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New designs –

I took one of the pastel 18 x 24 paintings of a ballerina that I had actually drawn in 1991, then photographed and added it to this army green / french grey background on a commuter cup – it turned out very pretty and interesting and different –

Ballerina on Army Green / French Grey 9a Solid Color Only Commuter Mug

Ballerina on Army Green / French Grey 9a Solid Color Only Commuter Mug by CricketDiane – the art was originally a pastel “painting” 18″ x 24″ that was then photographed and cut from its background using computer software. Yes, I did leave the element between her arms and skirt.


A couple days ago I made this one by combining a peach and grey optical illusion chessboard on top of a modified design that used a NYC landmark as its elements of design which I had photographed on walkabout in New York City.

It made this design by putting them together, but I didn’t make an entire line of these – just the one on this particular product. Interesting design though.

Floating Optical Illusion Chessboard in Peach and Grey by CricketDiane

Floating Optical Illusion Chessboard in Peach and Grey on top of NYC landmark abstract design made by combining and altering a photograph of a NYC landmark that I had taken on walkabout.


It takes me awhile to make a full line of products that use two or more designs in combination because I’m using the Zazzle graphics editor since I don’t have Photoshop although I do know how to use it – just don’t have the money for it. That means, the above design and those like it which have been made by combining designs may be awhile before getting done across a lot of products.

This one is a combining of or rather, a recombining of a photo that I took in New York City of the lights below a theater marquise that enhance the entrance overhead – on some of the products, it makes it look like a lock of a treasure chest – turned out to be very nifty –

Theater Marquise Laptop Case by CricketDiane with LIghts and Sparkle

The lights of a theater marquise in New York City make this Mac Laptop Case look more like a treasure chest with a lock or a very fancy diplomatic pouch. Very nifty.


I put the NYC landmark theater marquise design on a range of products, but on each thing – the design looks different in ways. Where this laptop case looks almost like a treasure chest with a latch – only a brightly lit one made of lights, on other things, the design seems to have a doorway or a keyhole in its center.

Also made a couple days ago (which showed up today because it takes a bit for Zazzle’s software to process the designs made across a lot of products) is this one which combines my stained glass winged unicorn made in 1980 or ’81 which I designed and built – plus two other designs. It created an absolutely pretty and unusual design.

The winged horse unicorns in stained glass face each other which I created in the mousepaint program and then placed it over or under a softening effect design of blue with a bright center and circles of blue floating in it. Then it sits on top of another of my designs which is very futuristic and was made from one of my ocean paintings modified in the computer using an image editor / viewer program.

It yielded these –

Mystic Winged Horse Unicorn Design by CricketDiane on Personal Stationery (or to use as a flyer)

Mystic Winged Horse Unicorn Design by CricketDiane on Personal Stationery (or to use as a flyer)


By putting the design under the blue, it made this look which is nifty too –

Mystic Winged Horse Unicorn Planner by CricketDiane

Softened Design of the Mystic Winged Horse Unicorn was made by a difference in positioning and order of the three designs used to make it. Here it is used on a planner.


This set represented below has two designs using the unicorns. Where I brought out the design to see a lot of the horse, it made it like this first one, but there was a really cool look to the more abstract silhouette created the other way. Some of the products of the set look like the second with its modern abstract approach –

Winged Unicorn Stained Glass used as design for products - both by CricketDiane

Winged Unicorn Pair in Stained Glass facing one another from a stained glass that designed and built during the early 1980s.


Mystic Winged Unicorn Pegasus Heart Sticker by CricketDiane

This abstract silhouette of the mystic flying unicorn horses made from the same design but positioned differently. Here it is on a heart sticker.


I just have to show what this did on the tie when the design was tiled – it is like magic – a unicorn going both ways at the same time and almost a light sparkle emanating from the middle of each design. I don’t know how that happened, but I like it –

Mens Tie Stained Glass Unicorns by CricketDiane 2013

This design happened when the editor tiled the image making it look like a two-headed horse / unicorn going both ways at the same time.


Mystic Winged Unicorns Stained Glass Designer Clock by CricketDiane 2013

As a clock – there is a sense of dramatic interplay by having only the unicorn in their red stained glass facing each other around the clock hands. It has a very clean and visually dramatic look.


Beyond that, I made a set of products with this element that I had designed in pink and then in blue. It was modified to create the bright center making it look like a star or sun in the center from a distance and the bubble circles are only seen on closer inspection which I like –

Blue Sun Design Jewelry Box by CricketDiane 2013

This blue sun on a jewelry box would look great as a tile to embellish a bathroom or kitchen too. It makes a nice jewelry box with an interesting design from two different vantage points. Up close the circle bubbles can be seen and farther away across the room, the blue sun appears to glow from the surface in a sea of sky blue.