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Intolerance Is Unjustified –


I came into a house to stay awhile

Where books are something in the way

And do not have a welcome.


Where there is only one way to season a chicken

And NOTHING else will do

Even if it is something only for you.


When watching old tele shows all day

Is perfectly okay

But to work on a computer is shameful they say.


Where to be on the internet is nothing

More than a toy

Wasting time and doing nothing but acting like a bore.


Where anything new or exciting that’s offered

Is met with disdain without any bother

As if they have seen everything there is

And nothing new is worth noting as important even if it is.


But where I’ve lived now I can honestly say,

Given intolerance, ignorance plenty of place for its way

That it maims and it stops the most delightful of opportunities

To share and create and to make days more worth living.


My new friends are bored so much of the time

But is it any surprise with the chains on their minds?

I had wished for them joy and happiness and peace

But now all I can think of is death and disease.


It’s truly a shame in a country so free

That people still settle for their own mediocrity

Then force that same vision on others that see

For lack of acceptance of what it is to be free.

  • cricketdiane 12-31-2016