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When I placed one design under the solid grey color, the barest view of it showed through – and I had already put the word Kindness on the front. It is so pretty, I’m thinking of making a whole set of them – maybe 12 or 20 of the same kind with different special qualities words on them that define character. Would be nice.

There are so many things I’ve looked at today and read – that I’m still considering on it all. Crashed the computer once today – but it was okay. Made several pretty products on my main store at Zazzle (there are actually several) and passed the 70,000 products mark. And, I’m finding the words to put into a couple paragraphs that describe the “mission” of my brand. So, despite all the work, it isn’t really a business yet. The sales aren’t anywhere near stellar, nor is the traffic coming to see any of the products and the promotion of the store is really non-existent at this point still. But, I’m getting there.

Finding the words to fill in a couple paragraphs that describe why it was important to me to create these things and what the mission of my company and brand is – that I’m working on now. I’ve worked on it at other times without getting it into a couple paragraphs. Sometimes – often really – it is the words that seem to be the hardest.

If I could just say it in written words the same way I would tell somebody if there were a reason to ask me in person – I’d probably have it because I’m actually living that mission statement right now. And, I’ve been driven by it all this time that I’ve been creating not only these art things, but solutions to problems for people, researching, learning, inventing, creating other things, writing, playing and creating music, exploring and discovering new things – then applying them into my working knowledge to use.

As to why I believe that is so important that I would do it constantly all of my days throughout my life – that is something else again, but I do know why it is and it isn’t because of mental illness or some grossly overachieving character flaw although I can see why some people would think so.

The fact is, I create because I can. And, I create because I believe it is important and a massively important part of living skills. (or life skills) – The ability to think through, to learn, to discover, to explore, to grow, to apply those things into real life situations on the fly and to create solutions including by creating things – is an important and critical survival set of skills in everyday life – especially today.

And, to share that with others through those things that can be created with those skills – both to inspire and to add to the knowledge base assets of the whole community – is worthwhile. The more it is done, the more that our complete world with everyone included can aspire, grow, change, develop, prosper, be safer, be happier, be more at peace with living, and be more a part of one another’s resources to do even more. It is a good thing, not a broken thing to be fixed or cured. It is a good and resourceful and life thriving set of skills – not a bad thing at all. And it is what drives me to create and to offer the fruits of some of those creations into the public community at large.

The fact is, I can – I’m alive and I can, so don’t tell me why I shouldn’t anymore. It doesn’t matter if I’m poor – I’ve done it anyway. It doesn’t matter if I’m disabled “officially” and brain injured “certified as such” – I’ve done it anyway. It also doesn’t matter if my emotions sometimes paralyze me – I’ve done it anyway.

And, it sure doesn’t matter that “money talks and bullshit walks” thing – because they may have a house or two they were able to buy with their money, but I have the whole universe where I can play. And too – I have the whole world where I can walk and play and create and learn and grow and share with others who are more and more like me – alive with wonder.

– cricketdiane