All of it – worthless – value of zero, not worth having, not worth buying, not worth owning, not worth knowing about it, not worth having spent the time to create it.


I’m really trying to understand. And what does it mean, if all of the things I’ve created, designed, painted, put on products, written, thought, invented, learned, learned to do, made, innovated, dreamed up, put into tangible form using my time and talents and skills – are worthless.

What does it mean beyond failure and worthlessness?

All of it and each piece of it have a value of zero – obviously. The facts say they aren’t selling, my time has been wasted with it, my efforts were without merit. What else does it provide besides the knowledge that it was a waste of time, effort and resources? It is a failure.

I’ve told people for years to innovate, to create, to design, to try doing art, to invent, to create solutions, to use these things to create businesses – but it doesn’t work. A 99% failure rate for small businesses is not even a running chance of any real success.

Original design, new styles of art, artistic works, new designs, new ideas, new inventions, solutions to problems in the world does not give anything back except desolation, poverty and contempt from others. It is not a success that is even possible. Why did I ever believe it?