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Maybe its like plumbers whose houses have the worst plumbing of everybody because they don’t feel like fiddling with it or mechanics with their own car doors held on with duct tape rather than getting it done right. There was an ad recently talking about grandkids being built-in tech support, maybe in some families – not mine so much.

If you want me to know how to turn that damn alarm off on your device, you should’ve told me a little more about it. When i hear the thing and want it to stop, I’m left with about three things I know not to do. One, is throwing it at the wall which never ends well and has to be explained. Two, is dropping it accidentally in the toilet which does stop the alarm but same as above about having to explain how it got there. Three is to go wake up the idiot who belongs to the gadget and get them to turn it off – and everybody hates it when I do that. Well, you should’ve told me how to stop it in the first place.

Whenever I ask for tech support help, answers to dumb computer questions or just plainly and obviously don’t know how to make it do something I want it to do, and I ask for help from my younger family members, you’d think I’d have asked them to run down to the store and back five times for something we didn’t really need.

It seems to me that since they aren’t having to get up before the sun and go feed pigs, cows, chickens and milk anything, they could dial down their little shit fits about this. But, then – we don’t have cows, chickens and pigs, so they might not even get the reference. They don’t mind asking me how to get the burnt popcorn out of the pan where they’ve burnt it on there for the upmteenth time and I finally made them clean it instead of me. Nope, I’m supposed to provide that tech support right there and then no matter what else I may have been doing. It is funny, though.

Asked to explain something from computer land, and family members seem to find a reason to get up and go into the other room like they can’t be bothered with explaining it at all. One of these days, I’m going to let them figure out for themselves without any help how to do the fifteen thousand things I’m doing for them and then we’ll talk about the value of tech support and sharing information.

  • cricketdiane, 03-13-2016