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Last week, I received a tweet from someone I’m following that had a link to an article about how diversity is bad for America. It was from a far right wing Christian group with a family supportive name and yet it is far from that. There must be those in the US who believe that the “all men are created equal” words from our Constitution doesn’t amount to much in practice. They are wrong.

Aside from the words in our Constitution, whether by nature or by author of a Creator as many religious faiths believe – our world is filled with not one single flower of all the same type and color, but many. In fact, there are thousands of flower types with varieties within each and even the single flower among them shows its own diversity from the vast majority.

There is a strength in diversity that has made America great. It is shown in nature by the very variety of plant and animal species which by God or nature ordained may be why that diversity exists. Each individual in a diverse system contributes what the rest cannot and in that way the fabric of the whole is strengthened.

In the fabric of our nation, it is the poor who bring a practicality of thinking to the table that no other could and it is the cultural differences among out people that bring strengths together which no other nation or peoples could gather. By being woven into one nation, we are each a part of something greater to which we are contributing and by our unique suitability are strengthening in our part as it is woven together with others.

Our weaknesses are but weakness when they have no context or useful purpose as a weed out of place in a garden. But those weaknesses can become strengths together with applying their lessons and using those ways of thinking they make possible, such as impatience applied where it’s use is helpful as ambition or refusing to wait when it isn’t helpful to be waiting any longer.

And when our individual weaknesses are joined with others – with both their strengths and weaknesses and unique perspectives and experiences, the strengthening and possibilities are heightened exponentially. That is what has made America great.

It is her people.

– cricketdiane