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Little Donnie Dare

Grew up without a care,

He went to DC

To rattle a tree.


Then Donnie got there

They made fun of his hair,

They laughed at his wife

And made lots of strife.


Little Donnie Dare

Has never once played fair,

He thinks its a breeze

With no one to please.


Most days, Donnie Dare

Makes another nightmare,

He took all that he got

From those he made rot.


Little Donnie Dare

Never learned how to share,

He tells only lies

Accuses and spies.


It’s not Donnie Dare

Whose life will compare,

Since very bad things

Is all that it brings.


Never Donnie Dare

Will know how to care,

Never does he feel

The hurt of the deal.


Little Donnie Dare

Stole a very big Chair,

With ego and wit

He was a big twit.


Little Donnie Dare

With a smile and a glare,

Rode on the free press

To make such a mess.


When will Donnie Dare

Know shame and despair?

From ears to dead feet

He thought it was neat.


Little Donnie Dare

With pretty golden hair,

His ego and greed

Serve only his need.


Big man Donnie Dare

With butt cheeks au pair,

Believes all the praise

In hopes of their raise.


If asked, Donnie Dare

Says those are not rare,

That everyone loves

His vile, little shoves.


Little Donnie Dare

Loves his bleach blonde hair,

It goes with his tan

That’s never seen sand.


Lying Donnie Dare

Thinks people will not care,

Who all could have known

He’d make him a throne.


You’ll find Donnie Dare

In a president’s Chair,

But the chair he took,

Has everyone shook.


Because Donnie Dare

Stole every prayer,

That everyone had

Against something bad.


Little Donnie Dare

Now cruel as a bear,

Rightful King is he

Says his mind and deed.


Listen Donnie Dare

This nation is a share,

There’s no king spot here

We hold freedom dear.


Greedy Donnie Dare

We know you’re on a tear,

We are a nation

Who’ll change your station.


Big Man Donnie Dare

With cruelty to spare,

From up at the top

We forced him to stop.


And now Donnie Dare

Who mocked all our prayer,

Found out there’s a God

And trump it is not.


Little Donnie Dare

Became big man up there,

To DC, he went

Their money he spent.


Little Donnie Dareantitrump weapon of mass destitution 5a - cricketdiane 2018


Could not afford to care

Big Donnie neither

Lying, ranting tweeter.


Limericks about trump

by CricketDiane, 2018









Trump Anger Management Project

Fourth of July for #SecondCivilWar – sorry, bad twitter joke from the last couple days.

Added this effort today, been working on it several days, hand writing the notes and developing the project to paint one of my existing portraits that was commissioned but not accepted, from what it is now to a painting of trump and then destroy it in a creative way for a video. It is fundraising to support doing it, if you want to comment on whose face to put next to trump in the painting, or a creative way of destroying it – or give a few dollars to do it, check it out and take a moment to donate, share and comment.