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Today, it occurred to me that in the last few days in person with neighbors, friends and their children – I was actually explaining why this store and the color only portion of my CricketDiane / Cricket House Studios store were created. So, I decided to write it down and add it as copy –


Royal Blue Stickers - Business Branding Tools from CricketDiane and Custom Design Palette Stores

Stickers to Match – Royal Blue where your logo, artwork, brand, marketing, business name and guerrilla marketing can be added on top.
Royal Blue Stickers – Business Branding Tools from CricketDiane and Custom Design Palette Stores

The Custom Design Palette Store at Zazzle that I’m currently building –


The Custom Design Palette Store is where you will find customizable designer elements created by CricketDiane to design your own unique, novel products. With color-only, sparkly, glitter, stripes, polka dots and other designs, it is easy to add what you want on top for a personalized, custom design with personality and sparkle.


Small Business Brand and Marketing Tools - Royal Blue Bumper Sticker

Royal Blue Bumper Sticker to Match Small Business and Associations / Organizations Brand and Marketing Efforts –

With these color only customizable products, any business from the smallest home based business to the largest needing test branding concepts, can make an entire matching set of branding tools for marketing, for use throughout the business and for point of sale. Every cellphone, iphone, ipad and laptop owned by the business can have the same color case that matches business cards and flyers and even, the keychains to company vehicles.

When customers see such a broad presentation of the brand in use throughout the business in its everyday activities, not only does it make the business more compelling, it also increases the number of opportunities for potential customers to identify the business, see the logo, notice the brand, ask about it, perceive it to be an available resource to them and remember that business later when a purchase is to be made.

Royal Blue on Cream Shopping Bag to Customize with Business, Organization, Association or Family Logo, Brand or Product Name to Match

Shopping Bag Tote to Match – where a brand for a small business or organization can be made comprehensive and sweeping without costing a fortune and all of it match – fully customizable (this one with Royal Blue on a Cream Background).

These products could certainly be made another way at a local printer or manufacturer with separate orders of hundreds for each thing, although that becomes very expensive for the small businesses who need eye-catching colorful branding throughout their business and marketing efforts most of all.

For large and medium-sized businesses wanting to explore several potential brand choices for new or old lines of products and services with different presentations or brand designs, using these customizable products with entirely matching color only surfaces allow that to be done inexpensively and quickly unlike traditional ways of doing it.

Options can be explored and then decisions made about larger orders of comprehensive advertising, branding and marketing campaigns for overall brands, small business branding, product and service line branding, regionally targeted brand campaigns and similar efforts. It is a great way to do it.

Customizable Color Only Design Casemate Cellphone Case for Business Brand, Logo, Name Display matching other brand marketing products and tools

Customizable Color Only Design Casemate Cellphone Case for Business Brand, Logo, Name Display matching other brand marketing products and tools

When I created these custom design palettes originally, it was placed on my main website, CricketDiane Cricket House Studios as a group of color only and nothing but color products for people to use for placing their own designs on colorful matching products.

Rack Cards to Match in Color Only Customizable Design - these in Dark Burgundy / Blood Red

Rack Cards to Match in Color Only Customizable Design – these in Dark Burgundy / Blood Red

Then I realized how important that would be for small and medium sized businesses to have available to them even more than brides wanting everything to match or friends and families wanting to have something to share with their own designs on them that match.

Laptop / Mac Case in Burgundy Wine Deep Blood Red Color Only to Customize

Laptop / Mac Case in Burgundy Wine Dark Blood Red – as a matching set with other color only elements, any small business or organization could make a full range of promotional and guerrilla marketing tools to promote their business. That way, every time the business has one of their office owned laptops out in the community – people would see the matching color and logo associating it with the business and even more opportunities that potential customers would know about it.

I like the idea that businesses can use these to create special product lines of things to offer these families, wedding parties and community organizations using these color only matching products but even more that their opportunities to display their brand throughout their business at an affordable price. That it can do both of those is remarkable.

I didn’t think about that when I was first making them, but it has always annoyed me to find such a tremendous expense involved in creating a brand for a small or home-based business, and for any mid-sized business in the community to try out a new logo or brand for simply a group of products worth exploring. It is ridiculous. This solves those problems significantly and in ways that are quick, efficient and cost-effective. I like it.

– CricketDiane 2013

This way, there could be flyers, invitations, business cards, rack cards, postcards, laptop and cellphone cases, iphone cases, keychains, posters, tshirts and coasters that all match in color with any logo or artwork a business wants to try added on top. Very nifty and everything for their business or product line would match.

On the CricketDiane Cricket House Studios Store –

Nothing But Color Designer Products



There is a store with Adaptive Living Tools which include many more color only and nothing but color items with variations of solid color found here –
Adaptive Living Tools –


Business Card – (and there are business flyers, invitations, postcards, and laptop sleeves that match as well as keychains and mugs, commuter mugs, tshirts and ipad folio cases.)


By the way –

To add your logo or artwork to these products, click on the orange “customize it” button at the bottom of the products’ photo on its listing page and then upload your own artwork, brand, business logo, association logo, slogan or saying and then –

Using a logo with a white background around its outside when it is uploaded to use on these products, click on the two little double gears to the right side of the editor on the end of the line with the magnifying glasses and picture icon. The gears will open a small window where you can check the box for making the white background into transparent. That will float the logo on the surface with the custom matching colors of the product showing behind it as if they were simply made for each other. Very nifty. (and easy.)

Although there are discounts for volume purchases on Zazzle – it is also possible to order one or three or five of something which is very handy. And because these designs are available 24/7 – 365 days of the year, some can be ordered now and then come back to add to them as the business grows – and the color backgrounds I’ve created for you will be there to match for it as you go.

It looks like this is a good way for small businesses and startups to create a brand and display it on a lot of things that the public would see as everyday business activities are being done in the community. Very easy and economically too.

So, that is why I created them. My own designs show up here and there among them to show some ideas of what can be done and the main store with my designs can be found by google searching for cricketdiane. Recently I’ve started joining with others – mostly non-designers to collaborate on designs and those are found on cricketdiane at zazzle. They have been lots of fun creating things I would have never even considered from the designs and artworks I have made.

– cricketdiane