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Somedays Creating is a fun exciting. Other days its a frustrating, annoying reality. There are two sides of every penny, and you cannot have one with out the other. Doesn’t mean that art is a horrid activity, but it is a labor of love that occasionally is fraught with pain, horrid issues that can piss you off beyond any comprehension, excitement and pride. Art is one of those things that is a lot like pregnancy- you have to wait nine months to meet your baby – sometimes it takes a loooong time to see what your creation will look like in the finality and all you want is for it to be done yesterday.

Recently, I created a Website using Godaddy.com website builder. That was after attempting to use Muse and Dreamweaver through Adobe. After many, many hours watching Tutorials and Frustration, I just had to change the medium to which I was trying to design. On one hand that was because the Website (Crickethousestudios.com) needed to be created and turned live so that we can increase possible viewership and sales. Because as an artist, you need sales to survive and continue the craft and creating process. Yet using the Godaddy website builder didn’t cut down the frustration – it still took several days of tweaking, cussing and slamming the laptop around but it did work out easier than the failing attempts using Dreamweaver and Muse. As an artist, I will probably go back and attempt to use the programs after a few more hours of tutorials and screaming matches with my computer. Its part of the creation process, keep trying and attempting until you get what you want how you wanted.

On the other hand, its sorta disappointing that I wasn’t able to create using the medium of my choice. Not because it can’t be done because I am still green around the gills when trying to get an semi unfamiliar medium to do things I know it can do but can’t make it do it. Still as an artist, one must learn to try- try and try again until you get what you want how you want it when you want it.

The Website creation highlights using other Platforms to create Digital Art. Polyvore, Zazzle and even WordPress are platforms that allow you to combine things into new designs, new styles, and even new pairings. However, When using the Platforms you can occasionally come across that point where what you think it can and what it will allow you to do can be three different things. But patience can be awarding, and sometimes efforts are worth it in the end. check out the polyvore page: http://cricketdiane.polyvore.com/. You should look to older posts and compare to the newer ones, you will see the evolution of the process and learning curve that one has had in getting use to the platform and creation process