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I love peace but it is not always possible. I know that. I love our military and I am so grateful for our military members. I’m just as grateful for our diplomats and other agency officers and support teams who often make military action unnecessary because of their efforts.

Every single day in my lifetime (and before I was born), the world has been lined up for war, toe to toe with each other. Ready to kill, ready to maim, ready to destroy all of civil society’s advances as quickly and fervently as possible

Had we not had the efforts of the many, we would not have the world we have today. Yet even in this moment, we are as close to the insanity of all out world war once again. Those efforts unsung, unheralded still being made every day.

It would be hard not to appreciate them. Sometimes, I thing maybe people forget.

  • cricketdiane, 03-10-2016