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To have creative resourceful thinking – what is put into the mind is more important than a multitude of other things. Today, needing solutions, I could have spent watching tv, going somewhere, doing something else, driving, or talking mundane shit with friends. Those may have helped buy some time toward a solution, but for me – at least some of the time spent wandering across the vast news of the world in the last twenty-four hours also yielded good things for my mind to consider in its realm of possibilities and options. That created more resourcefulness and resourceful thinking for me than simply playing solitaire or other computer games and other things of the above list, including watching cable tv.

Seeing that if I put garbage into the system, the only thing I end up with is garbage out – these were a better choice for me –

Topics in Chronicling America – Nikola Tesla


And this one –

Tell us your bright idea for the IET and we’ll keep you posted as your suggestion progresses.

After months of testing, we’ve launched an online platform called MyIdea to capture ideas from our members


(that is IET – Institute of Engineering and Technology above)

And these I found yesterday through my twitter feed and started assimilating the information from them to apply to my skills of thinking and resourcefulness –

How Top Style Bloggers Are Earning $1 Million A Year (from Fast Company) –


100 Ways to Build Your Business Online (from Forbes) –


On one of my YouTube Playlists, I have these two which are filling my mind again today – they are amazing –

China-top 3d Projection Mapping,3d outdoor stereographic projection,4d transform projection!


And –

3D Projection Mapping promoting The Tourist in Dallas



So, as the old saying from engineering, computer tech and technology says – Garbage In, Garbage Out – which reminds me that it is up to me what I put in my brain to have on the menu to use. How will I apply these and other things to my unique situation and needs in my life today? Hmmm.

I guess I’ll go invent something.

– cricketdiane