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Mystic Angel Design –

Mystic Angel CricketDiane Art and Design 2013

Mystic Angel CricketDiane Art and Design 2013 – used here on a mini ipad case – very nifty and beautiful


I drew this angel in pencil one day to remind me that God’s angels go with me through whatever unknown lies before me. It represents what I do when change means that I cannot know what is going to happen beyond the now but I don’t have to be afraid because God’s angels will go into that landscape before I go there and make the path safe for me. I don’t have to be afraid.

One day when I needed the money, I sold this pencil drawing for $10. I really hated to do it because it had helped me for so many years to remember through so many things, but I couldn’t go on without the little bit of money it could bring. I hope the lady who owns it now is helped by it as I have been though I think she bought it just because it was pretty.

With the photograph of the drawing in my computer files, I made this “painting” today by combining it with a beautiful photograph of the blue skies and clouds of autumn in the Carolinas that I took while I was there with my parents. It is my hopes for the changes before me today, that there will be beauty and the good things that those skies say to me in my mind’s eye.

But, to be honest – it will not matter if those skies and experiences are like that or not, for me to take another step forward into the changing landscape beyond today, because I remember now that this beautiful angel of God will go before me and help me every step of the way. It tells me that God remembers me and that I am not lost, no matter how I feel.

– cricketdiane