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The common ground is that Russia, the US, EU, UK and every one of the rest of us around the world that is considering these events DO NOT want it to become what we can see it could be – in war, in annexation to Russia and the fight over that, in civil war, in cold war of tit for tat one-up-man-ship among the great nations of the world, etc.

It is already going that way. We all agree on that one thing – we have knowledge of those things and what they would be like and don’t want it to go there even as it rapidly approaches that precipice where there is no going back.

The solution I found is satisfactory to all and demands a degree of compromise from all but solves it in a way that stops and alters the ensuing snare of violence, territorial fighting and international tit for tat.

By special emergency session, the UN and its member states can recognize and officialize Crimea as an independent nation right now. It can be started tonight and be an overtly official decree within a week. The remaining details can be worked through over a period of time ahead of us, but in the meantime – this solves the question of annexation to Russia and the response that would bring both internationally and within the current Ukraine interim government.

The people of Crimea wanted autonomy anyway and have their current government structures set up for it. They would get the special services of the UN as a result to help them and to defend them (if needed but probably wouldn’t be under these circumstances) and they could choose to ally with whomever at whatever terms they might choose.

– cricketdiane


Further, Russia could very well agree to this since it would not devolve into a war they don’t want either at the same time not risking their current alliance and facilities in Crimea. As an independent nation, Crimea could speak Russian, tend to their own affairs, govern in the social and economic forms of their choice and go forward as a member of the United Nations community.

The tit for tat going on between nations could come to a stop, but may not since some damage to relationships is already done. However, by making Crimea an independent nation, the impetus would be removed and international relationships could still be rebuilt given time and effort to do so. These relationships are critical for many efforts being made in our larger world from disposal of chemical weapons agreed by Syria to solving the difficult economic, social, climate and peace initiative issues that we all face.

The US, EU and UK could agree to this solution for Crimea because none of them would be enhanced in any way by this crisis continuing to unfold as it is heading and they certainly don’t want war and violence of this kind on their doorstep demanding resources, attention, lives and yielding nothing but frustration and despair in return.

Ukraine does not want civil war and that is the only step awaiting their path right now as they are pursuing it. The referendum will be held and its results will yield annex to Russia with the Kiev based Ukrainian government and its allies demanding that it is null and void then tries to impose its will on over half the Ukrainian population that agrees with it.

That yields civil war, violence, horrors of repression and oppression with its eventual tyranny along with the rest of the world exerting undue pressures on other nations in order to back up the will of a few in Kiev. That has to be changed in its dynamic because all of us know how that plays. It has been experienced. Its yield is not good to extremes that are hard to comprehend.

The Crimean peninsula, while not being the only territory who is interested in annexation by Russia, is such a significant part of what is providing impetus and fuel to the crisis, could be considered a key that could change the dynamic of the conflict if it were to be given full autonomy as an officially recognized independent nation. And, while normally, a nation asks the UN to become its own nation, it is also possible to intervene by making a place and its people into an official UN sanctioned nation without their initiating that action. In this case, it could circumvent the crisis and deflate its basis that is causing certain escalation and very quickly will become all out war.

I am saying this is a solution that works. It has common ground to which we all agree. It is dynamic and it is possible. It can be done. I’m asking the UN and our world nation’s leaders to do it.

– cricketdiane


Update –

The people of Crimea have publicly stated on a continuing basis that their desire is autonomy, which could be taken to precedent the current push for annexation as an alternative. It is possible that the people there would not have a simple way to be approached to let them know of this possibility available to them (of being an independent nation.) However, a public campaign of media / news coverage of that effort being made by the UN could get the information to the people of Crimea in a manner, since their own family members in the region likely still speak with them even if they are not receiving broadcast information from extended sources.

The actions could be made in their behalf and by publicly announcing the efforts to officially begin that process using news and media outlets, it is possible that the population in these stirred up areas of western Ukraine and Crimea could be aware of this other options. (Note that it won’t work for attempts to be made now to speak with the Crimean government leaders directly, because they’ve been excluded from other decision-making tables in Kiev as decisions were being made affecting them. It would possibly be worthy of an effort to do so, once public information about Crimea becoming its own autonomous independent UN sanctioned nation separate to deal with their own affairs.)


1. Public information about efforts for Crimea to be made its own nation.

2. Drawing up the papers of the official acknowledgment and recognition of Crimea as an independent nation by the UN bodies using special session emergency powers.

3. Official public relations efforts to express the common ground satisfied by this action (as noted among all nations not wanting further violence in Ukraine and among nations.)

4. Rapid restoration of civil and international teamwork to let those “on the ground” know this effort and information about it.