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When decadence is honored

And good is not

When sadistic tyrants are given feasts and worship

But the fair and honest are not

When those who fight for what’s right

Are treated like lepers rather than heroes

When decency and tolerance

Are treated like sins and shunned

Then what can you really expect our children to do?

  • cricketdiane, 04-03-16


I wrote this the other day and then got to thinking about it. Probably, the greater problem is that every group believes a little differently or a lot differently about what is right, what is decency and tolerance, what is worth accepting from leaders or not.

During the Republican administrations that have run our nation for the 30 some odd years before President Obama came into office and have run most states across the US even during his administration, it was said that single women with children and generally, the poor were the enemy of our nation’s good. But at the same time, they feted and worshiped the very tyrants of the world who made Satan himself look good compared to their sadistic torture and massive destruction of people’s lives. They were given the best of the best in Washington, DC and New York, offered billions – sometimes even trillions of dollars in cash, grants, payments, goods, military hardware and training, business grants, economic and educational grants and funding ad infinitum to serve their public good (which often they were known to pocket instead.)

It didn’t matter that they were among the most horrific and sadistic people of any period in humanity’s history. It didn’t matter that they diverted the funds, used the resources to destroy, maim and decimate entire parts of their own populations and that of their neighbors, nor did it matter that they used those funds to sponsor terrorism AND solid gold toilets for their own shitty asses. Our leaders in every respect treated those nightmares of humanity with our taxpayer dollars as if the keys to our treasury belonged to them and not us. At the same time, every single mother and child in this nation was told that she was the enemy of the United States and the reason for its ruin. Even as Wall Street brokerage houses were perpetrating the most decadence seen in history since Nero and Caligula.

Now, the Republicans want us to go back to that because to them – it was all so “perfect” and served the United States better than this today or anything else in their estimation. It is insane.

But can I see it from their point of view – or do I want to? Maybe. Is it the set of linear thinking that said to each policy maker, conservative thinktank member and politician that these tyrants could serve our national needs for petroleum or mining resources or a regional spot to land our planes, so therefore, give them anything they want and treat them as heroes and saints regardless of the facts to the contrary so horrifically? Maybe.

Is it that Republicans though every single woman and her children was bleeding the system rather than able to make a contribution to it by offering some significant weapon, financial powerhouse or needed resource? Was it that simple?

I don’t know – but it makes me sick thinking about it.

  • cricketdiane