Fifteen things that I wish had never been said to me once, let alone the thousands of times they’ve been said to me.

1. Don’t Gift Up –

If you are at the point of giving up, people will tell you not to give up, just don’t give up, have some fortitude, keep going, don’t quit, losers quit, don’t ever give up, keep trying, keep giving it your all and it will work, just don’t give up.

2. Quit and Go Do Something Else –

If you are asking for money, asking for an investment, looking for partners or sponsors, needing to have operating capital of any kind or in need of answers or mentoring.

3. You’re Beating a Dead Horse –

If it was ever going to work, it already would have. People will tell you this at any point, if sales are not in the millions each year from the gate.

4. Why Don’t You Call Up and License It To Some Company –

If you ever want to try doing that, it is less frustrating, time consuming and easier on your self esteem to simply pick a wall and beat your head against it for several days. There is no use in offering any design or product for licensing unless it has millions of customers already because companies don’t want it.

5. Go Get A Job –

If you think it could be a business, is a business, want it to be a business or are working every day at it being a profitable business and it doesn’t make at least $20,000 a day in sales, you will hear this said to you a lot.

6. Stay Hungry – It Is Better That It Fails – Rich People Are Unhappy Anyway –

If you think about it much, this one will drive you crazy. It doesn’t make sense and most of what is evident about success in the world defies any factual basis for these.

7. Don’t Expect To Receive Anything Out of Doing This As a Business –

If you have the audacity to think your time, efforts, talent, ideas, knowledge, skills or work in making your business work means anything at all, somebody will tell you this.

8. You Need To Change Your Business Model –

If you have one, it needs three. If one is somewhat working, it should be something else according to the people who will say this to you. Most of them have never opened a business book in their lives, never started a business, never tried to do something like you’re doing and never wanted to see you succeed either.

9. You’re Too Young To Make This Work – You’re Too Old To Do It – It Won’t Work –

If you’re young, if you’re educated, if you’re not, if you’re old, if you’re not beautiful, if you’re very beautiful – those will be the reason for it not working in their estimation or the reason it won’t work, couldn’t work and was never going to work.

10. Try a Different Product –

If you’re doing one, they’ll tell you to do a different one but certainly not support you in doing anything with the one you are doing. Believe it or not, once you change to a different product, they’ll say to you that you jumped ships in the middle of the stream and ask why didn’t you stick with the one product you had that was working in the first place.

11. You Need To Get Investors, Partners, Managers, Agents, Promoters, Marketing Experts –

If you think the person telling you that, even if they have a great deal of money, are in any way going to help do that – you’d be wrong. Likely not.

12. Money Talks, Bullshit Walks –

If your business could make money, it already would have – therefore, it is nothing but bullshit regardless of any potential that it may have.

13. Why Should Anyone Invest In Your Business –

If it was worth something, it would already be making money and you wouldn’t need anyone to invest in it for it to work – therefore why should anyone invest in your business? And, it goes around in a circle of infinite loops from there. Every big company going well today, took more than raw grit, talent, work and no capital for it to have started and taken off to become something. Don’t bother arguing with something said like the above, it does go around in circles without yield despite not being based in reality.

14. There’s No Way Anyone Would Ever Buy What Your Business Is Offering –

If that were true, how is it that so many products of such variety are able to find audiences for them, customers who buy them and continuing sales? Why are there constantly new products, new designs and new ideas being offered that are bought by a public that seems starved for something new, something different, something with a new look? Why are new designs offered every year, sometimes several times a year?

15. You Can’t Do It – It Will Never Work Because It Is You Trying To Do It –

If that seems a bit personal even as the person saying it claims, it is just business – that is because it is a statement directed at you personally. That doesn’t always mean the person saying it means that you can’t do it either. More often, it is their assumption that if they couldn’t do it or figure out how to do it, then surely you can’t since the estimation of their skills and odds are (in their own mind) greater than yours.

In the cases where number 15 really is a statement of those people’s estimation of you when they are saying something like that to you, it means exactly that. In their estimation of you, your skill sets, your character, your weaknesses and your talents – they can’t believe you could even possibly make it work.

As I said, when it is difficult enough already to start a business, to work at building a business – these things that so many people commonly say and have said to me on numerous occasions do not make any of it easier. At worst, when things are the most difficult, having these opinions wandering around in my head has made committing suicide seem more appealing than continuing to work at a business that will never succeed. I decided to drop people from my life who talked to me that way instead.