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I was thinking about the recent trend that says beauty offers equality for women. It isn’t equality. When a fat ugly man is paid the same as a handsome man of average size, it isn’t that for women. A fat, ugly or even an aging woman is not paid the same as a beautiful woman for the same job and neither are paid as much as a man doing it. That isn’t equality.

The problem is, this bias is cheating everybody. It steals from the families that third of an earned income she is actually entitled to earn for doing that job. It steals from the community in which she and her family lives. And, it steals from income that would be serving businesses and organizations in the community where that money would be spent.

Every time a business chooses to pay a woman less than another in the same job for the same efforts and time spent, it is theft of economic resources which would be spent in that community and available to her family’s resources. Men are allowing it to go on this way unabated because they do not understand that they are stealing from themselves and from their own communities, from their own families.

It doesn’t seem that way to the business decision-makers who are making those choices based on their own perceptions of inherent value given to various employee groups. But it is taking funds away from sales and income within the community to serve states, to serve the tax base, to serve businesses and their sales, to serve organizations who also purchase within communities, and to serve families who provide the base for all of it.

This year on International Women’s Day, I’ve been thinking about the vast majority of women who face such an uneven playing field despite all the efforts to correct it. We can name the first woman Chief Technology Officer for a Forturne 500 company this year. How many years and how many corporations have maintained that seat in their companies all this time without ever considering any woman to fill it regardless of their capacity to do a good job in that seat?

How many weeks and months, even years of value and economic resources have been cheated from our communities and our families because businesses refuse to consider a woman’s pay for the same job to be the same as a man’s? That is money not spent as groceries, not spent for families to prosper, not spent anywhere, in fact.

– cricketdiane