothing. Their wealth exceeds what they could spend in an entire thousand years if they purchased every day at a million dollars a day every day the entire time, but still they are not satisfied, never satiated.

The Republicans have run this country for the last thirty years plus. Our children’s education has decreased in quality over that time, every state budget is in the red – massively despite increased revenues, the entire Wall Street debacle speaks for itself, our tax money has bailed out the entire banking system and half the insurance mega-corporations so they wouldn’t be bankrupt, our taxes have been increased in every arena, and millions of foreclosures have decimated American communities, tens of millions of jobs have been lost with the most obscene real unemployment America has ever experienced (only 58% of the employable workforce is employed – and not all of that is full-time work) –

And, on top of all that – oil prices have fluctuated wildly and are expected to be well over $5.00 a gallon anytime soon as they were in 2008. Stock values on the stock exchange changed in value from over 11,000 to less than 9,000 in less than two years – but oh, its okay now . . . whole families and businesses and corporations and communities and banks and the financial wealth of 93% of Americans was gone – absolutely gone – decimated and now lines the pockets of those same people that drove our nation into the ground.

But, these are the same people who are backing these power plays in our state legislatures and Republican governors’ offices now?

Haven’t they done enough damage?

You know the best way for America to not need programs for the poor? Is to stop making people poor. Stop making more and more Americans poor.

Stop making people sick and sicker by polluting everywhere your products are produced or used.

Stop thieving the power from the people of America to decide for themselves what is best for them.

Stop destroying the small submissions of innovations and business startups using innovations.

Stop decimating the wealth accumulated by the middle class and lower class citizens across America that they’ve worked to have.

Stop destroying the employment opportunities for American families to support themselves.

And, Stop abusing the power that you’ve acquired by money and political connections and use of our national resources that have supported your business interests to beat up the American people and destroy America’s power in the world by impoverishing our citizens and communities.


– cricketdiane


I’ll say it again –

You know the best way for America to not need programs for the poor? Is to stop making people poor.

Stop making more and more Americans poor, homeless, impoverished, oppressed, needy, disabled, hungry, uneducated, hurt, anguished, desperate, sick, sicker, excluded, blamed, insulted, despairing, disrespected, lost, angry, fearful, without access to legal business opportunities or employment, bankrupt, without hope, and financially decimated.


Tyrants in silk suits with cash lined pockets serve no one except themselves and their foreign business interests over those of America – if you don’t believe it – look how the housing market and American’s equity in their homes was  decimated. How it destroyed the economy of Iceland and Ireland and nearly brought down the economy of Germany, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Japan where those toxic financial products were bought, too.

– cricketdiane


You just have to read this one – The business of doing business in Gadhafi’s oil kingdom – The Globe and Mail


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The business of doing business in Gadhafi’s oil kingdom – The Globe and Mail.

This sort of arrangement bore fruit for the boys from Calgary, turning Libya into one of Petro-Canada’s most important non-Canadian bases of operation. But to get it, they had to pay the Libyan government – and thus, rather directly, the Gadhafi family – a startling sum.

According to U.S. State Department reports obtained from the so-called Cablegate leaks, Petro-Canada paid the Libyan autocrats a $1-billion “signing bonus” straight off the bat, then invested $3.5-billion in the redevelopment of many of Libya’s existing oil fields. In exchange, the Canadians got a 12-per-cent share of oil revenues produced from their slice of the field, for 30 years. As the U.S. ambassador to Tripoli wrote in a 2008 cable, Petro-Canada “swallowed hard and signed up.” (etc.)


My Note –

You just have to read this one – there are no words for it.

– cricketdiane



Amazing article – The Wisconsin Lie Exposed – Taxpayers Actually Contribute Nothing To Public Employee Pensions – Rick Ungar – The Policy Page – Forbes


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The Wisconsin Lie Exposed – Taxpayers Actually Contribute Nothing To Public Employee Pensions – Rick Ungar – The Policy Page – Forbes.

If the Wisconsin governor and state legislature were to be honest, they would correctly frame this issue. They are not, in fact, asking state employees to make a larger contribution to their pension and benefits programs as that would not be possible- the employees are already paying 100% of the contributions.

How can this be possible?

Simple. The pension plan is the direct result of deferred compensation- money that employees would have been paid as cash salary but choose, instead, to have placed in the state operated pension fund where the money can be professionally invested (at a lower cost of management) for the future. (etc. – really worth reading all of it.)


Amazing. Absolutely Amazing.

I am so thoroughly amazed and stunned that somebody finally said something about this – accurately, honestly and clearly.

Yes, absolutely amazing.

– cricketdiane



Comment about – West may rue ties to Gadhafi – World news – Mideast/N. Africa –


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U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay recalled that U.S. leaders discouraged her from pressing Libya on its poor human rights record.

“In the last few days of the Bush administration I did meet with some representatives of the U.S. administration,” Pillay told The Associated Press in an interview. “They said to me the human rights record of Libya is fine so you needn’t touch that.”

via West may rue ties to Gadhafi – World news – Mideast/N. Africa –

More conservative Republican “deals” we are paying for now – and they knew that these brutal dictators were decimating their own people to amuse themselves, to profit and enrich themselves, to reward their friends by allowing them to beat their petty enemies to a pulp, to terrorize their populations of decent citizens, and to just pleasure their sadistic perverse concept of power, position and ego.

Why would anyone use American money to do that? Didn’t they know the “oil problem” would still be there to be solved and that it put us at the mercy of these same egotistical sadistic beasts? And, they tortured our fellow human beings, caused undue hardships and suffering, and murdered horribly their own citizens using the most cruel and vicious practices possible?

There is not one bit of shame, remorse or conscience about it in the hearts or minds of the Republicans and previous American leaders who put that kind of money and power in the hands of these treasonous, treacherous psychotic devils including Mubarak and his evil administration, Qaddafi and his evil regime, along with all the rest like them. I just don’t get it.

Now we still have the problem of needing inexpensive non-polluting fuels for our transportation systems, cars, trucks, trains, ships and factories – now what?

How could anybody be that stupid?

But, we still have the same problem. In this much time and with this much money and this much research that has already been completed – we could’ve solved the initial problem without ever ending up with these bastards tearing up people’s lives including ours.

But, no.

– cricketdiane



And it wasn’t even legal to give military aid and foreign aid to countries violating human rights anyway – that is just unreal.

It is unreal that our business and government leaders did it without regard to our nation’s principles and the very law authorizing them to give or arrange foreign aid.




PressTV – UNSC drafts Libya sanctions resolution


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The six-page draft resolution warns that the targeted and systematic attacks against Libyan civilians may be tantamount to crimes against humanity, and calls on all members of the UN Security Council to take “concrete action” to protect civilians, the Associated Press reported on Saturday.

The draft resolution also contains a proposal to introduce an arms embargo against the North African country and freeze of the assets of 23 of Libya’s senior government officials, as well as place travel bans on them as part of efforts to crank up pressure on the Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi to halt heavy-handed clampdowns on peaceful demonstrators.

via PressTV – UNSC drafts Libya sanctions resolution.

Yes – it is about damn time. If Qaddafi can’t pay the mercenaries, that problem will be solved. And, there should be nowhere on this planet that any of his family members and cronies can go without finding themselves in the International Court for Crimes Against Humanity. There is just no sense in what is happening there now.

– cricketdiane


And, I am glad that UK and US banks and financial crimes divisions are tracing and freezing the assets of this corrupt and horrific regime – it should’ve never been tolerated in the first place.


And its going to do a nose over flip – Shuttle Discovery prepares for space station rendezvous – – NASA


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Saturday in space

6:53 a.m. ET: Discovery crew awakes.

8:33 a.m.: Rendezvous operations begin.

11:32 a.m.: Engine burn to adjust trajectory.

1:06 p.m. Discovery performs pre-docking backflip.

2:19 p.m.: Docking at International Space Station.

4:18 p.m.: Hatch opening and welcome ceremony.

4:53 p.m.: Station’s robotic arm grapples and removes spare parts pallet from payload bay.

5:53 p.m.: Station’s robotic arm hands pallet off to shuttle’s robotic arm.

6:38 p.m.: Station arm moves bases.

7:08 p.m.: Shuttle arm hands pallet back to station arm.

7:48 p.m.: Station arm installs pallet on Starboard-3 truss segment.

10:23 p.m.: Station crew sleeps.

10:53 p.m.: Discovery crew sleeps .

via Shuttle prepares for space station rendezvous –

CAPE CANAVERAL — Discovery will perform one of the most spectacular shuttle moves Saturday before docking at the International Space Station for the last time.

Discovery was the first orbiter to execute the nose-over-tail backflip just 600 feet below the outpost, as part of new heat shield inspection procedures that helped return the shuttle fleet to flight after the Columbia accident.

(at 1.06pm according to the chart above Saturday afternoon)

It can be seen on the NASA channel on cable or online at the NASA website with live video of the Discovery shuttle mission.

Very nifty.

– cricketdiane


I’ve yet to understand how they will be fixing satellites and retrieving them when it is required after the space shuttle program ends. Those things will still need to be done. Oh well.