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I was working on this iphone case that I designed in 2015 that says, Gadget down the middle on the colorblock of black and white, posted it and then realized it was on an iPhone case that isn’t the newest version. When I came back from taking a quick break, it seemed like a good design to put on a shopping bag horizontally with the word shopping across the middle.


As I was trying to do that – this happened, so I left it that way and added the “ping” on top of the black which was crooked to it by virtue of my broken mouse that double clicks at the worst possible moment. Liked the look of it so much, I went ahead and posted it as you see it. Very nifty design with a bit of fun, funny especially once the bag is filled with shopping goodies that should make the bag poof out at the middle anyway, and it has a meme look to it. I really meant for it to be cute – it isn’t cute. That’s okay. This design is the product of many happy mistakes instead. Very nice design though.