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I am rather antagonized by some things. I don’t know why Americans and New Yorkers particularly accept teaching skills and knowledge to students not barely reaching 50% of their students with any real comprehension and learning of those things.

More students in NYC and across the state are meeting proficiency levels in ELA & Math.

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In Taiwan 97% of adults in their population have college degrees, we can’t even get 50% of our students to understand the concepts and information from the school years before they would ever get to college and few are getting into our colleges. But they have to participate in a global marketplace against many, many nationals whose education was superior to ours and comprehensiveness within those knowledge bases far greater.

Employment, building a business require skills we aren’t even giving our students. Real life skills in modern living, parenting, budgeting, employment, balance, surviving in a modern world and a global one at that, are not being given to our adult populations but neither are they being conveyed to our younger populations either.

Schools are failing to convey the knowledge they are in the businesses of getting our students to learn, understand and know how to use. How could this not be a problem worthy of fixing at a far more rapid pace than anything being done so far anywhere in America?

Yes, that is aggravating to me.


And it is aggravating to see how many Americans care little for news and world events, even those in their own backyards. It is hard to imagine that people think that is none of their business and not worthy of their time and thinking. Let alone, that most seem to not consider these things in the manner of what solutions could be brought to bear on them, what knowledge could be added to the table that might help, what other things we know should be or could be part of the discussion, and how could we, as individuals be of some help in these situations? Americans seem to not care to do any of that – neither with their immediate communities, nor in some greater context in the bigger world. It is still common for people to express how these things are simply a bother and not really any of their business anyway. It is damn ridiculous.

– cricketdiane