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I noticed how much alike these two photos of a woman are – but I was looking just at the small gap between her front teeth which seems to be identical – still one is from a photo in supposedly 2001 and one is from sometime later because she went missing on October 1, 2011 in the same area.



Cleveland: Developmentally disabled woman missing from west side
1:42 PM, Oct 18, 2011

CLEVELAND — Police say a developmentally disabled woman, 24, was reported missing Oct. 2 by her father.

Police say Christina Kleckner was reported missing from the west side of Cleveland. Her father said he hadn’t seen her since Oct. 1.

Police say she frequents the areas of W. 73rd Street and Lorain Avenue and Pearl Road and Archwood Avenue.

The father said Christina may also go by the name of Christine Preston, Tina Kleckner, Tink Kleckner, or Crystal Kleckner.

Police described her as white, 5’4″ tall, weighing 200 lbs, with brown hair and blue eyes. Police say she is being treated for a bi-polar disorder and mental retardation.

Her father says he is concerned that his daughter may not be taking her medications. Numerous checks with neighbors, as well as area hospitals and shelters, have failed to turn up any signs of her.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Christina Kleckner is asked to call Cleveland Division of Police Second District Detective Bureau at 216.623.5218.



Woman with disabilities still missing from her West Side home
Published: Tuesday, October 25, 2011, 10:43 AM     Updated: Tuesday, October 25, 2011, 12:54 PM
christina.jpgFamily photoChristina Kleckner

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A 24-year-old woman who has mental retardation and bipolar disorder remains missing from her West 48th Street home.

Police asked again today for help in their search for Christina Kleckner.

Her parents reported her missing Sunday, Oct. 2, after last seeing her at 8 p.m. the day before, when they argued about her going trick-or-treating. Her mother told Kleckner that she is an adult and cannot go, according to the police report.

Kleckner became angry and knocked things down before going to her bedroom. In the morning, her father discovered she was not in her room. Her black vinyl jacket was gone.

“He is concerned that his daughter may not be taking her medications,” Sgt. Sammy Morris said.

Kleckner frequented the areas of West 73rd Street and Lorain Avenue and Pearl Road and Archwood Avenue, Morris said.

She has brown hair, blue eyes and a scar from a dog bite on her left ankle. She has used the names Christine Preston and Tina, Tink and Crystal Kleckner.

“Numerous checks with neighbors, as well as area hospitals and shelters have failed to turn up any signs of Ms. Kleckner,” Morris said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Second District detectives at 216-623-5218.
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Search continues for missing special needs woman
8:29 PM, Nov 7, 2011

CLEVELAND — A Cleveland couple is desperately searching for their 24-year-old special needs daughter who has been missing since Oct. 2.

Christina Kleckner slipped out the back door of her W. 48th Street home after a fight with her mom. Mom, Sandy Kleckner, says her daughter suffers from bipolar disorder and is mentally challenged.

She’s concerned her overly trusting daughter may have ended up with the wrong person.

“It’s like the first guy (Christina) meets is her boyfriend, the first girl she meets is her best friend, whether she’s seen him before or not.”

Christina is 5’7″ tall, weighs 200 pounds, and has brown hair and blue eyes. A check of area shelters and hospitals has turned up nothing.

Christina also goes by the names Tina, Tink, Crystal and Brown.

Cleveland Police are asking anyone with information to call (216) 623-5218.






Ariel Castro and “girlfriend” – maybe 2001

the caption in the Daily Mail article says –

Signs: In a photograph taken in 2001, suspect Ariel Castro stands with a former girlfriend in front of a padlocked door, which led to the basement, at his home on Seymore Avenue, Cleveland




My note –

Anyway, the 24 year old that was listed as missing on October 1, 2011 would have been 14 in 2001 and because drugs she was being given all those years in between cause teeth to be lost – it is possible that the two women may be the same. The front teeth are the same with exact same gap – and the photo of Ariel and this girl may or may not be from 2001 regardless.

The other thing I noted about the photo of him with this girl is that by enlarging the photo a little, it is clearly obvious that his hands have signs of beating the hell out of something or someone – she has such heavy makeup around her eyes in a light blue or white that even this woman may be hiding bruises. After I had noticed the red bruises on his hands and around his knuckles, it wasn’t that hard to see them in the photo without even enlarging it. And obviously his friends, neighbors, family members, employer and anyone else like law enforcement who ever approached him would have had to have seen that in person but ignored it.

The map I’ve been making about the disappearances, murders and other information about the area –



I really wanted it to be a collaborative map but to have people add advertisements to every listing on it is not going to help. By the way, there was a subscription service map of crimes, including sexual assaults in Cleveland that was culled from every police department which showed absolutely none in this little triangle of Cleveland / West Cleveland which seems extremely odd.

It is found here – look at the triangle of West Cleveland where the girls were taken and then later found deep in its corner – no crime there according to this map from police records –


The entire area where I’ve found all of these showed nothing on their maps. It is impossible – but many of the things I found from news reports and other sources, as well as Department of Justice files. I actually made another map but made it unlisted as I found some of the other things from the area and now I’m working on combining the two.

My question of course is whether Christina Kleckner and other women particularly those with disabilities may have gotten into relationships with Castro and then as they came back around believing he was their friend or wanting to re-establish that relationship, he got rid of them or something. One woman is actually missing since 1995 right on the street where his mother’s house was – on Kinkle Ave.

2317 Kinkle Ave.Name: Christina Adkins
Female, 37
Last seen on: 1/12/1995
Last seen: 2317 Kinkle Ave.
Date of report: 1/12/1995
Height: 5 ‘ 7 “, Weight: 127 lbs
Hair: Blond, Eyes: Brown
Detective: Det. Grabski 216 623-5218
Case number: 1995-002778


And, before everyone starts looking cross-eyed at all their neighbors, they need to remember this – the man Ariel Castro was not even looked at by police despite him spending years upon years brutalizing his wife and acting as a threat to his neighbors – and police were called about much of it without them doing anything. That is significant.

I found this one last night – but she didn’t disappear from Akron but from a foster home in an area she didn’t know of West Cleveland – (but she is listed as a missing person from Akron, Ohio.)

18-year-old Akron woman with mental disabilities missing in Cleveland

Published: Sunday, November 13, 2011, 2:34 PM     Updated: Sunday, November 13, 2011, 3:27 PM
marlena.jpgMarlena Manzie

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Police are asking for help to find a missing 18-year-old woman who has mental disabilities.

Marlena Manzie was placed in a foster home Oct. 31. Police said she was walking to a nearby store and didn’t return.

A missing-person report was filed at 5 p.m. Nov. 1.

Manzie, who has mood and attention-deficit disorders and a child’s IQ, is from the Akron area and has limited knowledge of Cleveland, police said.

Manzie told her new foster mother that she was going to buy cigarettes at 8:30 p.m. She was seen at West 96th Street and Madison Avenue, then didn’t return to the foster home in the 2100 block of West 96th.

She has no history of running away from home, according to the police report.

She was wearing a denim jacket, black pants, purple shirt and white tennis shoes. She is 5 feet 5 and 160 pounds.

Anyone with information is asked to call First District detectives at 216-623-5118 or 9-1-1.



However, for another look at the Castro kidnapping and keeping these three women prisoners –

Details emerge on Cleveland kidnap suspect’s history

Donna Leinwand Leger, USA TODAY9 a.m. EDT May 14, 2013



And it isn’t said in this article but if Castro’s abuse of his wife that is known started after her first child was born – that could’ve been 1981, though these details from this article carry back to 1989 – certainly more than enough for the family and community, the police and his brothers to know what he was doing to women that was already horrific and wrong.

The problem is that in America, any crime against a woman is not considered a crime at all. Had Castro been treating his dog as he treated his wife, he would likely have been arrested and been in jail even to this day from any of those points in time when it was known he was brutally beating and sadistically abusing his wife. How could his mother have stood by and done nothing with her son treating any woman this way? It is no wonder that he took three women and held them captive, tortured them and treated them horrifically – none of the authorities around him thought there was anything wrong with the things he had been doing to women and children all along.

I still bet his daughter tried to kill her 11-month old child because of it being his from rape and incest – it is the most likely of all and that when she told her husband to be – he left her and sent her over the edge with his contempt and obvious disregard of her and the child. But there will never be justice for them either. Police in Cleveland continue to say that no other victims could be the result of Ariel Castro’s actions – even after finding the three women he has brutalized. Before it is over, the law enforcement there and the community will probably be blaming those three women for what happened to them. It is disgusting, but that is too common to think it won’t happen.

– cricketdiane


Castro’s run-ins with the law date back to at least Sept. 30, 1989, when common-law wife Grimilda Figueroa called city police from their 98th Street home to report that Castro had assaulted her.

Figueroa, who had two small children at the time, told police that Castro’s brother had come by wanting to go out. When Figueroa asked where they were going, Castro became violent, she told police.

“Suspect slapped the victim several times in the face,” the police report said. “Victim tried to get away from the suspect. He then grabbed her and slammed her several times against the wall and several times against the washing machine.”

Figueroa ran to the family living upstairs and called police, the report said.

Figueroa, who was treated at the hospital for an injured shoulder, told police Castro had assaulted her on several other occasions but she had not filed complaints.

The outcome of the case, like most other cases involving Castro, was not available.



Before the Cleveland nightmare, hints of darkness

by Luz Lazo

The Washington Post

A car pulled up. The driver was the father of one of her best friends. She got in the car.

For the next nine years, authorities say, Knight, Berry and DeJesus together endured an excruciating ordeal as captives in a seemingly normal house on a seemingly normal street in a busy residential neighborhood less than 7 km away. Until their remarkable rescue last week, authorities say, they were physically, sexually and psychologically abused by their captor, Ariel Castro, a school bus driver who played salsa music in nightclubs and harbored a dark past that foreshadowed the crimes he’s now accused of committing.

At Castro’s home on Seymour Avenue, he chained the young women in his basement, according to a police report. Eventually, investigators say, he moved them to the second floor of his house, a two-story place with a small back yard, a saggy porch, peeling paint and faded white siding. Most of the time, they were trapped inside, and on the rare occasions they were allowed to venture into the yard, Castro forced them to wear wigs and sunglasses, the report says. He told them to keep their heads down.

Castro, now 52, raped all his captives, authorities say. Five times he impregnated Knight, she told police, but he never let her have a baby. He’d starve her. He’d punch her in the stomach over and over until she miscarried, the police report says.



My Note –

Unfortunately for women and girls in America, if these girls had gotten away from Castro and then told who did it – no one would have believed them. And left to psychologists and psychiatrists and police they would have had to make their story to – none of them would have believed any of the things they were claiming happened to them could have happened at all.

And that is what is likely to happen to every single woman, girl, daughter, wife, mother, single mother, elderly woman and disabled woman in America – it is more likely than any of the wonderful happy life kinds of things that we would all see on tv commercials and sitcoms as life possibilities. It didn’t start being this way yesterday – it started being this way about thirty years ago during the 198-s and has been that way ever since. The horrific events happening to women are the American Dream that is truly the only things likely for any female to experience in America. There is something seriously wrong with our men to have allowed this to go on unabated for so long – and something extremely wrong with our police and other authorities that they could not find these women nor ever considered questioning Ariel Castro about them – and with nearly 800 police agencies in Ohio – that can’t be right.

– cricketdiane


I did find one thing that is taking up a lot of police time in Cleveland, Ohio – particularly in the last few years –

West 117th
Posted: May 31, 2012 9:05 AM EDT Updated: May 31, 2012 7:48 PM EDT

Charges dropped against driver helping homeless

The city of Cleveland has dropped charges against a man ticketed after helping a wheelchair-bound homeless man.

John Davis was driving on West 117th near the I-90 interchange on May 17 when he stopped to hand $2 out his window to a homeless man, but the money fell to the ground. A Cleveland police officer pulled the Elyria man over, and gave him a $344 ticket for littering.

Davis went to court to fight his ticket on Thursday morning, and won.

“I saw him sitting in the wheelchair,” Davis told 19 Action News. “I don’t care what anyone says, he’s not going to be there if he didn’t need help, but I guess it’s not good to do it in the manner I did it. That won’t happen again, but I will help again.”

Davis says he will help by donating through charities.

He also says he holds no grudge against the officer who gave him the ticket or the Cleveland Police. He’s just glad the ordeal is over without being hit with the hefty fine.

Thursday afternoon, Cleveland Police took to Facebook to address what’s legal and illegal when giving homeless you hard earned cash.

“Cleveland Municipal Court, the City Prosecutor moved to nolle, or dismiss, the littering citation issued to John Davis for allegedly tossing money out of his car window to a homeless man. Now that the court proceedings are complete, we want to set the record straight.

1. In the City of Cleveland, it is illegal to ask for money from the side of the roadway and it is also illegal to GIVE money from your vehicle to someone soliciting funds.

2. When people ask for, or solicit, money from the roadway they place themselves and others in harm’s way. If you take a close look at this photo, the man pictured is very close to the edge of the curb. If he rolls his wheelchair less than a foot, he would topple right INTO the off-ramp of I-90. Traffic can, and does, become a major issue as each person stopping to hand this man money is, in fact, IMPEDING the FLOW of traffic. This causes traffic to back up (which, let’s face it, can make for some serious road rage) and increases the likelihood of accidents.

3. A number of individuals who are homeless suffer from mental health issues and/or substance abuse problems. Oftentimes, well-intended contributions made directly to individuals are spent on drugs or alcohol. Therefore, it is the recommendation of the Cleveland Division of Police that any charitable contributions be made to an accredited advocacy program, of which there are many. Funds collected by the advocacy groups are spent on healthcare, food and shelter for the homeless.

As always, the primary concern of the Cleveland Division of Police is the safety of the public we serve. Let’s all take this opportunity to learn from what happened and to make Cleveland a better place where we can truly help those in need and keep each other safe.”


And apparently Castro was driving the school but with special needs children – that is also after he was known to have abused his wife horrifically – but they hired him anyway.

I still don’t see how he afforded most of the things he was paying for – including music equipment, a Jeep Cherokee, truck and motorcycle, feeding himself and four others in the house, light bills and insurance and everything special he had to buy to keep these women and to brutalize these women. That would all have to be far more than his income from driving a bus could provide even getting a little money from playing music too. But maybe –

He couldn’t have started with these three women either – he took them already prepared for keeping them, got them into his house in a very close quarters neighborhood and took them in daylight without them getting out and running off – too refined for him to have started with them. And, he couldn’t have started at that age – more likely he started these behaviors in his twenties. Anyone who thinks it is sexual should think again – his crimes are about something else with sexual brutality no more than a tool of that abuse and sadistic control games. But in the photo shown from the Daily Mail – even in 2001, he had obvious signs that his hands were beating something or someone so viciously that the signs of it even show up in the photograph. Police can’t be that stupid to believe there are no other victims of this man. Why do they continue to protect him?