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What can you do to add to a fantasy world of one-eyed monsters and talking sponges? Where there are tens of thousands of video games of every type mostly well done, animated and easy to use that work well enough to amuse and entertain just about anyone?

What can you do in a world where outrageous lies and sensationalized half-truths attract large audiences but the truth told factually does not and is not believed nor desirable?

What can you do in a country so covered over in things but few real answers to the real problems facing us individually and collectively?

What can you do when the world of business opportunities supports only a few and nearly never women, disabled or minority run startups and businesses?

What can you do when the investors that are available want a return of 10x’s their investment within 5-7 years taken back out of your business for them to do anything at all?

What can you do when to create something new is required in the marketplace but never supported with adequate funding or resources because it is new and innovative which means it has no track record to prove its value?

  • cricketdiane, 04-24-2018



CricketDiane Artwork combining my photography with a pastel drawing I did of a ballerina getting ready to dance.