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Would anyone care about those things in America as we fight for our freedom from poverty in a city whose basic and possibly legitimate desire is to price us out of existence, neglect us, or use our lives’ facts as a basis to derive their own employment income and profits while denying us services? Would they like knowing about it at all?

Would it be newsworthy that one of the families of those that lost everything in recent Staten Island 6-alarm fire on Aug. 18, 2016 (last Thursday) is made up of three women who were in the neighborhood less than a year? who were on a Section 8 Voucher and foodstamps and SSI, but working to build a business, one going to college, and one working to be a freelance photographer and journalist? And survivors of domestic violence, brain injury and PTSD, with a lot of homemade strategies and common sense tools to overcome those disabilities, many of which are now lost?

SI 6 Alarm Fire Victim Phillips Family is about to cost the city of New York about $9,000 a month plus services

NYC through ineptitude, irresponsible use of policies and resources, ignorance of the ADA and other disabilities rights laws and innapropriate application of policies and improper application of Congressional and State Legislature directives for handling homeless individuals, disabled persons and others of our most vulnerable populations is about to inadvertently cost themselves and other State resources over $9,000 a month in shelter costs plus other administrative costs, other services and specialized service costs plus all meals, and cash assistance to our family when it isn’t the ONLY wasy to do it? And is actually illegal to force us or even try to force us to try and do it against our best interests, against our basic welfare and against our basic human rights as American citizens? Did you know that? Did you know we could help NYC decision-makers by using our story as an example of how people in our city are being more defrauded by this agency ineptitude of policy making than all fraud of any kind across the entire state being perpetrated by poor people, people with disabilities, elderly or young single mothers with children who are often claimed as the scapegoats for America’s problems? Are you tired of hearing sad sack tales and would like to tell America something else that is interesting, elegant and wonderful and all so horrible all at the same time? Would they / and you, be interested?

08-24-16 2.46 am, Hilton Garden Hotel, Staten Island, NY, NY,

Author – CricketDiane 2016, Diane C. Phillips