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It is a great time to make things with the winter weather raging outside. And, it is a great time to spring a making party on the neighborhood for adults and kids too.

This art party can be as simple as getting a package of color bond paper or cardstock sold in most drug and discount stores for a few dollars plus a dozen glue sticks and some either handed Fiskars scissors. Or everyone can bring their own scissors – always easy, although a good pair of scissors does make a wonderful takehome novelty that will be used for many, many years to come and a nice reminder of the maker day party you hosted.

These aprons, I designed a while back and today as the tedious job of saving an image of the design was being done, I noticed the title it had been given the day it was made. Yes, a teaching art party would be fun. It can be everyone bringing things to potluck supplies and raw materials. It can be sculpting, paper cutting, painting, drawing or found object planet making for a make your own planet party. It can also be an inventors’ dream party with lost resourcefulness awakened as inventions are created.

A very fun use of a winters’ weekend day. Even a church or school organization, local club or business could host a party like this, maybe even a restaurant or bar. Would be very fun.

– cricketdiane