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Minimalist Art DartBoard Autumn Colors by CricketDiane 2013

Minimalist Art DartBoard Autumn Colors by CricketDiane 2013


I like the way that design makes it look like the turquoise is exploding from within – sort of emanating because of the contrasts of colors, the flatness of the outer colors compared to the dimensionality of the aqua turquoise orb inside and by the oddness of the secondary color shapes on top. It is interesting and minimalist and colorful – all at the same time.

It occurred to me one day that it would be better to make dartboards of things and people that people generally hate – so they could use them as dartboard targets. Then, the more I thought about it – the more I realized there is way too much subject matter to choose from – shall it be Anthony Weiner’s “package” or our current Congressional leaders of whichever party people would like to throw darts at – or one of the multitude of things people hate – like being cut off in traffic? I’m still working on it and haven’t decided yet if I want to create a line of things like that – although they might be easier to sell than what I’m doing.