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I was going along tonight watching the Mandela Memorial in Soweto where world leaders are gathering with everyone else in the world to honor the life and catalytic achievements of this incredible man. And I made some more ornaments with words on them for various aspects of character that are fruitful. While the news is going, jumping occasionally between France 24, CNNI, and BBC America – I was making these products and checking twitter with a re-tweet here and there about the Memorial. But, then I got the news on of course and they told another story about something else – and so, here I am about to write about it.

There were several Christmas designs for wrapping papers I made including the one above and one (below) that is to honor the idea of Rainbow People out of the Mandela legacy – ages ago. And, I had made that on zazzle with three different background colors – while thinking about why I named one of my daughters Rainbow (spelled differently) from the same thing. She probably believed had to do with being gay or something – as most of my children would have likely thought with rainbows used for that in their lifetimes.

(In case my children ever read this and want to know –

Soweto Uprising

Soweto came to the world’s attention on 16 June 1976 with the Soweto Uprising, when mass protests erupted over the government’s policy to enforce education in Afrikaans rather than English. Police opened fire in Orlando West on 10,000[11] students marching from Naledi High School to Orlando Stadium. The rioting continued and 23 people died on the first day in Soweto, 21 of whom were black, including the minor Hector Pieterson, as well as two white people, including Melville Edelstein, a life-long humanitarian.

The impact of the Soweto protests reverberated through the country and across the world. In their aftermath, economic and cultural sanctions were introduced from abroad. Political activists left the country to train for guerrilla resistance. Soweto and other townships became the stage for violent state repression. Since 1991 this date and the schoolchildren have been commemorated by the International Day of the African Child.


– I graduated high school in California at James Monroe High School on June 10, 1976.


And, I don’t know how much of world events, and Soweto before Mandela came to help, Nelson Mandela’s way of resolving it once he had the opportunity – or anything else like that which my children my know. They are grown but have never seemed much interested in the things that might forge an interest to me. So, I don’t know if we would have ever talked about it or not. South Africa is a long ways away from here, but 1978 wasn’t that long ago in my lifetime. Before her life had even begun, the horrors I knew of, read about, cared about changing and wanted to help change – were things like that which I really hoped neither she nor any of the rest of my children would ever have to know existed that way anywhere. It was so sad, so horrific and so wrong. And, it took almost the entire world to raise up and set – let that man out of jail. Let the African people participate in their lives in their own nation in freedom and democracy – break apartheid and send it back to hell from whence it came. It was wrong – horrifically wrong.

But, then – what Nelson Mandela did with it when he easily could have been understandably vindictive and awakened a violent repression of the whites who had been in power – but he didn’t. And he took a potentially volatile, desperate, violent boiler pot of a situation and turned it into something else – something remarkable and wise and brilliant. And, he did that when there was no reason to do such a thing with it – but he did.


So, as I had been going along and twittering, thinking about the Rainbow People of Mandela’s idea how inclusive society could be – and listening to the news – I had noticed this article over on the twitter feed, had seen the NYTimes article on homelessness yesterday but hadn’t read it – and had gone over to read the one below about the Post slamming homelessness as a bunch of hooey. It was damn hateful, but not the first time I’ve noticed that kind of attitude in New York City, from the Post or from other GOP outlets for that matter.

It did get me thinking though of another article in the NY Times that I read about homelessness a couple years ago which had online comments by the pages and pages. I read them all and was completely horrified at the aggressive, shitty, nastiness, hatred and even cruelty exchanged in those comments. There were only about five comments of reason, compassion and decency for those who are homeless in our city and it was about families with young children who are in our shelters, single mothers, people put out work by the lay-offs from the Wall Street financial debacle of 2008 that took away their jobs through no fault of their own, and elderly and disabled people who couldn’t get jobs at all. And, those comments were disgusting. They reminded me of apartheid mentality before anything became different in their perspectives about people and their fellow human beings who didn’t look like them. This is New York City, but those comments came from all over America. It was only two years ago – and this article below is simply more of the same attitudes toward people less fortunate than those writing for the Post.


Homelessness Is ‘Hooey,’ Says The New York Post: The New York Times’s very excellent (and poorly tease… taw

Found this looking for who that company name was that has been getting $500,000 a month since 2008 to make the decision when to sell the GM stock – so we wouldn’t lose on it and then sell it at a loss of $10 BILLION DOLLARS –

$52 billion has been reserved for the Consumer and Business Lending Initiative, of which $20 billion has been allocated to the Term Asset-Backed Securities Lending Facility.
While $30 billion has been reserved for a small business lending program, the Treasury has proposed creating a $30 billion Small Business Lending Fund separate from TARP through legislation. Not more than $1 billion is planned for the Small Business and Lending Initiative -SBA 7a Securities Purchase Program and not more than $1 billion is planned for the Community Development Capital Initiative


MY NOTE – where is $30 Billion in loans to America’s small businesses? That doc above is from 2010 – it is 2013

And this one describes the massive amounts of money generally being spent over at the Treasury Dept – but I’m going to have to find the info in my other computer because it is easier than tracking down the contract they made with that Wall Street firm. But, if I can’t find it in my other computer files – I’ll go look up the contract because it is public information and those amounts paid to them does appear in 2008 / 2009 budgets and probably onwards from there. Monthly fees of over $500,000 every single month and they give it away to the tune of $10 Billion Losses. I could’ve done a better job at that nearly not knowing a damn thing about it.




Corporations continue to raise substantial capital in private markets and have built up record cash reserves, which will eventually be reinvested and fuel growth.

While substantial progress has been made, significant challenges remain.   In the banking system, charge-offs for residential, consumer, and commercial loans are still elevated, and the FDIC projects that the rate of bank failures will remain high.

Despite offering relatively low borrowing costs, banks continue to report falling loan balances.   To a significant degree, this reflects a natural and healthy adjustment as borrowers and lenders de-leverage after a period of aggressive credit expansion.   But it does mean that many consumers and businesses are still finding it difficult to get new credit.