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We are one world – One Family. We are Americans – We are Global Citizens.


We are the Survivors – We are the Strong who have come through wars, disease, famine and  pestilence to stand here today. We are the ones entitled to freedom and the rights guaranteed by our US Constitution. We are equal in the sight of God and equal with every other person in the world. We are the  equals of every other living human being and every other citizen.


We are legally, ethically and morally entitled to equality and full equal rights. We are no more sinners than anyone else. We are no less human or deserving than anyone else. Denying our equal rights is to abrogate and deny the validity of our US Constitution, our Bill of Rights and to show contempt for every drop of blood spilled to protect them.


We will no longer be slaves to hate mongering ideologies and beliefs You will not mow us down or simply tolerate us. We deserve respect, acceptance and love for we ARE just like you


We are Americans. We are global citizens. We are equal to you in every respect. We are one family. We are one world. We are citizens of one America – not of two or three, not second class citizens, nor even less as your beliefs insist, and certainly, NOT less than you in any way.


Your HATE IS THE ENEMY of all that is good and decent – not us and not our choices and lifestyles, our way of conducting our lives and our differences from you. Hatred and intolerance based on ideologies and beliefs are the basis of evil and actions of evil – not us, not our lifestyles.


We have the right to be here. Our lives are not less valuable than yours. We are the Survivors.- We are Diverse and that diversity is the strength and power of America, of the world and of the human race. We bring a strength, character and diversity of strength that you could never have.


Nature did not make one flower of a single kind, shape and color. Nor would there be flowers of any kind today, if it had. Nature by great creative force made billions  of diverse types of every single plant and being, of every cell and molecule,.of every type and kind of everything created.


That is because diversity is power and diversity is strength. Diversity supports thriving and greater survival while supporting optimum, successful lives of all species by its very nature.


Diversity, NOT sameness, produces the greater strength and engages a higher survival rate with thriving communities for all to be enhanced and successful


Nature does it this way. Perhaps God designed it this way. What neither designed, is the destitution of mind that forces all to be the same or for their rights and freedoms to be forfeit or denied to them, to be denied opportunities to thrive and succeed, to be isolated and enslaved.



  • Cricketdiane, 06-24-2016


Join us in supporting Diversity and PRIDE 2016.

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