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Cricket D. Says – “Grow a Green Thing – Save The Sea”

If everyone plants as many leafy plants as they can inside and out – we could save our oceans.

Plants are the original nano-material for converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and safe, usable nutrients.

We may not be able to put back trees as fast as they are being torn down in our communities – but we can make a difference by planting as many green things as we can – hostas, ferns, flowers, evergreens, vines like philodendrons, morning glories and ivys, vegies and treelings.

Plant five Green Things a week in your yard. If we all do that throughout the summer and fall across America, we can start lowering the carbon dioxide levels that are affecting our oceans. It will improve our air quality, too.

Add plants indoors, on porches, in windows, and in offices and businesses, too. It could buy the time our scientists, inventors and engineers need to implement the green solutions they’ve created.

Clip your plants and start new ones from them. Plant seeds and nursery seedlings. Add mulch for fertilizer. Plant roses and shrubs. Divide plants and make two or three from each. Its easy and fun. Children might help but its time for the grown-ups to lead the way.
Grow a Green Thing (or two) and Save The Seas.

Written by Cricket Diane C Phillips
Cricket House Studios – 2008

Feel free to forward this and please let’s help each other to get some stuff planted. Thanks!

Sea Meeting Rocks - Cricket Diane C Phillips - Cricket House Studios - 2008