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Looking at the things on twitter about SxSW that are happening over the next few days, it reminds me that today, many young adults think of our world in terms of minutes, not hours or days. And, in terms of hours not days, weeks, months or years to get somewhere, anywhere in the world.

There is a disconnect between online reality where business can be created in an instant and access to entire worlds compared to what people think can be done by one person sitting in their own home, creating, sending out to the world.

My neighbors, family members, friends that are sitting right beside me in the same room say, if I want to make a business of designing pillows then I must – and they have a whole list that starts with getting the fabric from wholesalers. The list goes on to hiring people to sew the pillows, packaging them properly, marketing to buyers at stores and paying marketing and pr or ad firms to promote them to the public.

But, they don’t see that I’m doing that, sitting right here in the same room with them. it is bizarre. That is the strangeness of this new world of the internet and the strange reality it makes.

I watched my children in their teens and as young adults buying computers with their money before even the thought of buying a car entered their budgets – or even, rather than having a car at all – and smartphones, internet service, apps and software, and gadgets and now, a 3d printer instead.

In a few short years, it has become commonplace to be less than 3 minutes to the whole world knowing about who, what business, what it offers, how to get it, and be telling others about it. That is – minutes, not hours or days. How is it possible that every day people all around me that are older than 17 don’t know that – and some of the teens don’t even seem to know it either. That is a strange reality.

  • cricketdiane, 03-11-2016