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Senate Puts ISP Profits Over Your Privacy

ISPs have been lobbying for weeks to get lawmakers to repeal the FCC’s rules that stand between them and using even creepier ways to track and profit off of your every move online. Republicans in the Senate just voted 50-48 (with two absent votes) to approve a Congressional Review Action resolution from Sen. Jeff Flake which—if it makes it through the House—would not only roll back the FCC’s rules but also prevent the FCC from writing similar rules in the future.

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That would be a crushing loss for online privacy. ISPs act as gatekeepers to the Internet, giving them incredible access to records of what you do online. They shouldn’t be able to profit off of the information about what you search for, read about, purchase, and more without your consent.


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Electronic Frontier Foundation –

Trans-Atlantic consumer groups lay down their demands on trade transparency to USTR nominee Robert Lighthizer.


Follow Electronic Frontier Foundation on twitter for more information about Trump and GOP controlled Congress & Senate changes to the internet, privacy, mass surveillance by police and security agencies, efforts to keep the internet freedoms, rights and privacy we have.

EFF’s makes the case for tighter regulation of facial recognition in this clip from yesterday’s hearing


 from Google search on NOAA budget cuts – (by GOP and Trump admin)

Trump’s proposed NOAA budget cuts rattle scientists – USA Today

Trump’s proposed NOAA budget cuts rattle scientists. Doyle Rice , USA TODAY Published 3:30 p.m. ET March 6, 2017 | Updated 6:35 p.m. ET March 6, 2017.

What You Need to Know About Trump’s Proposed Climate Cuts


Mar 10, 2017 – SOURCE: BUDGET OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, FISCAL …. He says that if enacted, the proposed cuts to EPA and NOAA would …


Disgusting: The AHCA now has a clause that allows states to revoke Medicaid if a women hasn’t gotten a job 8 weeks after giving birth!


Trump Data Gurus Leave Long Trail of Subterfuge, Dubious Dealing

“Previously we were able to do our job in the background.”
March 23, 2017, 6:30 AM EDT
From Bloomberg BusinessWeek


This article was on my twitter feed appearing like this – (and filled with good information about the shady backhanded tricks used in our election and being done to others by these same practices.)

Trump’s data gurus leave a long trail of subterfuge and dubious dealing


The Hidden Risks of Trump’s EPA Cuts: Birth Defects, Bad Air

Fifty former federal and state environmental officials detail what the president’s budget could do to the agency and to human health.
March 23, 2017, 4:01 PM EDT

President Donald Trump pledged during the 2016 campaign that he would only “leave a little bit” of federal rules that protect human health and the environment. Now about 50 former officials of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are firing back in a lengthy analysis that details, program by program, what amounts to a starvation diet for the EPA.

Calling themselves the Environmental Protection Network, they worked through both Republican and Democratic administrations. The group’s members are putting aside their differences over policies and programs to stop what they say “appears to be nothing less than a full-throttle attack on the principle underlying all U.S. environmental laws—that protecting the health and environment of all Americans is a national priority.”

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the network has put together a 50-page analysis of the president’s proposed EPA budget, based partly on the White House’s fiscal 2018 budget blueprint. The blueprint, released on March 16, sketched out top-line cuts of 31 percent of the agency’s budget and 21 percent of its staff.

The analysis on pdf is found here – bookmark, read it and certainly save a copy and share –


Definitely – go read the whole article found here – 




  1. Since the 90’s, we’ve lost 90% of bumble . Defunding the will only exacerbate this problem.

    from twitter

    EPA seeks public comment on draft permits and aquifer exemption for uranium mining Black Hills,SD


    perhaps you can also take back that bill you sponsored to abolish the US Dept of Education and the EPA?


    From White House website –

    Signed Legislation