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Coming in just a few hours: reports on in Korea, Europe, North & South America. Science’s live blog:


The listing page for March for Science Satellite Marches with more information about where to meet up and the events happening today, April 22, 2017 near where you live –

  1. The Philippines joins to promote science & technology for the benefit of the Filipino people:


科学者も反トランプで行進! Women’s Marchの次は「March for Science」!: トランプ政権発足から1週間、危機感すごいです。… GIZMODE JAPAN

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今天是地球日 – 这是个一年一度的环境庆祝活动,并且是花时间来评估保护我们星球天然礼物所需努力的时候。今年的地球日主题是“环境与气候素养”,世界各地都将庆祝这一主题。了解详情,请访问(英文):

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Today is Earth Day-this is an annual celebration of the environment and take the time to assess the efforts needed to protect the natural gifts of our planet. Earth Day theme this year is “environment and climate literacy”, all over the world will be celebrating this theme. For more information, please visit (in English):

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Proud to be part of a rally here in !


Our friends in other cities & countries around the world yet to this We continue to support you from 👏


  1. Thank You All Who Came to in Brisbane Today. A Huge Crowd Gathered! Stay Tuned, We’ll Share More Including Today’s Talks!

  2. Global March for Science April 22, 2017 Supports Science for Everyone and Appreciation for…



at Te Papa Museum Wellington New Zealand

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We need a for Hello tomorrow New Zealand!

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kickstart in New Zealand where it’s already April 22.

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The first official is kicking off now in New Zealand! Go !

Off to March for Science this morning in New Zealand

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The start of the celebrations on Saturday 22 April with our firm friends from New Zealand marching ahead of

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Is anyone organising a in New Zealand?

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Our PM has no spine, but New Zealand Scientists are marching with you USA !

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I will organise a solidarity event here in New Zealand, once we have a date!!

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indeed, good morning! Happy day!

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Wonderful! If I was not injured I’d be there!

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Auf dem Weg aus Wien zurück nach zum . Für faktenbasiertes Handeln & die Freiheit der

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On the way from Vienna back to to the . For fact-based action & the freedom of


tirinha: no encontro de duas ruas um grupo grande anda com uma faixa escrito marcha pela ciência e na outra rua um grupo menor está com uma faixa escrita marcha por fatos alternativos



Once factual data is quoted

Some will summarily note it

Trumpsters refuse

Call it Fake News

Then denigrate those who report it


The ‘war on science’ doesn’t just hurt scientists. It hurts everyone.

Washington Post

April 21 at 3:54 PM

Hundreds of thousands of people will march for science this weekend in cities around the world in what is arguably the largest scientific event in history. This March for Science is a direct response to recent attacks on our scientific institutions — on climate and environmental science in particular (including many of the scientists who do this work) and even on the value of evidence-based decision-making by our elected officials.

[ . . . ]

These discussions are necessary because the “war on science” is, for the most part, really a war on public science — that is, science for everyone. Today, the majority of scientific research in the United States is publicly funded, administered through the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, the Environmental Protection Agency, NASA and other agencies. Much of this research takes place in state and federal institutions, including universities and national laboratories. This taxpayer-funded science has a mandate to support the national interest. It is science of, by and for the people.







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Proud to make more accessible via livestreams: 🕐 11am-1pm EST

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I like big brains and I cannot lie.

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today, a wave of enlightenment shines over Earth, showing us what our bright future can be like!