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It has been different lately. My mother died a few days ago. It is hard to know when that was exactly this moment because it seems forever ago and yet just yesterday, as well.

There is a current explanation on CNNI right this minute that I am watching with Foreign Secretary William Hague and Secretary Kerry standing to say our nations will not tolerate the Syrian people being decimated by chemical weapons. Absolutely historic.

– cricketdiane


Secretary Kerry said that there is a report on the White House . gov site which anyone can read with the facts about the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons on their own people.

The International Community is demanding that Assad / Syria turn over all their chemical weapons to be safely destroyed within the next week (to the UN teams who do that.) – roughly paraphrased as I was writing but the demand was made by Secretary Kerry as we was just speaking. Amazing. That is exactly what needs to happen.

Well, and turning over those responsible for ordering the use of chemical weapons on Syria’s people to be tried in the International Criminal Court for committing crimes against humanity.