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It is as much a failure of police in the US when women are killed by abusers in their own home and police failed to protect them despite being given many opportunities to do so – as when police brutalize and waste taxpayer resources harassing people for piddling nonsense that shouldn’t have mattered.

Women are murdered by men at a rate of 1 every 12 days in SC while the state does little. reports:


Till Death Do Us Part – 2014


More than 300 women were shot, stabbed, strangled, beaten, bludgeoned or burned to death over the past decade by men in South Carolina, dying at a rate of one every 12 days while the state does little to stem the carnage from domestic abuse.


For all the militarization of our police, armies of police and law enforcement, justice services, judges and prosecutors in layer upon layer of multiple agencies, jurisdictions and specialties in every county, city, town, township, parish, borough, state and region across the United States, it means nothing to protecting women from abuse and violent crime at the hands of those in their own homes and families. It is a national tragedy.

Where constant police services monitor our every move, traffic cams feed into hugely expensive well-equipped rooms served 24-hours a day by teams specializing in watching vast arrays of monitors for crime, increasing over-reaction by police to misdemeanors and traffic infractions, women are murdered in their own homes where the real war zone is occurring every single day in America.

But when she goes to get that help from police, what happens? Nearly nothing. What happens to stop the violence before it continues to escalate to horrific torturous murders of those women known to being abused by their men? Nothing or she is victimized further by police and the judicial system which incarcerates her as well or sends her to be medicated by the psychiatric industry into compliance with anything her abuser does, wrong or not.

That police protective order available to some women some of the time through courts when they will issue it, nearly always results in getting the woman and sometimes her children as well, killed by the abuser because police refuse to enforce it, even where she calls or others call for her.

The statistics are staggering. The personal stories horrifying. This isn’t supposed to be America. It isn’t supposed to be more likely for a woman to be beaten, tortured and killed by someone she knows than by a stranger who is criminal and intent on causing harm. And, this is a known fact by police departments, sheriff departments, justice systems and courts. Yet over and over again they fail our women by both their choices and their biases about the worth of our women and their children. Police don’t pursue the safety of women whose abusers are nearby and known. They fail to take women seriously when there is still time to do something. And there continues to fail to be any real services to help her and children to get out, get on their feet and re-establish their lives in safety elsewhere free of the abusive perpetrator.

Now that it is at epidemic proportions, the cost to our society is clear. If one black man being killed every 28 days is a nightmare, then certainly a woman being killed every 12 days in this state and even more commonly in others is worthy of the same outrage.

– cricketdiane