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Fifteen ways to make money –

It seems that everyday there are many new products, new companies and new things being added to our lives that require money, as well. The ways to make money have a lot of different methods, products and processes but basically, if you’re trying to think of the various ways to make money for yourself or for your household right this very minute – this list is for you (and me) – to use for getting some money making ideas started.

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  1. Find what people want and sell it to them.
  2. Be paid for your time and skills.
  3. Produce something that advertisers support.
  4. Build an audience for some specific focus or theme.
  5. Teach classes and give seminars and workshops.
  6. Fix, build or prepare the things people need to have done.
  7. Give tours or host an event people like and want.
  8. Produce something fun, funny, informative, entertaining.
  9. Build a platform or way for people to connect with one another.
  10. Buy or manufacture something people need and sell for more than cost.
  11. Create or express something people can relate to.
  12. Provide a service that makes life easier or better for people.
  13. Make your money make money by loaning it or investing it.
  14. Become a celebrity, performer, expert, entertainer or spokesperson for.
  15. Build a business that makes money for you where others’ time and talents build it.
  • cricketdiane, 05-07-2018