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Just made a new shop on Spoonflower with one new wallpaper design / fabric design. Very nifty.



Today, I watched President Obama’s speech at the United Nations, have made several sets on Polyvore, made some products and fought with daughters who insist that anybody is nobody unless they do a sex video with a celebrity and get their own tv show on cable. Oh well.

And, I started a new shop to make fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap from my designs and artwork, made some Christmas pillows over on my Zazzle store and did a bit of twitter news feed curating retweeting and made a couple comments there. It doesn’t make it easy to believe it could all work in enough measure to provide for me and my daughters and granddaughters in time for us not to be homeless, but I know in my heart that it can and that it can do it now. Trying to keep going with it beyond the despair I’m feeling after my daughters “explained” to me how it will never work because I’m nobody a little while ago today.

– cricketdiane