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Pure Design –

At one time, design purely for the sake of design was more common than it is today. It is an exploration of form, color, contrast, depth, emotion, line, shape, interpretation and expansion as a sense of pure discovery rather than intent.

It is one thing to explore within a style framework using similar ideas interpreted in various ways. That is one path of discovery. It is another, to design within differing styles using the same concept, subject matter or idea that is then interpolated into those styles.

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Pure design for exploration and discovery is to play and has no precise structures for that exploration. It is trying different things with one another and against one another to see how they work and revel in what is produced by it. Then it is to take those tangent lines and see how they can twist to combine into new forms, new things, new designs.

Design done in this way changes colors, forms, juxtapositions, contrasts, elements, binary combinations and tertiary combined forms to heighten or eliminate effects within the design. I can use it to create new styles, new forms of art entirely, new artworks and new designs. It is also something that creates the often happy, strange “accidents” as part of its creative, resourceful and inventive yield offering some of the most amazing new things. That is my work and why it is as it is.

When I think of writing a story to describe my business and my work – and why it is as it is – I’m first reminded of what it is not. Since I would want the definition to include what people may look for and not find in my work, that seems a fair and reasonable place to start. It is not comic book – though some characters I’ve created might cause someone to think they would work good there. It is also not a nifty font rich word logo as many sporting event and concert type tshirts, souvenirs and takehomes tend to be. They aren’t that and I would want the story about my work and my business to let people know those kinds of styles would be better found somewhere else.

And, yet that is such a negative approach to writing anything about why I do what I do. That is probably the more basic thing I need to share. I believe in creating. Maybe it is that simple.

– cricketdiane