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Why I hate Creating?

I hate creating because the payoff is long and frustrating. Most of the time I am screaming and pulling my hair out. No Lie,Many time I have woken up my household from a full on meltdown of screaming I hate you at a painting or art project

Its not that I don’t enjoy seeing the final Project light people’s faces up or the payout, but getting there is a lot of blood, sweat, tears and screams. Sometimes its because you can’t get it to do what you want when you want it how you want it. sometimes it’s the simple inspirational that escapes me

. Still One must be crazy to be an artist. Not because the payout can be less than the pain put into it. But because you are then expected to turn around and Do it all over again and makes some WONDERFUL. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Still pluck away at what you need to create and make. Because as an Artist you are expected to make something that is thought provoking, pleasing, inspirational, or space changing. As An Artist you want to bring the viewer into what you were or are feeling when you made the piece. Usually without the screaming of course. But not always.

Still in the dead of night while I lay awake, obsessing over my latest project. One must wonder – WHY AM I AN ARTIST? I Hate it most days, and other days I enjoy it so much I have paint on my nose and in my hair. Maybe because I am better at art then I was anything else. Maybe I am an artist because who else can take the UGLY from everyday, and make it inspirational. Maybe I am an artist because I am a glutton for pain and punishment. I don’t know, Honestly. But I am an Artist and today I am making something wonderful – Once I am done screaming out my frustration. Come check out some of my things today.  Esspressionalist Liberty Winter wishes waves

Cosmic Essence Bold Complex Modern Art Pillow by CricketDiane

Cosmic Essence Bold Complex Modern Art Pillow by CricketDiane