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The night before last, I made another little animation for the Scared Donkey Mine Game using things I’m learning about animation and game development. Then, using Adobe Spark, I made a quick funny video of it for the Scared Donkey Mine Money Game GoFundMe campaign yesterday and posted it just about the time the Oscars were starting.

I also wrote out the scenes that will be needed for the game so I can start making some of them as examples and to use as backgrounds for animation sequences to show off the characters and game play. The quick video thing with Granny D and the donkey is found here –




Today, besides the products I made over on zazzle, and the post to my other blog about ending writers’ block and creative block, and doing social media stuff, I’m also working on making some more animated sequences with Granny D and No Help Hannah for me to get better at it. Obviously, I’m barely getting started with learning it and there is a lot to learn about it. Working from online tutorials and videos is great but it takes some getting used to.

Anyway, if you want to see other things I’ve created – a lot of it is on my Zazzle store for CricketDiane and Cricket House Studios

Check it out sometime.

By the way, the music I used in the video clip of Granny D is one I created on Soundtrap. I’ve been using my own music for these video animations and making other music over there. I love it – there are about 120 pieces I’ve created in music over there so far and this week, they were downloaded to my computer so we can put them into the game and other video projects we’re doing (and that I’m doing).


And, the campaign on GoFundMe to get the money to make The Scared Donkey Mine Money Game into a video game is found here –